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Hi, this is Julie with AHIMA discs so it's really cool it's very thick and I wanted to actually show you it in comparison to the regular disc and you'll see that it is twice as thick so the regular one is 3/8 of an inch thick and the double density one is 3/4 of an inch thick and it does come in the regular size as well as the mini and I left the me in the package so you can see that it comes with instructions as well as a project idea so that's pretty cool too so why might you need a double density kumihimo disk well what it does is because it is thicker there's more surface area so double the friction for increased tension and that really comes into play when you're using a very thin braiding material now I have some Griffin silk size 2 and I'm going to put it into one of the slots and you can see why it's important that it's that double the density so I'm putting it in there and it is actually quite hard to pull out and would have to use a bit of pressure to actually pull it out now that needle of course slid through there more easily than the actual braid but let me do that same little demonstration in the thinner disc which is the one that you're probably more accustomed to and this one does pull through ease it more easily so if you are doing a lot of kumihimo braiding with very thin materials perhaps wire thin s l-- on a really thin Griffin silk you're gonna want to consider this double density kumihimo disk because it is just gonna make your life easier it's gonna keep your tension more even which will result in a more even uniform braid and then before I sign off because it's a pretty quick video I just want to show you a couple examples of kumihimo braids so you can see what you could create with these disks all of these bracelets are exclusive but what's important and fun to see is you can use all different shape of beads and of course different colors and do different patterns so Q mokemo is a really fun braiding technique and there's a lot of different supplies available for it and a lot of project ideas as well at you

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