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Hi, this is Julie with and it's pretty easy to make the supplies you're going to need are some thick cotton cord now this is colorful cotton cord you see is patterned and it measures nine millimeters by seven millimeters so it's a little bit of an oval shape to it you're going to get quite a bit of this when you purchase it for the findings we're going to be using a little finding set which includes end caps and they're eight millimeters in size but they will fit this a little bail which we're not going to be using a toggle clasp and the jump rings to attach these all together so that's nice that it comes as a complete collection we're also going to be using some size 32 PP rhinestone cup chain I have this really fun blue and silver one and then to wrap the cup chain onto the bracelet itself we're going to be using Griffin silk size 16 so those are the supplies you're going to need in addition to some e6000 glue and then for the tools you'll need a pair of scissors a cutter now I'm gonna be using a heavier Duty cutter than I normally do because it's actually gonna cut my cord for me as well a couple pairs of chain nose pliers for your jump ring a scrap piece of paper or post-it notes and some type of applicator for your glue and then a ruler as well so without further ado let me show you how to make this the first step is going to be to cut our cotton cord and I want to show you the finished example before I do this to note a couple important things about how much we're going to measure so if you notice the clasp and the barrel ends they're going to add about an inch now I know this looks like more than an inch but you got to remember that some of the cord is set down into the barrel ends so count on an inch for the actual clasp set now also take a look at the cord itself and you'll notice how thick it is because it is so thick we actually need to cut more cord than you would think so let's say this was a regular bracelet and we wanted it to be eight inches would take eight inches and - one inch for the clasp and that would leave us with seven inches so you presume that's what you would cut for the cord in this case you actually want to add an inch to that to account for this bending of the super thick cord so we're going to cut ourselves eight inches of cord not seven so whatever measurement you would normally go with whether it's six inches seven inches 8 inches for whatever size bracelet you would want just add an inch so I'm going to put this on the ruler and at the 8 inch mark I'm going to cut it and I love these heavier-duty cutters because it just cuts right through it we have a nice clean cut so I am still shooting for an 8 inch bracelet so I cut 8 inches of the cord and then I'm going to add about an inch from a clasp suit so let's now go ahead and attach one of our ends to do that we're going to go ahead and take the e6000 glue and put a little bit on a scrap piece of paper and then I have an old head pin as an applicator and I'm going to actually put it into the well of the barrel end and just spread it around now I'm gonna take the end of my cord and I'm going to push it in there and it is a tight fit but it does fit and what helps is to twist it around and that pushes it in even further and that's why we coded the sides of the cord end with the glue there we go and that is on there we've got one end on now we're going to do the second end just fill that well again and now we're gonna put the cord into the end and remember to twist it and push there we go so that is ready to go so now we need to wrap our cup chain onto the cord so we've got our Griffin silk size 16 we're gonna start by making a simple overhand knot now we're going to slide that onto one of the ends of our cord and pull the knot tight now we're going to make another knot on top of it and a third knot and scoot that as close to the metal end cap as you can hold the tail towards the length of the bracelet and then take the other end which has the length of the Griffin silk and wrap it around the knot and over that cord so do that a couple times and now we're ready to start to wrap on our cup chain now rhinestone cup chain if you're not familiar with it and it's great because it's got these of course wonderful rhinestones but they're connected by these little metal bridges and those are the bridges that we're going to be wrapping our Griffin silk up and over to secure it to this bracelet so go ahead hold the cup chain on top of the bracelet we're gonna follow the nice natural curve of the cotton cord now we're going to take our Griffin silk we're going to go up and over that first thread bridge and around both the cord and the rhinestone cup chain and then we're going to do that to the next thread bridge go ahead and move that tail out of the way because we're going to trim that later on so we're just going to wrap around and around the first couple are the trickiest because you're really trying to just secure that chain in place you'll notice here in a few minutes just going to get a lot easier so I'm just working my way down holding it so this is what we have so far and now I'm gonna go and use your route I'm gonna rotate my angle here and just wrap if that tail gets in your way you can just trim it off if you want I'll trim it better later around and around always over those metal bridges work your way down now one thing you do want to check as you go is you want to make sure the one you haven't missed any bridges you also want to make sure that the cup chain is not twisting along the cord now I did not pre-cut my cup chain it came as a foot length because I didn't want to accidentally cut it too short and then have to start all over nor must at the end so at this point I'm holding my cord and I'm holding the Griffin silk and everything together and I can see where I need to cut it so this is going to be my last one so to cut the rhinestone cup chain you're doing this little left handed let's see it actually could be either one but I'm going to cut it right here I'm just going to cut through that metal bridge and snip it off and I'll wrap that last one then I go over it one more time for good measure because it is the last one now I need to tie a knot here now because there is that needle with the Griffin silk you can use it to go ahead and catch under the last loop of the silk you did pull it go ahead knot it and pull it tight now I'm going to wrap it a couple more times and I'm going to do that one more time as well because I want several knots on this end I'm just gonna tuck this tail under and trim it off and go back here to the beginning and trim off this tail as well so here is what we have and all we need to do now is attach our clasp which is great because it came with the little findings kit we've got those oval jump rings as well so to open a jump ring whether it's round or oval whatever shape that might be you're going to grab either side of it with a pair of chain nose pliers with the opening up top and you're just going to twist we're going to grab the toggle bar and attach it to one of the cord ends and close it back up the same way you opened it then we're going to go to the other side with the toggle ring and do the same thing oh it's nice this is a really flexible bracelet it's very soft and then close it back up now I would not I'm gonna do it on camera here but I would not recommend closing it back up until the barrel ends are fully dry because you just don't want to pull on them at all of it I'm gonna go for it with the video here so you can see the finished piece so there is how you make these really fun and colorful bracelets using rhinestone cup chain round pattern cotton cord and Griffin silk and you can find all the supplies for these at you

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