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Hi, this is Kat with and this is from their vintage vogue line so you can see this really nice bright natural brass is sort of gonna be my backdrop for this earring so I have a beautiful filigree piece here and I also have some lovely earring hooks that I'm gonna be using as well now I have a lot of vintage patina colors out on my table here but I've sort of selected the ones that I want to use so I think what I'm gonna do today is I'm going to use the cobalt which is a beautiful bright blue the malachite which is a lovely green and the rust which is going to come out to be a nice beautiful orange and then once I'm done painting it because it is raw brass I definitely want to make sure to take the time to use the glaze the metal sealer and patina extender so I'm going to be showing you how you can do that in this video here so the only other tools that you'll need is I have a little paintbrush here I have a cup of water and I'm just using these little medical cups you can sort of use little Dixie Cups as well I'm going to be pouring my patinas into those same cups you can also pour them onto your surface but I do recommend protecting your surface because these are permanent and fast drying paints and you know definitely want to make sure that your kitchen table doesn't get messed up so go ahead and use something like this it would be great and then the only other thing I'm going to me is I have a couple of pairs of chain nose pliers just to help me put that finishing touch of adding it my ear wire to it so if you have everything all set up let's go ahead and get started I'm gonna start by putting on my gloves alright now I have latex gloves on you don't need them necessarily I like to do them just to protect my fingers just to make cleanup a little bit easier alright so what I'm gonna do first here is let me go ahead and I'm gonna do one color at a time so I'm gonna start with my cobalt blue so just give it a little shake and I'm gonna pour it out onto my surface here and we don't need that much just a few drops it's a very concentrated paint and you're gonna see that I'm just gonna do very minor things on my piece so I'm just gonna kind of anchor it with my finger there and just getting a little on there and I'm gonna start by painting these outside little pieces right on the edge here and what I'm doing is just adding just a little bit of color and you don't have to be too careful with this because what we're gonna do in a second here is we're gonna wipe it off and that little touch of blue is gonna sort of be left behind all right I'm just gonna take my little paper towel there and just kind of blot it off so that you can kind of see now that by wiping some of it off I've left some of that raw brass gold shining through so I'm just gonna repeat that on the other side here and another good thing to have handy is just some extra paper towels just in case cuz you never know once you sort of started you want to keep working fairly quickly alright so I'm just gonna do the same on this other side here and you know I wiped off a little too much so this is great so I'm just gonna build up that color one more time kind of really try to get it in those little crevices and I'm just gonna repeat it because I want both sides of my piece here to be nice and even alright so that is what we have so far even just the little touch of blue adds a lot to this but I'm gonna continue alright so I recommend working with one color all the way through until you are satisfied so what I'm gonna do next is I'm gonna go up here and there's a lot of little grooves up here so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna kind of saturate this whole area up here and then dab and make sure to wipe off any excess all right so you can see again how that is being able to shine through and I have a little extra on the side there there we go alright and the last thing I want to do with the blue here is I'm gonna come down and I'm going to add it into these little places right here just to really get in those grooves alright and again I'm just gonna take my paper towel and just clean that up when you dab that off and the great thing about this is patina you know it'll make it look like it's nice and vintage or it's been aged and I just love that especially with this raw brass alright so that is what I have so far and that's where I'm gonna complete my blue here so let me just move on I'm gonna rinse my paintbrush all right let me get another paper towel here and just move some of my pieces out of the way I don't want to get my other piece painted just yet all right so now I'm gonna go in with my rust which is gonna be that beautiful orange color so again just the same thing I'm just gonna add a little bit to my cup here don't need too much I'm not gonna do too much with the orange but really just wanted to kind of find that beautiful pop of color all right so just getting a little bit on my brush there we go all right so for this one we are gonna go and focus on these centerpieces here and you can choose to add different colors and add more colors this is really a fun technique to just sort of discover how you want various different pieces to sort of look all right and I'm gonna go up and over onto these pieces here and leave this all the way up to the top there all right yeah I'm just sort of going back through and they're blotting that away so I just want a little bit of that orange to pop through I still want a lot of that gold all right just look how beautiful that is all right so that's actually all I'm gonna do with the gold so now all I have to do is sort of finish or I'm sorry all I'm gonna do with the orange so all I have to do is finish off with my green again I'm just rinsing my paintbrush one more time making sure to get as much of that moisture off as I can you don't want to wet your patina too much actually you don't need to add water at all to the patina so you do want to make sure that your brush is very dry so you don't want to water it down at all all right I just love this malachite color it's beautiful it's very greenery all right it's just a couple of drops here and always make sure to seal up your patina when it is not in use it will dry out and you don't don't want that all right so I'm gonna come and I'm gonna do the sort of crown portion at the top here in this lovely green and we're gonna go all the way down the sides here and you'll see that I'm just barely getting it into the grooves trying to show you as it sort of reveals but I understand my paper towel is getting in the way of it okay so I'm just sort of rubbing away so that I can come through just a little bit just like so all right so now I have just one little spot that I want to add some patina to and that is the bottom so I'm going to sort of twist it around I'm just gonna hold it from the top here and I'm just gonna add that beautiful green right to the bottom all right you are all done adding your patina so I'm going to let that dry for just a few minutes and then I'm gonna come back to show you how to add the glaze all right so I let this dry for just a few minutes and now I'm ready to add my glaze and I just wanted to kind of show you the side-by-side of what we started with and what we have now so just by adding a little bit of patina into those beautiful grooves you can create a really unique piece so I'm actually really glad the way this turned out so I'm very very pleased all right so I'm going to set my piece that I have yet to do a side I'm going to take some of my glaze and I'm going to add a little bit to my cup here now you'll notice that it does kind of have that opal like colour to it but don't worry that is just natural that is going to sort of glaze over and we'll be just a beautiful beautiful shade all right so now I'm just going to just gently sort of add some of that over to the top of my piece and all this is doing and I'm getting the pieces with the color and the parts that are just that raw brass and all this is doing is just gonna seal in that patina for me all right it's gonna create a nice little sort of shiny finish and you just want to watch out for it being too globby at any point so you just want to kind of continue to just smooth it out and you can even get the portion up here that was not patina'd just to sort of seal that color in because the raw brass it will have that beautiful gnash natural sort of tarnish so you'll get that as well all right so I'm just gonna pick it up with my fingers and I'm gonna get the backside here as well just to like I said again just sort of seal that in we also do offer this glaze in a matte finish so if you didn't want something that was gonna be really shiny or anything you're gonna have that sort of style you can also do that as well I'm getting a little bit of green leftover from my paintbrush I did not clean it well enough but there should be no residual left over here so all I'm gonna do on the back here I'm just gonna blot a little bit of that away you don't need a lot as you can tell by my experience right here just to sort of seal that in and what's lovely is with the glaze you can actually do several coats just to get that nice sort of look and style so I'm just gonna go back on the front here just make sure everything is nice and even and the way I want it to and we are all set so in the interest of time I'm gonna show you how to finish this off by using my unfinished my unpatented piece so all you're gonna do is once your piece is ready and dried you're just gonna take your chain nose pliers here and you don't need need your gloves on for this part but I'm just gonna quickly show you yours open it just as same as you would a jump ring and making sure your piece is going to face the right way you go ahead and hook it on there and just close up that loop yeah you are and that will finish off your lovely earring so when you're ready and your patina has dried you'll just do that to complete your earring I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these beautiful supplies at you

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