How to Bead Weave a Flower Using Ginko Beads

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
Please watch the video: How to Make a Flower using Ginko Beads. In this video, you will see from start to finish how to create this design using Czech glass 2-hole beads, Toho Demi Round seed beads, and Austrian crystal pearls. You will see how to bead weave the design using Fireline thread, and how to attach an earring hook.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique to show how to bead weave a flower using ginkgo beads so here we have the chocolate lilly earring and we'll be making the companion to this i also want to show you another design that's kind of similar this is the biloba earring which we also have a video on but you'll see as we work that the technique becomes a little bit different so for beads what I have here are two whole ginkgo beads in the crystal fold Capri I have dark bronze super duo beads I've got some Toho 11o Demi round in this way pretty nickel color some two millimeters for offski crystal pearls in cream I've also got an elegant earring hook a closed-form millimeter jump ring and for tools I'll be using scissors and chain nose pliers I've got some bent chain nose pliers the smoke fire line in the four pound test and I got my needle here and I've gone ahead and strung two feet of the fireline so let's get started so the first thing that I'm gonna do is bring in some of these beads I'll be working with just so I have them a little closer to me and these are all check last two whole beads and then these Demi rounds you'll see how well these fit in here so to begin what I'm gonna do is alternate five of the Toho's with five of the super duos and now I'm gonna string those down and tie them into a ring kind of a standard starting point oftentimes with these super duo beads tying once and then looping around twice where the surgeon's knot give a nice secure start to our piece here now I could leave that tail on and weave it in at the end but I know how that kind of gets in my way so I'm gonna actually trim that from the get-go so now we've got our starting point and what I'm gonna do first off is take up one of these little two millimeter Swarovski pearls and so that into the center find that tiny hole there set that in I'm gonna pull this up so that we can see better what we're doing I bring that into the middle of the piece cross my thread over and now I'm bringing my needle from behind weeding underneath my thread there and coming around in a loop just to kind of tuck that bead in with one secure round about on that thread so once I've got that in there I know it's not going to move around I'm gonna come through the bottom hole of my adjacent super duo and then up making a little thread bridge there into my second hole of that same super doodle and now I'm ready to go into my second round of weaving so let me set that down and start by picking up one Demi round one ginko through the pointed nose side and then four of the Demi rounds I'm gonna come back through the second hole of the ginko get in my way a little bit like keep it on the tail for you so you can see put that in where I want it and I'm gonna take another 11 Oh Demi round and come through the second hole of the adjacent super duo and the bead sits in like so so I'm going to repeat that I'm going to take up another 11 Oh another ginko bead there's some subtle difference to the color of this finish which I really like so I'm going to start to pay attention to the head as I go around and pick up four more Toho's bring some more of those in come through the second hole back toward the center of my piece pick up another Demi round and again through the adjacent super duo filling that second hole so that's the process for the second round of beads I'm gonna bring in this pretty sort of pinkish one and you can imagine the nice color combinations you could come up with for any season really for some reason I ended up with a kind of metallic finish on my palette here pull that in and get my next Toho bead come through the super duo and pull that in starting again I got another Toho another ginko more super duos those four coming back through and taking up my Cho ho bead coming through its super duo and I'm on my last ginkgo do the same thing here to pick up my touhou come through my ginkgo bead now as I pick up my last four Toho's what I want to do is bring in my closed jump ring I'm going to take on two of those Toho's my jump ring and then two more of the Toho's come back through the second hole of the bead and pick up one more Toho that's my last bead to add and when I come back through here it's gonna be through this super duo I needle through and secure all of this so we can see what we're doing and we want to situate this little jump ring kind of in between the beads and I know it slips until I get it positioned with the thread kind of taught where I want it so I think that'll do it there so you get your jump ring where you want it to be and now I'm going to start to double back through some of my beads so right now my threads coming between a super duo and the Toho here and what I need to do is get my needle into that seed bead doubling back through it so that I can also double back through the adjacent ginko bead you'll see my needle pass through a seed bead there I'm going to continue through the rest of those as well coming back through the second hole of that same bead and from here we're going to start to add on some little pearls in between each ginkgo bead so you'll see that I'm avoiding any of these little beads down here I'm coming straight out of that second hole to add on my pearl and I'm gonna bring my needle now through the second hole of the next ginko bead over so I haven't tumbled back through any of the other small beads in between its just going from one ginko to another and again I'm gonna double back through the Toho's around the edge and what this is doing is its securing the design so the way these petals fall out it makes it quite floppy but once I get those pearls in there it kind of locks everything together so it's surprising what a little 2 millimeter bead can do so let me grab another one of those very small and I'm gonna do the same thing bring that down in come up through the second hole of the next can go over and also through the outer Toho's double back through the second hole of that same bead and bring on my next pearl that's so in this fashion we're just kind of binding the design together and that's the trick with these ginkgo beads the way that they're drilled and what's neat also is that you can really create a unique look with these beads along the outside edge of those and I like to capitalize on that with this design so I'm just gonna finish up adding this pearl and the next one and then we'll be ready to tie off and weave in our thread I'm passing through the toe hose here I'm also coming through the jump ring and the other two my last pearl and weed my way back through one more ginkgo once I come down through the second hole of this I'll be ready to make a knot all right so I'm gonna take and bring my thread underneath my outer edge thread there and tie a knot and then come one more time and tie one more knot so that's secure I'll go ahead and come through this little pearl here just to be safe weaving in my thread there we go just to make sure it's tucked in bring in my scissors clip my thread so now that we've got the weaving completed we'll bring in our ear hook and you'll notice the way that the loop is if I were to hang my flower it would not be facing front so what we're gonna do is change the orientation of this earring hook by gently gripping let me get it where you can see it gripping the loop with one plier and then I'm gonna take my other plier and very gently and slowly just rotate that loop so that it faces the opposite direction forward like so and once I've got it facing that way I'm gonna open it up slide on my jump ring and close the loop and there we have our second chocolate lily earring so that's one way to bead weave a flower using ginkgo beads I hope you enjoyed this video you can see lots more videos all of these tools and supplies are available at and be sure to click the bell and subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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