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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to use a triangle jump ring. A triangle jump ring if you aren't familiar with these are super cool. They're basically open jump rings shaped like a triangle instead of in a circle. They're really handy for hanging pendants and charms. I particularly love them for hanging swarovski pendants because the hole sometimes are a little far down and they might be a little thick and if you try to hang these with a regular jumpring you're gonna have to get to a very large circle size for them to work. Then you end up with a really big bulky jump ring. The triangles jump rings are really great because they're still nice and sleek they don't take up as much space but they give you the room to hang what you're hanging and you can hang these off of anything. I'm just gonna show you with a little cell phone strap. So you just open up the jump ring like you with any regular open jump ring. Then you're going to insert whatever you wanna hang it from. You want to give yourself some room. Sometimes it's easier to actually pull it up in which you don't usually do with a jump ring. Then you're just gonna put the ends into your pendant. Start to close it just by pinching like a pinch bail. These are actually pretty similar to pinch bails if you're familiar with those they're just more simple. If you want something to be nice and discrete and not take a lot of attention which I personally prefer for a Swarovski pendant because they're already eye-catching. So you can see it's just very simple kind of subtle and stays out of the way but it allows you're charm to move and it gets through the the thickness and the depth pretty well. That is how you use a triangle jump ring. If you haven't used them I would definitely recommend checking them out. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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