How to Make the Siren's Scale Bracelet with Cymbals and Ginko Beads

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to create this design using Czech glass 2-hole Ginko beads, Cabochon beads, Miyuki 11/0 round seed beads, and Cymbal components. First you will see how to weave the beads in the order shown using Fireline beading thread. Then you will see how to attach a clasp and chain extender. You will also see this bracelet in an alternative color variation.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique to make the sirens scale bracelet with symbols and Inca beads so here I've got a completed bracelet in a beautiful vitriol color with some seafoam green and silver accents and we'll be making a gold version with this sort of beautiful burnished rust color and some rose gold and what I have here are a couple of symbols components I've got the bead endings here and also some side beads I've got a chain extender 12 millimeter lobster clasp some four millimeter 20 gauge jump rings and for tools I'll be using scissors and some chain nose pliers then chain nose pliers and some smoke fireline in the 4 pound test and of course for the beads we have these beautiful two whole ginko beads with also the czech glass to hold cabochon beads you'll notice these have a front and a back side to them so we'll be paying attention to that and some beautiful my yuki round 11 OC beads so let's get started I've got my size 12 needle here and I've cut and strung 4 feet of the fireline so I'm gonna bring in my bead ending and I'm gonna string through the outside hole of it coming in toward the center and leading myself about a 5 inch tail I'm gonna take on two seed beads then I'm going to take on a cabochon bead coming through one hole of it bring on two more seed beads and come through the second hole of my symbol bead ending so let's Nestle that up in there and here we are I'm gonna take on three more seed beads then I'm gonna bring in my first ginko bead so let's lay that in the way it's gonna settle and that way we'll know which hole to come in we're coming in through the the thicker back side of it and then through the second hole of our cabochon bead there it is okay so let me take on now another gingko bead this will start to come together once we come through the other side this time I'm coming through the pointed nose end and again that's going to nestle nicely against that cabochon bead all right now I'm gonna take on three more seed beads and I'm ready to make my knot to secure all of these on to the end so I'm gonna bring my two threads together and create an overhand knot coming around once and twice with the surgeon's knot settle that right between the seed bead and the bead ending all right and now I'm going to double back through the simple bead ending my seed beads my cabochon all the way through and this is securing my design you can see I'm coming doubling back through those beads I'm also coming back through the seed beads along the edge and also doubling back through the thread pass along the holes of the gingko that come through the second hole of that cabochon so here we are now I'm going to create a thread bridge along the outside of that gingko bead and this smoke color disappears really nicely against the bead but depending on what color you may want to use crystal if it's a lighter bead and at this point I'm ready to take on my next cabochon bead so I'm going to bring that in the direction that I know it will be facing in the same way as the previous one and then come through the second hole of my gingko on the other side and there we are now I'm ready to take on these symbol side beats and I'm going to come through this side of it to where the curve is kind of facing me that's going to rest it against the gingko and then I'm going to take on three seed beads and once I've got those on I'm gonna double back through the second hole of that side bead tuck that up make sure it it's nice and secure I'm ready to take on my next game ko bead again I'm going to come through the wider end of that through the cabochon bead and bring in my next in ko come through the pointed nose of that there we are so at this point you'll see in order for me to match the two sides here I have to take on another side bead so I'm going to bring that in again I'm coming through the side where the curve is facing me I'm going to bring in three more seed beads doubling back through that second hole and here I'm coming through the second hole of this gingko in my previous row I'm also doubling through the cabochon in the middle so you can see I'm kind of creating a backward weave I'm looping back through my previous row also have to double back through the gingko on the other side I need to come up through the backside of this side bead and work my way back to the row I'm adding so I'm doing some doubling back here it's working my needle back to where it needs to be to where we can add more beads and when you're working in a back-and-forth design like this sometimes that's what's required is just doing a bit of back and forth and it also secures the design and makes it nice and strong all right so I've doubled back through those beads along the edge there seed beads and side bead and here again I'm going to create a little thread bridge along the outside of that ginko and I'm ready to add in my next cabochon bead bounce so let me find the proper hole come through there and through the second hole of my opposite ginko bead and here I'm ready to add on my next side bead so let's go again I'm gonna come through just what I'm calling the curved back side of that adding on three seed beads coming through the opposite side of the side bead it's all up on my thread you'll see though that it uh it all comes down together nicely you can snug that up where it needs to be okay now I'm gonna bring in my next ginko bead sticking with the design I'm coming through the back side through the cabochon and bringing on another ginko bead this time coming through the narrower end okay and let's repeat here I'm going to take on a side bead coming through the curved end adding on my three seed beads and coming through the second hole of it back toward the center of my design checking my tension and working my needle back through the second hole in the previous row and kind of to go whoops one or two beads at a time sometimes well you know what hang on just a sec I skipped a step we need to secure that side bead onto the ginko so let me get back to where I need to be here my needle went through the wrong thread path sorry about that there I've corrected myself sometimes that'll happen alright so here we are coming through after I've added my side bead now I need to come through the gingko I think that's what didn't happen let's see that's where we need to be I hope that was clear for you let me make sure my tension is taut and we're back up back up to speed okay so I'm coming through the second hole of that ginkgo across the way and here again we're gonna need to double back through some beads to get to our next adding of our next row so I'm coming through the whole of the side there and also the seed beads I want to pull my thread so that it's nice and taut continuing to come back through the other hole of that side bead and also through these holes here of this row okay so you can see the patterns starting to develop where now again we're going to create a thread bridge along the outside of that gingko bead and start into our next row now just a reminder here that you're not adding your side bead yet you're having to create your row of beads first so there's a certain order to it that allows for that symmetry and it requires the looping back through all right so we'll do one more row we're going to come again through the back curved edge of our side bead we're going to add three seed beads on come through the second hole add on our next gingko beam coming through the wider end through the second hole of our cabochon bead in the center adding on another game code in the opposite direction and that's right we're ready to add our next side bead coming through the back hole of it three more seed beads through the opposite hole of it and also through the second holes in our previous row coming through each bead as we need to to double back through alright so from this point what I'm going to do is continue to double back through these little edge beads I'm going to create my thread bridge here and continue in this same pattern I'll finish up the weaving of the bracelet and then come back with you when we're ready to finish off the other end attach our clasp and our extender chain so I've finished adding all my beads I've got my two side beads symmetrically attached with the seed beads a thread bridge running along this side and I'm coming through and I'm ready to finish up the bracelet in the same manner as we began so let me take up the final three seed beads bring in my symbol ending I'm going to take up two more seed beads come through the second hole of my final cam cabochon bead take on two more seed beads and fit my needle through the other end of my symbol piece okay now I'm going to take on my final three seed beads and come in through my ginkgo to make this final loop now I'm gonna continue my way through and I'm working my way back up so that I can reinforce this edge with a second pass so I'm coming through the seed beads through the ending again with the beads in between and I'm ready to make a little knot go under my thread make my knot once and twice I'm gonna go back through a few more beads weave my thread in I could make another another knot in there if I chose but I'm gonna go ahead and clip my thread I also tied in my five-inch thread tailing other side in the very same manner so that's taken care of so now we're ready to attach our chain extender and our clasp so let me bring in my pliers for that and our jump rings now let's start with the chain extender and if I'm right-handed I'm going to want the clasp on the right side so on the left side I'm gonna do a chain extender by taking up one of my 4 millimeter jump rings sliding that on to the end link of my extender and onto my simple bead ending you just close that up nice and tight actually I guess right or left doesn't matter because these are symmetrical okay so next what I like to do and I'll show you this in the finished piece is add a few extra jump rings there to add some flexibility to the lobsters lever and give me a little bit of extra room to grip that if I'm putting the bracelet on by myself so to do that we'll take a few of these and just attach them in the same way these bent chain nose pliers are handy for jump ring attachments so take that I previously opened and latch on a closed ring they are all open a bolt and then I'll take my final jump ring here slide on the end loop of my clasp and attach it ok now we've completed a beautiful siren scale bracelet I want to talk just a minute about the sizing now the beaded portion measures just over five inches which is fairly short and then the smallest it could be with this extender is about six and a half inches up to eight so when you buy the side beats from beadaholique there will be 24 in a pack and I used all of those in this design if you wanted to extend the beaded portion of your bracelet you could without buying more side beads just use the seed beads in between you could do every other one the side bead or extra seed beads along the edge so that's a design tip I hope you enjoyed this video these projects all of these beads tools and supplies are available at and be sure to click the bill and subscribe on our youtube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching you

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