How to Make Quick and Easy Stamping and Filigree Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn about recent additions to Beadaholique's collection of stampings and filigree and see how to quickly turn 5 different ones into earrings. This video also showcases some lovely Austrian crystal 6mm pearls and shows how to easily put them on a head pin, create a simple wire loop, and then hang them from a stamping or filigree. The earrings shown in this video would make excellent gifts.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with for a pair of earrings i'm going to show you just in a minute how to do that this one started like this and actually i just bent it and then flipped it and i made two really fun beautiful pieces on the great statement earrings and then we've got these guys over here which are these nice big ones they do have a loop so they'd be perfect for a pair of earrings or even an ornament but she chose a snip off that loop if you wanted to use these as some other type of embellishment do like these a lot and they look great on both sides then we have an assortment of these great little links or just pretty embellishment pieces and you can definitely hang a jump ring from them some have loops and i think this one would look great either direction it's really a pretty one and this little rose i like how could keep that is now our designer Alexandra she made an earring out of this lightning bolt a little crescent shape then we got this beautiful medallion right here now here is a piece in the new finish so some of these you'll recognize the shape that we had in a different color here we originally had an antique silver now we've got this really pretty gold tone a couple more pieces here a great little bow you see these little flowers and these little almost deco inspired ones little bezels and these of course would go great in both direction as well and these little moons now I did pull some of the existing pieces that we already had in our collection so some of these or would have already been part of the beautifully catalog for quite a while just to show you the variety so this is really adding to some pieces that we already have and we actually have way more than this I just want to show you the variety of finishes and just shapes and style so a lot to choose from here and I think these are really ideal for making quick and easy earrings that would be a great gift item so I pulled here some of the pieces from the new collection and some Sourav ski six millimeter faux pearls so here are some of the iridescent colors which I just think are so pretty so here's scarabeus green here's a iridescent dark blue light blue and some other ones as well I'm going to show you how quickly and easily you can make some earrings so I pulled this guy here you see he's got three little drops so I'm going to take three little head pins and the tools I'm going to be using here is a pair of chain nose pliers a wire looping plier and a pair of cutter so really simple tools as well and I really want to do this in video form so you can see how quickly and easily you can make jewelry so just put a pearl on the head pin take my wire looping pliers and I'm just grasping it right where the pin exits the pearl and I'm going to make my little loop and then where it Criss crosses I'm going to trim it and I'm going to do that for all three so I don't know if you're like me that when it comes time to make gifts I'm usually running behind if I am unfortunately one of those people who on the day before Christmas or two days before Christmas I am needing to make some gifts so I really love these pretty stamping some filigrees because they make it so that I can make a bunch of gifts in literally less than an hour probably in a half an hour I can make at least a dozen gifts which is really nice when you're short on time so now that I've got that little loop I'm just going to open it up and put it on to one of my loops here of this really pretty piece close it you're just opening and closing that's just the same way you would a jump ring I'm going to do that for all of these guys and of course you'd make the second earring for all of these you can make that match two pair but I do like how the six millimeter size of the pearl works with these I think it's got a good scale to it you could do a little smaller or a little larger too you could also make links out of these alright so we got all three dangles right there and now we're just going to add the earring hook open up that loop and then we're just going to slide it on and close it and we have an earring so I think that would be a really nice gift for someone now I'm going to make two more just to show you the variety again all using these six millimeter pearls and if you want to know exactly what they are there will be links in the details of this video and all of them are available at and by the time this video is over I will actually be making five different earring styles I'm going to put an earring hook a couple these other bigger filigree pieces as well just to show you what that would look like so as you're putting this on the hook you want to make sure the front is facing forward so you see there is a front side and a back side okay earring to complete if you want to take embellish that with some patina as well that'd be really pretty if you're not familiar with what patina is it is a paint by vintage and it is meant to be used on metal pieces so it stays on there really nicely you don't need to seal it which is good but it can add some color you can do some distressing with it a lot of different things you can do with it okay one more earring hook you see how quick this is going and what's nice is a lot of these have those loops already right there for you so you know right where to hang your hook all right we've got three pairs of ear all three earrings you'd make the matched pair and then I want to take this piece here and this piece here and add some earring hooks to them so they have great center points remember this one out of one finding I was able to make two pieces and this is a nun design earring hook I like it quite a bit it's wonderful antique gold color I also like the scale of it okay don't do that right dope all right there we go okay so very pretty earring and very simple okay and one more oops got away from me there we go five earrings quick and easy and what's nice is when you do order a lot of these different pieces you'll get at least two at a time so you'll be able to make a pair of earrings with them so to check the quantity but usually you get two of something like this and again these are the Swarovski six millimeter pearls in a variety of the iridescent colors we have many many many more of these types stampings and filigrees available at and then here are our recent additions so things like this dragonfly are so pretty all these different shapes so thank you for joining me I hope you enjoyed this video in this quick tutorial if you'd like to see other videos like this please do subscribe to our youtube channel you

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