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hi this is Julia beadaholique and in this video I'm going to show you how to use tool magic so this is a liquid and you dip your pliers and adjust the tips and it creates a protective coating on those tips which will help to prevent scratching and marring your wire for your wired jewelry projects so I have an example here that I've obviously already coated so you see it's this nice white coating and I only went so far didn't really want to get into the hinge part of the plier so just the tips and it's soft but it's got some grip to it which is really nice so I'm going to show you really quickly how you would use this so you would have the plier tips coated they would be fully dried which is two to three hours or even overnight and then you would just use your pliers as normal but because it has this nice protective coating on it it's not going to scratch your wire which is really important especially if you're using any type of plated wire as you see I'm doing here so we were able to bend that we didn't create any Nicks we didn't ding up the wire at all which is really nice and then when you're done with it you just simply peel it off so it's almost like a rubber type feel to it so you'll just peel it off of your tips it won't hurt your pliers at all it's not permanent it is removable and you do get quite a bit of liquid in this little tub so you're gonna be able to coat a lot of different pliers with it you see my pliers are totally fine so now let me show you how to actually use this so you see I've cleared off my work table I'm just have a piece of paper here that I'm going to use as my platform you're going to want to work in a well-ventilated area and you're gonna wanna make sure you have something available to prop your pliers up on once you've coated them so we're gonna just use a spool of wire right here and I know from experience that this is not going to drip down so I'm not too worried about my wire but if you are you always use like a coffee mug or something like that I'm also gonna Don some clubs because you don't really want to get this on your skin and there are safety instructions on the label and on the catching so you just want to make sure you follow all of them and I've stirred this already but you will want to make sure it's fully stirred go ahead take off the lid set it aside we're gonna take our pliers now we're just going to dip them into the tool magic again don't go as far as your hinge and then just pull them out carefully turn them right side up and let them sit on something or rest on something I should say to dry and what's nice is it's really not going to drip off of that which is great so again two to three hours or overnight let it fully dry and then they'll be ready to use and this is tool magic available at beadaholique you

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