How to Replace Pins on BeadSmith's Hole Punch Pliers

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Designer: Julie Bean
If you do a lot of metal work and end up using your hole punch pliers often, you have probably experienced that over time the punch is not quite as clean or easy. There is no need to replace your good pliers when you can just swap out the pin. Changing out the pin is very easy to do and you just buy replacement pins as you need them, meaning your pliers should last a very long time.
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Hi, this is Julie with I wanna show you how to replace your hole punch plier tips. So this is a pair of hole punch pliers by the Beadsmith if you're not familiar with these you basically just put a piece sheet metal or stamping blank in between the two jaws clamp down and it punches a nice hole that you can then attach a jump ring to or whatever you want to do with it and they come in various sizes, this happens to be a 1.5 millimeter one meaning the hole is going to be 1.5 millimeters across and if you use these a lot your tip will become dull and you're gonna replace it. Now what's really nice is the Beadmith actually provides you with a replacement tip in with the packaging when you purchased the pliers but if you go through that tip you can always buy replacement tips as well. So it's really easy to replace these you can do with your fingers, it's a little hard so I have a pair of chain nose pliers and I'm just going to grab the nut here and rotate counterclockwise I just want to loosen it so I can do it with my fingers. I'm going to remove both of those top nuts and just rotating counterclockwise you see that comes right off and I'm taking the replacement and stick it into the hole like so and then just take these nuts and screw them back on this time clockwise and I'm using my chain nose pliers just so that I have a little bit more control grab that nut really tighten it on there. Put the second one on as well tighten it and just like that we've replaced the pin for hole punch pliers. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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