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Hi, this is Julie with and could be in every day earring or you could wear it for a special occasion because it is so bright and brilliant so the supplies you're going to need are these little etsy circle bezel earrings by Nunn design so the actual outer diameter is going to be 8 millimeters but the inner circle is going to be six point five millimeters and it's nice because they already have that post attached with an earring back so need a pair of those then for the focal we're going to use Swarovski crystal pointed shut-ins SS 29 size so I love these pointed sheet ons because they are pointy on both sides really dramatic look to them and then as our accent shut ons we're going to use these crystal lens and these are pp tens so they're very small and they're Swarovski crystal as well oh and by the way the color here is crystal lilac shadow they come in a bunch of different colors I really like that color then you're going to need some crystal clay I am using white crystal clay and this is a package that I've used for probably four other projects which is really a nice thing about crystal clay is when it's in its unmixed state when you have it mixed a and B together yet it's going to last a long time so use it a lot different projects if you're not familiar with crystal clay it is a self hardening epoxy clay so you don't have to bake it and you can mold it you can shape it you can do a lot of different things with it in with your package of crystal clay when you first get it you're going to receive a pair of gloves and a little pic that's going to help you apply your crystals now because this is my fourth project in I've already used those and I don't know where my little pick went so I'm going to be using a magical pick to pick up the stones and then I just have a spare pair of gloves alright let's begin the project so first off we need to mix up our clay so I'm going to Don the gloves now the key to crystal clay is you want to mix equal parts of a and B and once is mixed is not going to be anything that you can save for future use to only mix as much as you need and for this particular project I don't need much at all so I'm just going to take a little bit of that and a little bit of that now the way I like to be able to measure my portions is roll it into a ball put it on your work surface and then roll the other part into a ball and compare the two so it looks like I need a little bit more of B and that might be just a tad too much okay let's see still just a little too much so this is an important part because it's not going to cure properly if your ratio is off so that looks good to me so now take the two and put these aside so just wrap them up and put them aside and you can use them another day so I've got my two balls I've squished them together and now I'm just going to start working them with my fingers blending those two colors together and the goal is that there's going to be no striations when this is done being mixed so it doesn't take more than a minute probably maybe two minutes but you're just going to roll it so there we go you still see the striations just going to keep mixing it together until they're all gone now I like to do all my work with crystal clay within the first 20 minutes half hour after mixing it I think that's when it's really stickiest and freshest and that's what we want after that I find that it can get a little bit too stiff okay so I've got my ball back and now I need to put it into my bezel setting for this particular project I don't even need this much so I'm going to pinch this in half and I'm not worried about wasting that I make it into a ball and now I'm going to drop it into my bezel and actually I can already tell that's even too much for this particular project one of the reasons I like doing these projects on video is not only do they give you an idea of you know a project you can make using these different supplies but it's easier to show in video form exactly how much clay you need versus written form so I hope you enjoy them the goal of mine here is to basically just fill this bezel and just a hair above the rim so I still think I have just a little too much I don't want the crystal clay to be the focal point of this project I really want the stones so I want the crystal clay to Billund into the background one tip if you are trying to do that is match your clay color to your stone and that way they'll blend together if I had say used a pink clay with the whip crystals then it would be really obvious that they were set down into a clay base okay so I've got that in there and I smoothed it out it's just ever so slightly above the surface of the bezel setting okay I'm going to now take off my gloves and I'm going to place one of the pointed sheet ons in the center so you'll notice when I push this down it puffs that clay out to the rim a little bit and that is why I didn't want too much to begin with because I didn't want it spilling over so make sure it's centered like it is and now we're going to pick up our crystals these are really tiny pp ten is a small size so I'm just going to now set them into the clay and I set them as close as I can but I want to make sure that each one is actually sticking in the clay I don't want them on top of each other overlapping so just a smallest little gap between them looks like I should be able to get two more in here just one more okay now when you're done go ahead and go back over them to press them into place because it is clay and it's soft so it can shift so as I'm pushing on this side it can puff out that side so you want to just make sure that everything is centered when you're done I'm happy with that so now we've finished that earring so I'm going to go ahead and let this dry overnight it will be dry within at least 3-4 hours but I always like to err on the side of caution and I'll let it dry overnight before I wear them but there you go you've got a really pretty sparkly pair of tiny earrings you can find all the supplies and other project ideas at you

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