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ending an audit strand once the the beads have been rained we will take the last piece of the French wire that was cut in beginning and on its strand see also in a youtube video take the last piece string on the three pearls and then string on the French wire carefully guide this to the end remove the other portion of the clasp and string that carefully push the needle through the last pearl and slowly pull the slack probably the trickiest part of finishing a strand is judging the distance necessary for tying the knots it's best to keep the French wire down near the last Pearl and pull the opposite side judging here we need approximately the amount of space given by these two knots we need there and there so carefully adjust the spacing and adjust where the French wire is until you get just the right amount of space this may take a few tries then you pull the slack out so that the French wire pulls over into au that again is going to give you very good coverage so that the clasp does not wear out the silk too soon at this point we need to tie a knot with just a single end hold the last pearl with your index finger and your thumb wrap the silk around your middle finger and back into the space between the last two pearls flip the silk up pulling out the slack and then tighten this knot that was just tired get a nice tight knot there and then go through the second the last birth carefully pull the slack making sure that it doesn't tangle I'm going to tie the last knot again holding the last two pearls at this point between your finger your index finger and your thumb go around your middle finger and then bring the end of the silk up bringing in the up direction allows this not to slide closed if you were to bring it in the down direction the knot would not slide very carefully pull that tension and then go through the third to the last pearl once we get to this point the strand is just about completed lip the strand around so that your dominant hand can pull and that you can keep the silk from tangling by holding it just carefully into your left hand having the silk twist is a function of the the twisted strand so we usually twist up when there's a little bit of pressure put on it carefully just pull it through at this point we're at the end and again we're going to use beadalon bead strain glue which is formulated for gluing silk and then without squeezing just hold in your hand until until the heat of your body increases that the expands the glue and lets just enough come out replace the tip and then allow this to dry once it's dry very carefully pull to the side and using your flush cutters put the flush side down and pull very carefully and without nicking in the knot cut this off maybe a little fraying but that can be cut off you know it's good to allow this to dry and that completes the strand you

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