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Hi, this is Julie with and i'm annette at clasp and around the outside we've combined our eglise stitched cork cord along with this wonderful colorful cotton cord and you can see what it looks like on the inside it's very smooth it's gonna be really comfortable to wear so what you're going to need it is a magnetic clasp like this it comes in several different finishes and there's also ones which are just plain but for the project here in the video I'm going to use this gunmetal one you see there's two halves and there's a nice deep well it's 38 millimeters long so it's a really substantial clasp and it's gonna build the structure of our bracelet then you're going to need some Riga Lee's stitched cord now I'm gonna do three links 8 inches each for this project so you'll need 24 inches total of this and then I'm going to pair it with some coordinating cotton cord and you're going to need about 18 inches of this you'll also need some e6000 glue it's just going to glue your cords into your clasp and then in terms of tools you're going to need a ruler a toothpick or a head pin something to apply the glue a pen you're going to need a cutter for the release cord as well as a scissor for the cotton cord so let's begin by first getting these guys out of the way and just focusing on what we need for this project I'm gonna start by measuring out equal length segments of this cord so I want 8 inches each so what I find easiest to do is make a little pen mark right at the 8 inch mark at the 8 inch point and that's going to be my cut 1 it could be a little hard to tell because that pen mark looks quite a bit like the actual pattern here on the cork but I made it wide enough so we can see it and don't worry about that pen mark showing because you're going to be putting that end into the well of your clasp and then this last one should be 8 inches as well it's actually a little bit long so I'm just gonna trim it a little bit you buy this by the inch so you can buy exactly what you need so to cut it go ahead open your cutter and I'm going to lay the piece down into it and then you see this got this triangle blade and I put that right over my cut line and just pinch and it makes a nice cut so finding my pen mark again my last pen mark there we go let me just double-check that I did cut on my pen marks and not on the actual pattern of this cork does I want these to be equal that looks good to me this one looks just a hair long so I'm just gonna trim it ever so slightly all right now we need about nine inch lengths of this guy those he lays on top of the cork I need just a hair more length so I'm going to err on the side of caution and give myself more than I need and then I'll cut it down towards the end of this project so nine inches and nine inches so go ahead and take your clasp and separate it out you never want to glue a magnetic clasp with the two halves together because what can happen is the glue that you put in the well can seep through to the other side you can actually glue your magnet shut so always separate the halves and we're going to start by opening up our East 6000 it'll come sealed and then there's a little point on the tip of the cap that you're going to reverse and just press down into your glue and that opened it up and now we're going to use quite a bit of glue we want to be generous so I'm going to fill the well there we go now I don't really need my little applicator so I'm not gonna worry about it now I'm going to take one end of the cork and put it down into that glue and you kind of have to push this into the well it's a pretty tight fit so push it all the way down in okay go ahead and slide it around so that they are evenly spaced now if you filled your well there should be a glue kind of coming up towards the top which is great we actually want to use that glue to now put our cotton cord in so now we're just going to lay the cotton cord into those gaps and push it into place and we're going to do the same with the other length of it we're just pushing it in okay okay so this is what we have so far and we want to grab the other half of our class that's important to note that there's a positive and negative side to this there's a little rod that sticks out on one end and a little depression on this end so we want to make sure that when we glue the clasp to the other side that's the right orientation to then fit in to the other side so you see this would be wrong and this would be right so take note of that so now we're going to flip this guy over and we're going to glue this side in place before we do that we're going to line these guys up and we're going to trim our cotton cord so go ahead and arch it over okay take note where it's going to lay and we're going to trim it right here and they're the same on the other end you see we've measured an extra inch but we're definitely cutting off less an inch that's why we wanted to give ourselves a little bit of extra room there okay just double check I've got this clasp right I do I will admit the first time I made this project I did not take that into account and I had to redo it so some of those simple things that kind of don't think about until you go to put your bracelet on and then you're like oh I made a mistake okay so now we're gonna go ahead and fill this well usually I tell people to be pretty sparing with the e6000 okay a little goes a long ways that's a strong clue but in this case because we're putting the five different cords down into it I really want a good hold so I'm I'm using a bit of the e6000 okay so the same thing here go ahead push it in we're going to all three of the red cork first just like we did on the other side and we're gonna grab our colorful ones and we're gonna lay them in there as well now if you wanted to you could go ahead and add a little bit more east 6000 right there but I really don't think you need to if you put a lot in that well to begin with and we are going to now let that dry just like that so you created a little rainbow so that's gonna dry and then when it's done you're gonna be left with this which is a wonderful finish bracelet now one thing I do want to caution you to do is I want you to once it's completely dry go ahead and do this what you're doing is you're gonna mold this cork into more of an oval shape which is the shape of your wrist and you're doing that because as you can see this cork is actually quite stiff and so you need to mold it into more of a bracelet shape it's not hard to do and you definitely wanna do it once your glue is dry but you're just going ahead and you're shaping it and that's gonna make it so that this clasp is gonna be flush when you first finish your bracelet and before you do that your clasp might go like this it's still gonna adhere we're gonna have a little bit of a gap so just go ahead and kind of mold that cork and then you'll have a nice shaped bracelet that's gonna look really great on and it's a beautiful statement piece you can find all the supplies for this project at you

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