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Hi this Julie with and today I want to show you how to use the bead bandit. Bead bandits are great because what they do is they allow to create a really polished finished professional look to your jewelry pieces and they hide your crimp beads. Now the bead bandit will fit beading wires up to .019 millimeters and it'll fit up to 2x2 crimp beads. So that'll give a bit of a leeway for your choice of materials that you want to work with. On the back of the bead bandit package there is actually instructions on how to do it but I want to show you in this video. So I've got a little piece here. This could be a start of a bracelet or a start of a necklace or whatever it may be. Got a bead stopper on one end. If I was at a stage where I would crimp my bead I would normally just put the crimp bead on like so thread this through the clasp go back down and then crimp my bead. That's a traditional way to use crimp beads. Now with the bead bandit what it is it comes like this and there's actually two parts here. You can see the little ruffled edge right here and that's the key that's going to unscrew it. Just twist it. You can see it's just a cylinder and then you've got this screw piece. So what you're going to do first is you're gonna go ahead take your beading wire there's a little hole at the bottom tread it through that hole and pull it all the way down so it rests on top of your beads. Then you're going to take a crimp bead or crimp tube place that onto your beading wire as well and then we're going to crimp it. Now if you were going to be using string you would just go ahead and string it put the string through the bottom half of the bead bandit tie a knot and cut off access but I'm going to be doing this using a crimp tube. So I'm just going to crimp tube as normal I'm going to pull down nice and snug. There you go. Now what you do is snip off your access wire andrea screwed the top part that the people and it back on can and that is in place and they had a lovely finished and because detach it jump ring to and clasp and that is how you use a bead bandit Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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