How to Begin a Knotted Strand of Pearls

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Designer: Wyatt White
This video will give you a great start with your pearl necklace. It shows in detail the materials and techniques necessary to properly begin a knotted strand of pearls that incorporates using a clasp and french wire.
Audio Transcript
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beginning and knotted strand whenever using hand tools always wear safety bones beginning and knotted strand requires three of the beginning pearls or beads to be reamed to make the holes large enough for a double strand of the stringing material please see the battery-operated bead reamer instructions on youtube the three pearls have been reamed enough for the silk to go through twice we'll be using a clasp and French wire the French wire will act as a shield on the silk that will keep the the silk from wearing at the clasp using a beetle on Italian flush cutter carefully cut two pieces of French wire these two pieces should be the same length may have to trim in the case that the two are not the same size these will both be used for the ends of the clasp longer if the clasp diameter of the ring is larger they'll be smaller if the diameter is smaller you want the two to be equal using beadalon needle on silk tie a double knot onto the end double knot is required because you have previously reamed the beads to have a larger hole so a single knot would slide through tie the knot then string on the three pearls our each other again string on one of the French wire and run this all the way to the end of the silk strand leave the French wire about an inch and a half to two inches away from the pearls and string on the clasp push the needle through the third bead that you strung on and carefully pull the silk through making sure not to let it tangle carefully place the French we're about at the center of the loop and then pull until the French wire forms a little loop this loop shields the silk from wearing at the clasp once you have all the slack taken up there tie an overhand knot with the two loose ends of silk insert this the needle into the second pearl that you strung on pulling the silk through and once again you have the two ends to tie the knot take the needle back through the first pearl that you had strung on and pull that nice and snug at this point you would use beetle on bead stringing glue to glue this portion of the silk carefully remove the tip then just hold with your fingers allowing the heat of your hand to create a very very small amount of glue then carefully place that small amount right in between the two pieces of silk the glue will wick down into the hole and glue the two pieces of silk together carefully place the tip back on and set aside this gives you the beginning of a professionally done beginning of a knotted strand at this point after the glue dries you would cut the short end and then begin knotting with the beetle on knotter please see the YouTube video of the beetle on knot or tulle

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