How to Make a Pair of Earrings with the Ginko 2-Hole Beads and Cymbal Bead Endings

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to weave the Mermaid Tail Earrings featuring the Czech Glass 2-Hole Ginko Beads in a beautifully rich rainbow color palette. The Cymbal Bead Endings provide the perfect frame for this design. Choose your favorite colors and make this style your own!
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hi this is kat with eats and the simple bead endings now this is a really pretty pair of earrings and I made two different versions because I kind of wanted you to see how it can look if you go for more of a colorful one which is the one I'm gonna do here or you can also do like a monochromatic one and it still has that beautiful sort of scale like design to it so this one is all done in silver and then the one I'm gonna do here is gonna be that really colorful one but I did want to point out to you and I brought out a selection of the two whole ginko beads that we have so you can just really take a look at all the beautiful colors we have everything from saturated to shiny - pearl eyes - matte lots of different styles excuse me lots of different colors to choose from when making this type of simple design so you can really have a lot of fun with these ginko beads okay so what are we going to need to make this so the supplies are gonna be we're gonna use the fireline and I brought out the two different colors that we have we have the crystal and the smoke now for my design here I designed it with the crystal but if you are using darker beads you can use the smoke and in my video here I'm gonna use the smoke so that you guys can see that thread because it's a little bit of that darker kind of grayish thread alright we're gonna need a pair a thread zap and a pair of chain nose pliers and then I already have two beading needles here threaded with about three feet of my smoke fire line now the other things that we're gonna need is of course our gingko beads I have my symbol bead ending there and I have a little earring post here and it's got a little loop there on the bottom and that is actually an open loop so we're gonna be able to use our pliers to open that and attach and then I have some 15 Oh sea beads here now these are Toho rounds and they're 15 Oh cuz they just needed to fill in a teeny-tiny little gap there and then because these earrings do have a little bit of weight I wanted to bring out the bullet clutch earring backs some of the earring hosts that we have come with the little ear nuts but this is going to add a little stabilization it's by no means heavy but it is still glass beads and there's that big metal component at the top so it can be a little bit on the heavier side but it's still a very comfortable wear so that's why I wanted to use a post and one of those nice big earring backs okay so let's take a look at what we're gonna be doing here so I have this really beautiful pattern and you can see it kind of side by side I've broken it out so you can see how all those gingko beads are gonna kind of sit together now the gingko beads if you're unfamiliar they have two holes and they go up through the petal they're through both sides so what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our thread and both of our needles and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna run this all the way up through the beads they're going to the top so what am I going to do I'm going to try to catch those two down there at the bottom and then these guys here and then this one up here so the three to the side are going to kind of sit out and there's a reason I'm kind of breaking this out for you because I want it to to look really easy so what we're gonna do is take one needle and I'm gonna catch that hole and then on that pink one catch the inner hole on that purple one that outer one on the blue kind of get my hand out of the way trying to show this so it's so it makes the most sense to you guys alright so you see how that I have my one needle going all the way through that side so I'm just going to bring that through let me move my cymbal out of there pull that through kind of set my needle off to the side and then I'm going to do the same thing just kind of attaching these last two little guys here to create that Center with the other side of my thread so we're going to go up through all those little holes there I'll go ahead and pull that trigger so this is what you should have so far I know it seems maybe a little bit more complicated but just to really show you how it steps out that's the easiest way to show it now this green bead right there at the top is going to sit in the center of our symbols but this is where those little 50 note beads are going to come into play so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna set my left needle off to the side there so I'm just gonna work with my right hand now so I'm gonna pick up my symbols I'm gonna pick up one of those 1500 beads and I'm gonna go through one of the center loops so if we're counting this is 1 2 3 4 I'm going through that third loop there and then I'm gonna pick up one more of those little seed beads and kind of string it all the way down here so it's it's just inside there so now because I want that top row to all be green I'm gonna kind of sneak my little green bead up there and the next one is going to be that purple one so we're gonna go down through this side so we're going to go through that green bead through that blue bead there through the purple and all the way down through that pink bead so you see how that line comes down through there alright we're gonna pull that tight so here's where we're going to start to do some turnarounds and you'll notice that I kind of pull on both sides just because I want really good tension here alright so now we're going to turn it around and we're gonna go up through that sort of first one we did but we're not going to be focusing on that red bead so we're gonna turn it around and create a little thread bridge at that pink bead so now I'm gonna pick it up because I can handle it a little bit now and I'm gonna sneak my needle through so here's here's the deal guys you want to keep really good at tension but you're gonna need to kind of see sneaking your needle through here cuz it's gonna it's gonna start to get tight which is what you want but every time you do a little thread pass just give it a little extra little extra tug there alright so now we're going to kind of repeat a little bit and we're go through that little 15 oh that's right they're a little symbol and that other little 15 ow just like so all right and then we're gonna go down through that same thread pass but instead of going all the way down through that pink bead we want to get our needle so that comes out that purple bead just like so all right and again just kind of giving that a little little tug on my tension kind of pulling from both sides there we go all right so now we're gonna create another little thread bridge and we're going to go back up through that purple bead and we're gonna actually pick up our blue bead here and go up through that green bead there we go make sure he flips around for us okay so now picking up one more of our little Toho bead and we're gonna go through that fourth symbol ending there and here's a really neat little trick so we have these little sort of knobs here and we don't have anything on this side and I have to anchor my thread so what we're gonna do is we're gonna pick up one more of the seed beads and we're just gonna go straight back through there so we're just gonna go straight back through that one little extra seed beads that that we strung so we're gonna go through our symbol and then our seed bead all right now here's where you're not going to need to really focus on that tension so you might be able to kind of pull it out to the side with your finger like that and then just tighten it back up alright so now we're gonna go down through and again just kind of giving it an extra little tug there you see it kind of pull together that's what you want go down through that purple bead and now I'm going to turn it around and just go up through only that purple bead and you can tell that mine is getting a little tight which is again what we want but just be careful you don't want to snap snap your needle or snap your thread okay so I'm gonna leave it there and I'm gonna set that aside so basically what we're gonna do is we're going to repeat that on the other side there so you can either flip your work around or you can leave it as is I'm gonna leave mine as is so that hopefully makes sense to you guys all right so what we're gonna do and I can move a little quicker pick up one of those seed beads go through that second loop there pick up another seed bead and now we're gonna go down through a green bead I can kind of set this up for you here there's a purple bead so I'm gonna go down through that green through the blue through the purple through the pink all right so now we're gonna turn it around and go back up through the pink bead and we're gonna go all the way back up as we did before and if you can do it all in one one thread pass go for it if not you know you can just see that I'm kind of testing how tight everything is you know so if it doesn't work I don't force it because don't forget guys we are working with glass beads so you really don't want to get to the point where you're chipping a bead and I just gotta sneak my needle in there cuz I want to go across through the 50 no come on there we go working with those tiny tiny beads all right so I'm through that 50 now going through that symbol there and that 50 now I was able to catch it at the same time and now we're gonna go down through but don't go through the pink bead this time come out that purple bead and we're gonna turn it around and we're adding our last bead which is our blue bead here there we go up through that green bead and we're gonna do the same little thing that we did on the other side so pick up one of the Toho's go out to the side get a little tug this is where we really want to tighten everything up pick up another Toho and we're just gonna go right back through there we go just give it a little tug all right and go through a little 15 over there go down all the way through that purple bead and turning it around once more just going up through that purple bead you tell things are getting really tight in there alright so now what I'm gonna do is there's a thread bridge that's connecting these two beads so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna shoot my needle down through the center there and kind of come up around the other side there and I'm putting my needle through that little loop and I'm just gonna pull tight and make a little knot there and have everything cinch up and then I'm just gonna do the same on the other side so the reason I didn't tie off on the first side is just in case I need to go back and sort of adjust any of that tension because we really want it to sit nicely so you can kind of you have that opportunity to do so to kind of continue to tug on it if you end up having issues but that way you can tie it off at the same time and we can use our thread zapper to zap them off at the same time as well so when I press that that's just heating up the tip there and this works great for fireline so you can just come in just sort of zap off that thread there we go alright let's put our safety back on set that aside alright and the last thing we want to do is we're just gonna take our chain nose pliers and like I said this is a little open-loop here at the back so I'm just gonna give it a little gentle twist to open it I'm going to slip on my cymbal bead ending there and because this is so tiny I'm trying to keep my hand out of the way but you're just gonna close it up cause it's gonna work just like a little jump ring but there you have your lovely pair of earrings and like I said I just want you to sort of see how stiff but flexible that is and that's really what you're looking for there so that is how to make the mermaid tail earrings and you can see that those little toe hose so when you're choosing your color there for the 1500 hose the reason I chose the gold and the silver is because they kind of just continue that little knob because out here at the base is our little seed bead so it kind of continues that design all the way down so that's just a little tip if you do decide to do this with other colors you can of course adjust that as well alright thank you so much for joining me you can get this full tutorial and see even more videos by heading over to and if you liked what you see here be sure to hit that like button and hit that subscribe button to get all the latest from beadaholique

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