How to Make the Paisley Pixie Earrings with Czech Glass Paisley Duo 2-Hole Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to bead weave these off set earrings using circular brick stitch around a form and then creating a cascade of 2-hole Paisley Duo beads.
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hi this is kat with in itand show you the beautiful arrangement of colors that we have in the Paisley duos because this is going to be a really easy project for you to decide your own colorway alright so speaking of your own colorway today I'm gonna be using a little bit of a funky colorway I'll say that just so that you can really see it on camera here so I have some of these beautiful pink Paisley duo beads and if you want to take a look really close they have two holes so they go through kind of sideways here so they go through one is there and then the other is at the top there and they sort of look like little commas now it's a very similar shape to let's say like a Zahle duo but the cool thing about the Paisley duo's is that they're actually flat on both sides so you can flip them around and use them however you want you can kind of back them up together and we're gonna nestle them together as you can see in my little design there so I'm gonna be doing a circular brick stitch so I have these little forms here these little rings and these are closed rings these are beautiful links here I have a couple of little jump rings there I have some earring hooks to use as well now the seed beads I'm going to be using I'm going to be using this really bright turquoise so that really shows up here for you but these are Miyuki 11 Oh rounds that we're going to be using here today and then for my actual projects I used the crystal fire line but today I'm going to be using the smoke so that it really shows up for you but go ahead and choose whichever one coordinates with your project let's say you're gonna do black beads or a darker color you can try using the smoke alright so we're going to be using the 4 pound now the only other tools I'm going to need is I'm going to need a couple pairs of chain nose pliers just to help me out with that jump ring I have my thread zap here you can also use a pair of snips if you'd like and then finally I have size twelve beading needle and I've already gone ahead and added about four feet or so of my smoke fire line alright so if you have everything ready let's get started so I have my needle threaded but I'm gonna actually come to the other end of my thread here take my beautiful link and I'm gonna string that through and what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna tie a couple of little overhand knots onto my link there's one and there's two all right nice little tug so we're nice and straight okay now we're ready to begin our circular brick stitch so how we're gonna do that is we're going to now take our needle I'm gonna move some my tools out of the way there there we go take our needle and I'm gonna pick up two of our seed beads here now go ahead and slide those all the way down until they sit right on top there and then what we're gonna do is just kind of bend the thread so it's gonna go backwards and I'm gonna take my needle through the center there now here's a little trick go ahead and hold those little beads right up at the top there so go through the center with your needle there we go so what's gonna happen is I've gone down and through and now kind of scooching that up I'm gonna take my needle and I'm gonna go back through the second bead that I strung just like so pull that all the way through and then they're gonna come and they're gonna sit right next to each other just like so now don't worry if your first bead there is a little popped up we're gonna make sure that's nice and secure later so just make sure you have a good tension give it a little tug and we're ready to add our next bead so now instead of adding two we're just gonna add one so again go ahead and sort of bring that all the way down and let it slide all the way down there and what we want to do is we want to get it to sit next to it so we're gonna go through the center again making sure to keep that bead on the back side and then we're gonna go up through that bead just like so creating that little loop and we're creating these little thread bridges that go from bead to bead right on top there all right so let's do one more and we're gonna continue this all the way around and you can see how I kind of hold the bead in the back there you can kind of figure out whatever is comfortable for you go ahead and slide that up go through go back through there we go alright so that is circular brick stitch and we're going to do that all the way around the form and I'm gonna get to about there and then I'm going to show you how to add that little extra bead we're gonna flatten that one and then we're gonna add the Cascade with those Paisley duo beads so go ahead and continue to do your circular brick stitch like so all the way around okay so I've gone all the way around with my circular brick stitch and you get to about this point and you'll have to decide how big that gap is gonna be if you're gonna add one or two more beads and the reason I say that is because a lot of the beads that we have here and a lot of the beads that you'll just find naturally have a little bit of change in size so even though it looks nice and even sometimes you'll be able to squeeze an extra bead in there sometimes not so I'm gonna try one more bead here because I know I definitely need at least one so doing the same thing going around going up through and I think this is gonna do it for me yep just that one extra perfect all right so now I have my tail which is still attached here and I'm coming out this other side up here so pretending that this bead on this side here is just gonna act like another bead I'm just gonna bridge that and go down through the bead and I want to shoot my needle going to the back side and then I'm gonna come up through the front just like we normally do there we go and I'm gonna go up through the front side here perfect and now you can that it all sort of fits together and it went down so it's gonna be just fine alright so now the next thing we're gonna do is we're going to add a little bead at the top which we're gonna add our jump ring to so go ahead and pick up a seed bead and go ahead and string that down now what we're gonna do is we're gonna string it down to the next bead there and it's gonna kind of pop up top just like so now I want to bring in our jump ring here because this is where you're gonna want to test before you do any more sewing so I'm going to take my jump ring now this is a four millimeter 22 gauge jump ring and it should fit really nicely inside that little seed bead that I just added there but because not all seed beads are created equal I just want to do a little test there we go so it's gonna fit just fine alright so I'm gonna set that down but I just wanted to make sure before I added it because especially sometimes especially when you're working with some of the more metal color beads I noticed it a lot when I was working with the silver beads here that sometimes they have a little extra coating in the center and you don't want to continue sewing if you're gonna get caught later and that's not going to be able to fit that jump ring okay so we're coming out that one bead there now this doesn't actually matter where you do this on your beading but whatever bead you're coming out of you're gonna add a bead and you're gonna go down into the next adjacent bead just like so and you can see that it's just gonna sit right on top there it's gonna make a little triangle of three beads perfect alright so now we are getting ready to add our Paisley duo's so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna go up through that next bead there I'm not going underneath the frame at all so it's just gonna create a little tiny thread bridge that you can't even see between those two beads along the edge there alright so now that we're coming out of this bead I'm gonna bring in one of my examples because I want you to see how this is really gonna work okay so first of all when you're looking at actually let me do that one on the side so when you're looking at this earring you do notice that it will hang offset a little bit so this is going to be your center line it's gonna hang all the way down there so that little hoop is not going to sit right in the center it'll sit just a little off and that's kind of part of the design so what we're gonna do now is we're gonna add that line of the Paisley duo's that's going all the way down so what we want to focus on is making sure that we are coming out of wherever your top bead is there you're coming out too over to one side does that make sense okay so here we're gonna go and we're gonna pick up one of our Paisley do's and we want to go through one of the larger sides of it going up through and stringing it down so that it sits just like so all right and then we're gonna turn our thread around and we're going to go through the smaller side kind of bringing that together but before we go down into our bead weaving we're gonna add another Paisley duo and we're gonna continue to go down through that large side so I'm kind of keeping this on my table so that you can sort of see how everything is going to start to fit together alright so you see how we have our first two so we went up through the top and then down through this side now when I go down into the bead weaving I'm going to count let me just kind of push this aside there so I'm gonna count from the bead I'm coming out one and then two and what I'm going to do is the thread bridge between the three and the four is what I'm gonna hook under so I'm gonna go underneath that little thread bridge there pull that up and it's gonna cinch up just like so all right so now I'm gonna go back through just that first Paisley and again just take your time make sure everything stays nice and taut in there there we go alright so now I'm gonna do the same thing again I'm gonna turn my thread around with that Paisley duo let me just set it down again I'm gonna pick up another Paisley duo going through that large side there keeping it just like so and now again the the bead that I'm coming out of is since right there going down over to thread bridges being able to pull that up and we are on track so you just keep going and we are gonna add five beads just like this in this manner here I'm going to walk you through the whole thing here get my tail away and flipped over there we go alright so again going down into that bead adding the large part of another Paisley and again you can sort of see where that beads coming out there or if you look now you can see between those three actually let me want you guys to be able to see this alright so if you look through the three that I have there it looks like I'm coming out of this one and I've skipped over that one and I'm coming out of this one but I'm really coming out of that little tiny thread bridge right there but I'm skipped over that one so it looks like I'm coming out of this one so it's gonna look and I'm gonna skip over and go through because I want it to look like I'm coming out of that little bead right there does that make sense a little knot there let me take care of that there we go alright so and then we go back up through only through that Paisley that we just added and again take your time make sure everything is nice and tight you can see me kind of just wiggling stuff making sure it's gonna stay nice and stiff there going down through another one picking up another Paisley alright and the same thing here kind of skipping over going underneath that little thread bridge there and up through okay so there are our first five so that's what's coming down all the way to the side there so now things are going to get a little different so we're going to do is we're going to go back through as though we're adding another one come through there now what I want to do is I want to add a Paisley but in a little bit of a different format so what I want to do is kind of flip it around so that I'm going through a Paisley that's sort of facing down in the opposite direction okay so we're going to go down through this way and now what I want to do is flip that around and go through the bottom part coming at it at a different angle there we go just you need to get it through there okay and now I'm gonna do the same thing and it's gonna kind of drip down now like little droplets so we're gonna go through that little small side there let that sit just like so and I'm gonna string back through and again take your time go ahead and make sure everything is nice and tight get a little tug as you go same thing I'm gonna go through so now when you're looking at these little beads they're just gonna kind of like sit underneath each other and string it back through I'm gonna add one more on this side just making sure that they're all nestled and then go back through and adding the final bead on this side going through that small side there all right so instead of turning my thread around and going back down through what we're gonna do is we're gonna actually pick up three of our seed beads here and let those slide all the way down and I'm going to turn my thread around and I'm going to go all the way back through both of those Paisley beads that are they're on top just like so okay together again this is where we want to really check that tension make sure everybody is nice and taut and we're gonna pick up three more seed beads and we're gonna go back through the other side and this just kind of adds a little extra embellishment to that water droplet kind of feel that we have here pick up three more and go back through the next two Paisley's make sure they line up nicely there you go and this is why working with the Paisley's for this particular design is really nice because you don't have to worry about them flipping over or having a certain side or anything like that alright and going through on the outside and one final one here we're gonna pick up three more and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna actually go through this first bead here and go up through just connecting this little tail here that we have there we go so that's gonna sit nicely in there and then I'm gonna sneak my needle underneath there give myself a little knot so that it sits right in between those Paisley duo beads there we go and then for extra security if you want you can go through and create another little thread bridge because you already have one there so don't worry about that go back through and this is where I would tie my final knot here just kind of going back through looping around same kind of a process for tying off your thread for any other any other piece and that knot sneaks right down there perfect all right so now I'm gonna take my little thread zap zap off my little thread there we go and then really quickly I'm just gonna tie off my other little tail here and you see I had plenty of thread so that just gives you a little extra to work with you can work with less start if you want you can probably get away with working with maybe I'd say two three feet all right so the last thing I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna go up through that bead go over tie a little knot and go down and I'm actually gonna go down through the backside there so that I can zap off my thread on this side perfect always put your guide back on there we go and last but not least our last little step here is we are going to string on our little jump ring and our earring hook now if you're doing the right-hand one you'll put the earring hook on this way if you're doing the left-hand one you'll put it on this way so there's no change in the bead weaving from the left to the right earring it's just how you put the earring hook on so that is the only difference you can actually just repeat this process but you don't have to worry about like oh shoot I have to do it all backwards now not the case mm-hmm all right so that is the Paisley pixie earrings of course this is a really kind of fun color and you can play with some different colors here we have some fun little seed beads and some Paisley beads but I just love the way that it sort of hangs off set it's just a really neat little piece there so you can make this in all of the colors of the Paisley duo's and you can see even more tutorials by heading over to and if you're new here to our youtube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from beadaholique

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