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Hi, this is Julie with and silverplate and you can see they've got a really great shape to them they measure 10 millimeters across here at their widest point they have a really nice large gap to be able to fit around a number of different beads so your bead will of course need to be drilled and the hole has to be no more than three point five millimeters from the top to allow to fit in this area so I want to show you how to use these and we are going to make this really simple but elegant earring I have a pair of duckbill pliers and I'm using duckbill to evenly apply pressure to both sides so I'm gonna fit the bail into the plier and I'm going to start to squeeze and you see those two ends coming together so now I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to insert my pendant I have a Swarovski briolette right here and I'm just gonna keep squeezing and you'll see that the ends go into the hole and there we go now we just closed it and now to turn it into an earring all I have to do is open up the loop at the base of my earring hook and slide it off so very easy to use and I think the result is quite pretty and very finished looking and I do want to make a couple quick little notes here you'll notice that oftentimes these are listed as something that you can pinch with your fingers I actually found it really difficult the metal is very hard so I do recommend using some type of plier versus your fingers for these guys now I know duckbill pliers are a little bit more of a specialty plier that not everybody has so I want to show you also how to use just your chain nose pliers that you might have around the house to open jump rings and do other jewelry projects duckbill are easier for this application but it's not impossible to do it with chain nose pliers so what you'll want to do is you'll want to grab either end of the pinch bail so it's a little hard here camera angle wise and we are just going to grab it and we're going to start to pull it towards the center so you see I just took it I rotate it ever so slightly so I did that with one side and as I was doing it with one side it actually did help to pull in the other side as well so then we're just going to pull it out and then continue to pull it together so you see I was able to close it quite a ways and he would just slip in your pendant so duckbills are ideal but not impossible to do just with two regular pairs of chain nose pliers and what's nice is that metal it wasn't marred I didn't use a lot of pressure but I definitely was gripping it and that is still a beautiful finish I didn't do any type of scratching of that plating so that was really nice again these are beat along clever pinch bails and they're really very pretty very elegant and quite easy to use and you can find them at you

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