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In this Beadaholique Live Event Event, join designers Kat Silvia and Alexandra Smith as they give their design tips and styling ideas for wedding jewelry. Follow along with them as they make a pair of quick and easy bridal earrings. You will also learn how you can make a one-of-a-kind personalized keepsake necklace with metal stamping.
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hi everyone it is Kat and Alexandra and we are in the beadaholique design space and today we are talking all about wedding jewelry and crafts and inspirations to make your wedding of one-of-a-kind so I just want to kind of just dive in and just get talking about all the fun things that you can do for your wedding wedding is are so great to DIY because you can absolutely personalize everything and every bride is different adding every wedding is different every groom is different so there's so much that you can do with all the things that we offer here at together to put it together is also the neat thing about these projects because brides can come together with their bridesmaids and do projects and tamama it's fun it's you know weddings always bring family and friends together so it's a good thing so before we officially dive into making some things for you today I want to start by showing you our beautiful giveaway that we have and this right here features two of our exclusive the other you'll get the Swarovski drop earrings and these a feature Swarovski crystal pair drops and rounds and they're just so gorgeous and we're also going to be giving you some sterling silver finished chain a beautiful little frosty heart and you're going to get all those pearls that you see there and these are the iridescent white pearls and they have a beautiful shimmer to them almost pink which is kind of just really really gorgeous and it's a nice fresh take on doing some pearls you're also going to get a men design bottle and this is great if you're doing a beach wedding and you want to save a little bit of sand from your wedding it's a great little keepsake we're going to give you some crystal bicones by Swarovski as well and then over here I have a completed project for you to finish and I did a video tutorial on this and great thing is that you can make a Sourav ski crystal cup chain headband with just using some e6000 for under $15 so the whole value of our giveaway here is over $50 and as a little added bonus I'm going to be talking about that a little bit later so keep tuning in and you'll be able to just comment anywhere on our live feed and you'll be entered to win just let us know where you're tuning in from what your favorite color of pearl or maybe let us know what your wedding colors are so we can just kind of get a little feel fit up so here is our giveaway $50 what beautiful and yeah I just you know the Swarovski crystal is what I always think of when I think of weddings because you want to you know sometimes you want to spend a little bit more a little bit more glamorous so the frosty crystal and the crystal pearls are really really really gorgeous and they give that very expensive look but when you're doing it yourself it's really very reasonable you happy together if you are rising yeah and inviting it's nice too and you can also you know sometimes when you go to buy wedding jewelry and I know anyone who's ever tried to plan a wedding the second you tell somebody that your this is for a wedding they're going to on that price so you know being able to be like I just I'm just going to do it myself because we don't care what you're using it for but we want you to you know feel like you can have all these things at your disposal to use and make beautiful and wonderful keepsakes as well yeah this the other thing too is that you know you're taking all the time to plan this wedding to make the jewelry you want to be able to keep it and know that it's a really good quality for you to put to last you know so so the project that I'm going to make today is going to be bridesmaids earrings now we talked a little bit earlier about getting your bridesmaids your bride your mother Mother's everyone together to make jewelry so I want to direct your attention down here I've made so many different styles of jewel of just earrings and I like to think of these as sort of bridesmaids earrings so you can see that we have some beautiful pinch bail earrings now these are featuring Swarovski pearls you can do gemstones and it's just really really simple and means actually we have several different kit as you saw as part of the giveaway but this is a great idea and you can match your bridesmaids colors doing it this way and then moving down the way just a little bit here I have some pearl on pearl and you can see that there's just different sizes different colors there's gold that you can do a bicone on a pearl and you can do a little color you know if you just want it let's say your wedding colors are a beautiful purple you can do that and then moving down here there's just some more silver and I have a little something blue for the bride if you want to just add that little tiny pop of sapphire and I've done some different styles where you can add a separate bicone extend it you can see on this one there's a little bit of a larger bicone and a larger pearl and then over here you know we're getting into some of the more round crystals so if you just want crystals and you're not a pearl girl you can do some inspirations using that and this is one of the really pretty little heart pinch bails and that is featuring a rose quartz gemstone so for my project here I am going to just show you how quick and easy it is to make a pair of earrings so what I have on my table here is I have some 8 millimeter growing away I have some 8 millimeter Swarovski crystal pearls and these are white and then I have two little bicones here and these are the Sapphire so for the tools that you're going to need I'm going to be using wire looping pliers and you see MIT meiner a little blue here and that is just simply painters tape but I've put on there to protect my pliers and to protect my wire just a little trick of a trade if you're interested in doing that and then you're just going to need a pair of flush cutters and a couple pairs of chain nose pliers so really simply I'm just going to build it from the top up so I'm going to take one of my head pins here string it onto my pearl and very easily I'm just going to take my wire looping pliers put them really close to the edge there because you want to get a nice tight loop and I'm just going to pinch that and then just take that wire and kind of rotate your pliers and cross it over just like so and now take your flush cutters and I'm just going to get them right in there nice and flush and snip off that wire so now I'm going to set that guy down and I'm going to put a bicone onto my eye fin here just like so and the same process I'm just going to pinch it making sure my loop is going the same way make another little wire loop and you can do these with round nose pliers as well I just like to cheat a little bit and use my wire looping pliers it just makes it really nice and fast and easy okay so now I have my two pieces that I'm going to put together and I'm going to put them on to my ear wire so I'm going to go ahead and pick up my pearl and take a pair of my chain nose pliers and you can see that my loop is already open just a little bit so now I'm going to hook on my eye pin with the bicone on it close up my loop and you want to make sure that they're nice and flush sometimes I'd like to give it just a little pinch there just to make sure and then simply I'm going to move to the other side of my bicone just open that up through the same is what a jump ring flip on my ear wire and close that up and now I have a beautiful little bridal earring it's that simple that easy if you have some bridesmaids that like to make jewelry or that just kind of want to get started you can see that those are very very simple techniques and we do have videos showing you how to do all those things so it's a great little learning thing and it's fun to get together with your bridesmaids so I'm going to make the second one because I want to make my pair but I am going to toss that actually to Alexander who's going to start on a different project and she's going to talk a little bit about personalization yeah all right I check that I have here I've put some gloves on for my inking that I'll be doing on my my stamped image I'm going to do a metal punch of the image you can't quite see it but you will once I do it it's love and that's going to go right in the center of this stamping blank and so I want to show you a project that I did over here that was the same process and I used the heart scroll stamp to get it right in the center of that stamping blank and then applied a little bit of pink to release that image and that's what I'm going to do here and just to show you how simple this process is to make a necklace out of just the stamping blank and a bead and a finished chain so I'm getting my bench block ready here I'm going to Center my punch right in the middle and this impress art stamping blink is great because it's already got that edge Square to really give me a good target space so I'm going to get it right in the middle and give it one good whack on the top with my hammer like so and now you can see it very faint so what I'll do is take the impress art stamp enamel this is why I have my gloves on just so I don't have to go wash my hands with this paper tip don't need to need a paintbrush I'm just going to dab some of this ink on over the impression and you wipe it off I'm gonna let it sit there for about 10 seconds just to set get my paper towel wipe off the extra ink one and ready slide that off of there carefully I'm just gonna dab and swipe away the ink takes a bit of doing here see that the ink has gotten into that word make it pop you get yourself another paper towel get off the edges as well since I wanted I could go back and also get a bit more of that square impression around the edge and really make it fit might even so I'm happy with how the word looks right now let that sound get my gloves out of the way I think really really really helps make it pop you almost because you're right you almost don't see it without the impress art rank all right it's like it's a satisfying process I'm going to get my pliers and just pop that on with a wrap wire loop and the light sapphire colored swarovski bicone you just put that onto a prepared finished chain that's still and you can see yeah that's another note note to take into account the ink actually got in the hole so ideally you would let this dry for a bit and you could even use the wire to kind of help get that extra ink out and wipe it down a bit yeah I bet you could just get in there with just a toothpick or any anything just clear out that and as you're watching if you have any questions about anything that we're doing or any questions related to jewelry at all feel free to type them in the comments below we're here to answer questions for you that's why we love doing the live because we get to interact with you guys pretty cool alright yeah bring my soup around I'm just going to hook that straight on to a chain and Alexander actually did a really lovely video showing you how to get this look where you actually get to hook it right on to a chain which is something that you know we actually get a lot of questions about of how do I do a wrapped wire loop directly on to a chain without having to do the wrapped wire loop and then add a jump ring so it's a little bit of a cleaner look so be sure to check that video out from our website as well that's a little bit there so it's just a real quick way to make a nice personalized piece and what huh another example that one of our designers did with this one that's got the ride include a little bit of blue that's super cute and then I also put together a cuff that you could choose whatever words you want and add to nice Sparkle with a flat back so there's some fun personalization you could do initials or phrases you could do quotes about here you didn't need oh we have a question mm-hmm that's great Rebecca yeah Rebecca was just saying that she likes doing stamping for bridesmaids so that's perfect that's absolutely perfect you could do the date of the wedding as well yeah and we've seen people actually do we have you did a project where you use Roman numeral numerals or pops both up yeah kind of you know I like it a little different and our question tissue might leave the little silk filament I'm thinking that's why cleaner she would probably be a little too soft yeah Mary's asking if it has to be a paper towel to wipe off that ink I would not use like a Kleenex tissue because you are going to have like you're saying that a paper towel would work the ones that we have here are just standard paper towels that we generally use for our projects you could use a little bit more of not a polished cloth because you wouldn't be able to really reuse it but some sort of other cloth if you wanted like t-shirts are great for scrap wiping stuff off because yaz rags because that would just anytime that you won't get that linked in there because otherwise you're going to have little little fuzzies on your print and you don't want that so another question hi Shannon how to add flat backs okay that was a super wonderfully simple experience where all I did was just take a toothpick with a tiny dab of e6000 and glue it on and the nice thing about these is they've got that that pre-made bezel which makes it look almost riveted on there so it's really neat simple technique yeah each six thousand is going to be your best glue to attach flat back especially when you're going to metal if you're going to a fabric and it has hotfix we do have hotfix tools that you can use and I know for a lot of bridles that there will be fabric or ribbons or something like that so as long as you purchase the hotfix tool and the hotfix flat backs there is a difference we do sell both kinds of flat back so just make sure that whatever you purchase will actually say hotfix to it and that is just um it more warms up the glue that's on the back of the flat back and you'll be able to adhere it to a fabric that when you did the video on that yep we do have videos used we do have a couple different tools that you can use with the topic so be sure to check that out as well how can the hotfix flatbacks be used on the metals oh yeah I think that's what I did yes it's all thumbs or fingers but not all fingers are some kind of thing so you can use the hotfix and the regular width be 6000 but you can only use the hotfix with you have it to all safety yeah I know okay and just continuing our conversation about personalization I just wanted to bring this out to you this is something that we had here in our design space that helps us and it is just basically a chart of all the beautiful trusty crystal colors and this is what I mean by choosing your color of your wedding I my sister-in-law her wedding was a beautiful green and so I would have probably used the dark moss green which is just really beautiful but you can see there's a little difference between the dark moss green and the emerald and if you wanted to bring in some beautiful lighter colors there's some silks and we also of course have the beautiful crystals and black diamond if you're doing more of a black-tie type of theme as well so you know just you can actually shop by color of crystal if you go to surah ski and you'll be able to drop down the menus you can actually just see all the beautiful colors and you can kind of coordinate that way so because I feel that for every bridesmaid color that you might have there's probably a thrust key crystal to accompany that I mean look the pearls too I was surprised yet and all the different amazing colors of the pearls yes you can shop by color of pearl as well on them that's nice it's a nice little feature for us too because I'm always like what color will look best together and so before we dive in to talk about a little bit more of this stuff I just want to say for anyone who might be joining us we have a giveaway going on right now and all you need to do is leave a comment leave a question let us know where you're tuning in from or what your dog's name is we don't care all you have to do is leave a comment and you could win this beautiful giveaway worth $50 so please I just yeah keep keep watching and keep asking questions we love it yeah alright so continuing on our personalization train we want to talk about one of the big trends that we've been seeing for summer weddings and just weddings in general this year and that is the bouquet charm now our designer Rachel did a video on this and I'm going to have Alexander just kind of hold this up for it so this was basically the bouquet charm and what it is is it's a beautiful bezel charm and this we put a little vintage photograph in and there's glitter rocks around the side just to give it a little sparkle we added a little charm to the bottom but it is attached using this really beautiful white ribbon and you can put this for your bouquet for your bridesmaids let's say you have a childhood picture of the two of you and you want to personalize their bouquets as well that's a really beautiful thing and again a keepsake this is something that you can put either on a necklace later or you can keep as a beautiful little keepsake wonderful gift - these are a couple more that Rachel did one has a picture of her parents just so sweet and I love the cup chain around there it just adds that beautiful Marvel really beautiful and of course we have another vintage style one with some beautiful pearls on the bottom so kind of a little little different for each bride and you know again it's all about being personal yeah and then for the groom or the the other men in the party there are cufflinks that you can personalize or lapel pins again with initials photographs special words so I like the idea of doing doing an initial I think that's very very masculine it's very nice and we have a couple of different shapes of the lapel pins we have little hearts we have little moon stars and of course a little circle which is great it's perfect size for like one of those little typewriter key style things very vintage but we have a question all right Jenna you are getting a close-up of the project that you just saw and I assume you're talking about the bouquet charms if I misunderstood that let us know but yeah so here they are and all of the projects and everything you're seeing here is on the website so if you're curious about what size something is or what type of glue we use it is all available on the website because we want to make sure it's easy for you guys to find the glitter rocks were such a clever addition in this one to frame I just really like how that turned out and I wanted to show show how they look in this bracelet as well which heads to glitter rocks too so those are a neat neat tools we have another question jewelry and personalize it if she worked into small of stamping personalization she can do okay that's great I am so glad you asked so I'm auntie's asking about personalization in a small space she's unable to do stamping so another great thing is that we do have charms and that actually will bring my attention over here and we have these beautiful little charms here and this one here says bridesmaid and I added some gemstone chain here that is just a really beautiful ruby color because anytime I think of going to a bachelorette you're going to find a hot pink and the black and all the funky stuff so I was like oh I'll clasp it up a little bit and add some of that pink Ruby so it's really beautiful and then down here I have a couple of different styles of the charm so we have a mother of the bride we have made of on our bride we also have date terms that's a great way to personalize something I would say as far as personalization if you can't stamp on it either include some sort of photo or that's less mature fun keyboard color or changing the color of the pearl the bicone making it kind of personal that way gemstones are great yeah gemstones are good stones or mm-hmm favorite colors yeah looks like that's a good start to personalizing I mean honestly if you're if you're doing DIY it's going to be personal anyway so that's kind of one of the beautiful things about it we do have some large hole beads that I want to point out you know down over here and this is a great way to personalize as well so if you're giving someone a keepsake let's say you know mom has one of those beautiful large hole bead bracelets you can add a little heart to it or you can add some sparkle just to sort of commemorate the day it doesn't come with words on them we do have some that have words on them and that's a great way to or in the shapes of animals or fun little fan exam there's a lot you can do there as well in order to personalize other parts of your wedding because you know we're going to continue talking about the jewelry but we do also have some beautiful craft boxes and we have these really cute little glass vials that are so fun and again like I was saying if you have a beach wedding or any other type of theme wedding you can add little keepsakes in here but if you're doing it favors and you want to DIY your favors for your wedding gift a great way to do that is to stamp onto one of the boxes here and if you joined us in our class last month we were showing you some of these beautiful bags and they have stampings on them using the vintage big kick physics machine and so these are die-cut out of this beautiful foil and talk about personalization I mean it's always going to be one of a kind and I think that's just really really beautiful yet that was really fun and easy to do embossing and cutting those foil adhesives yeah and you can actually even I had one here I wasn't sure how I wanted it to look just yet but I made this little stamping earlier and I just did a couple little stampings using this beautiful opaque white and I have a little crystal here and I was just thinking I was like oh how cute would that be just to like put like in the corner there and you can write thank you and really pretty lettering or something and that could be a great little gift for your guests and then another thing that I just want to point out is sometimes you know we have a lot of stuff on our website I just want to make sure that you see it is actually this stuff here I'm just going to move stuff out of the way and this is called crystal splash now it's really shiny and crystally but the beautiful thing is that it's meant to be a table decoration so those are not beads these are not beads these are more sheet on like but how beautiful would that look scattered on a table or scattered on your cake table and bang the glass pie hmm very pretty yeah I have a glass vial over here that has some bicones in it just to kind of show off how much space is really in there so you could absolutely put some crystal splash in there just something fun and sparkly it's all about that isn't that well that vial just begs for a scroll note of some kind in it yeah message in a bottle I love that I really really do so let's talk about a couple of different styles of weddings that people might have like speaking of actually there's a wedding project that I did that it incorporates Indian traditional wedding jewelry called Haas panja and it's hand jewelry so absent chiffon it sits on here I did a video putting this together and that's so gorgeous on a really nice alternative to traditional American wedding jewelry so it's really beautiful and also reminds me of the the flip jewelry that people wear - oh yeah there's wedding yeah like those sandals yeah so this is made with ready-to-use chain which is wonderfully easy instead of having to wire wrap it all that come out of inch and then just a couple of really pretty connector yeah and what is that crystal they're the clear frosty briolette well beautiful and it utilizes that third third hole of the connector I love that you're talking about Indian weddings because you know for a lot of people it's about their cultures and families coming together so the way you can sort of give a little nod to something like that I think it's really beautiful I know many people who have worn kills with their weddings and have had Scottish weddings and Irish weddings and Jewish weddings there's just so many great traditions that go around each type of wedding and I love the idea of the cultures coming together or you know if your husband-to-be is Indian but you want to give a little nod to that you know I think that's just really fun and beautiful right and for the imagery that can go into some of these personalized pieces we were talking about like video game weddings I'm you thinking yeah I'm crazy with this you know cut out images that are meaningful to you whatever they be yeah and they can they can just get glazed in there and the beautiful thing too is that you know there are all types of weddings at different points of the year so you might be wanting to wear something a little bit warmer in the winter months as opposed to something very different that you would wear for a beach wedding you know you'd want like your sea glass and beautiful white pearls and then maybe towards the winter you want more ivory or you know kind of however you might want to do it so speaking of beach wedding we do have these and these were done by our designer Rachel and they're so sweet they're beautiful sea glass and they're white and she used the crystal this rusty crystal pearls and those are just beautiful little drops and I think those are just nice and classic and subtle I love that yeah beach black is a great accoutrement for all of this yeah it's a great way to be colorful too we have a lot of colorful sea glass lots of Blues and oranges and reds and yellows and so lots of fun stuff there yeah it doesn't always have to be white or ivory just feel I mean feel free to be colorful I know brides who have worn purple dresses so you know anything goes and then we have another question ah we're getting to this as Shannon wants to see a close-up of the bubble necklace now this is bead embroidery and it just is just connecting them with really simple little thread paths so it actually just kind of looks like it's floating and if this is just done on a very simple ribbon I'm just going to kind of show you the side there so just a little knot and a little ribbon which makes it perfect it's a nice little big necklace and these pearls aren't perfectly white so they are this is a little bit more of that vintage style and we were just about to get into that so I'm glad you and you called that out really gorgeous piece and I it takes a little time to create this one I'll admit you but I love the result simple and I thought well does not look good I also know from learning bead weaving that once you get started it really is easier than it looks yeah it's actually using a very simple technique it just because you're creating so many pieces together and you have to kind of design how they're going to look together but all it is is you just create a bezel edge and you create the beaded edge as well what's on the back of it then how is it sure let me kind of do a little show-and-tell here so on the back is just the ultra suede so you can kind of see how the back is constructed there so all you're seeing is that ivory ultrasuede and all you're doing really is gluing those cabochons both pearl cabochons to the foundation doing your beading and your bezel and then adding that backing and then you sort of attach it and you can see more on the back that row of those silver beads there so yeah so you kind of see a little bit of how it's sort of constructed but the thing is is that these are acrylic pearls which makes some lightweight so for as big as this pieces no thank you as big as this pieces it feels very light on the on the chest because you don't want to be weighed down with too much so and then speaking of vintage jewelry we have some beautiful pieces here and this brings to mind using some really unique clasps and this is just I mean it's gorgeous and it's so Art Deco it's very Gatsby I just love that idea and this again uses some ivory so in case you're not doing a white white wedding there are definitely a lot of options and these are Miyuki pearls and Swarovski crystals so just really really gorgeous and then we have this vintage lace and this is bead woven and this hangs like a collar and I just think that's very pretty the other thing to think about too is that I know brides and bridesmaids all have different necklines so that's something to consider as well as you're trying to design jewelry for your maids or for yourself right as we're for mint beautiful clasps we have one behind estimate keep looking at and the clasp is actually the focal piece yeah which I always enjoy using class as pendants when possible so that's beautiful and I love the little angel it's so sweet mm-hmm very very nice yeah on this one here I'm just going to kind of show you again we have one of those collars and this is actually two separate pieces here so we have the pearls and those are two strands with separators and then this is also this right here is the beaded eternity bee frame and this project is fairly recent to our website and it just uses a very simple stringing technique but you sort of can create like a really cool woven Celtic knot kind of thing by using the little holes that are on the outside the little speed frame but I just want to draw your attention to the back of this guy here and show you a couple more of those really beautiful clasps so definitely you know this is the time to finish it off with something really gorgeous and also they're just as easy to use as let's say a lobster clasp or even any type of like magnetic clasp but it just kind of adds that little beautiful pearl knotted box clasp style to it there are a couple more box plus down on these bracelet over in front of you yeah so speaking of these over here I wanted to point out and I pulled them out for this purpose I just want to show you that there are different color variations of a few different things that we've done here so if you look on our website you'll notice that we have so many projects and we would love to do them in all the color ways that we could but I just want to show you that if you find something and you know this green one here this might not scream Bridal - you put the same design done in a white and a little pink around there and silver it becomes instantly Bridal and it's just such a gorgeous idea to be able to take something that we've already done and put it in white the same with this one here this is the quilted sky bracelet and this is a simple herringbone with two whole beads and what I did was I just took it and I made it white and crystal so it's just a really beautiful style there and this I called the bridal lace because it just looks a little lacy to me so just really fun in that regard as well and just kind of continuing here I want to talk a little bit about hair pieces because that's the other accessory we Brides love so down here I created a couple of different things I have a really fun and this is the project that is part of the giveaway this is just Swarovski cup chain and it is very simply glued on to a headband binding and you notice this is a little trick because if you're wearing this all day Brides don't put your cup chain all the way to the end leave it here because this is where the back of your ear is going and you don't want it to scratch along your ear so because you'll be able to see all of that and you can wear this straight on your head or you can actually wear it TRF style as well and we do have a couple other findings for headbands which you can use this same technique or very similar technique to as well and then another thing I want to point out to you is we have these hair pins here and these are using the very same pearls that are in that bobble necklace there I have a larger version there for you to really take a look at it and the nice thing about this is that we sell these pins in sets of ten and the pearls and sets of 25 you can actually make several sets and several pieces for all of your bridesmaids or just the other people in your wedding so it's just really nice also if you wanted to do a hairstyle where you're using several pearls in your hair you can create many many many of them very easily this is another type of thing and I wore a little flower like this in my hair and this was my something blue so I wanted to recreate that style here and it is just using a little lightweight aluminum flower and inside there is that beautiful Swarovski pearl so just something kind of fun and it was hidden in my hair but that was my something blue that I wore to my wedding we also have some beautiful pins here and what I love about this is that if you have are trying to make a veil you could actually string through here and thread on a suit you can actually create a veil piece using this you could also glue things on here you could glue the little pearl let's say it wasn't on here on my pin but you could just do little pearls along the way so just so much fun stuff to do and then I have a couple of rings here that I just pulled out and I know rings are generally not Bridal because you're going to be getting a very special one that day but I just wanted to pull some fun stuff out and this is could be really fun for your bridesmaids to create a little little kind of keepsake for them and a little statement ring to go with whatever they're wearing finger jewelry and those are all good ideas for flower girls to you were talking about fun ways to honor the children in a wedding by giving them bracelet even bouquet charms would be neat for them too yeah and we do have opal encore which is a stretch cord so if you wanted to just put a couple little pearls or something fun for a flower girl and also that way it's not going to be too tight on their wrist so you can give them a little something fun to wear and I think this looks so nice you know include everybody in it oh well that was covering a lot of ground I know who any more questions that anybody has or any design tips or anything they might want to see we are all ears and while you're thinking of all those brilliant questions I am going to reiterate or give away one last time for anyone who might be tuning in now this is our giveaway and it is $50 and here's what I'm going to add to the giveaway since we're wrapping up here a little bit what I'd like our giveaway winner to do is message us privately and once we call out in your name you'll know that you've won and let us know what color of swarovski crystal bicones you would like we are going to give you a set of the four millimeter bicone so just go on to our website choose your favorite color your bride color or of if you wanted for a friend or for yourself absolutely let us know your favorite color you can choose light sapphire sapphire peridot fuchsia so many there's so many so just choose your favorite color and we will add it to this giveaway for you unless well my wedding would very simple just family and DIY stuff would have been great I was working a lot and ready to have a baby that wasn't quite in a place for crafts but you know looking back this would have been right up my alley definitely yeah yeah my wedding and it was all about mixing metals so we had silver gold and rose gold so you know didn't want an actual color color but we had everything that was either just painted silver and I loved rose gold my wedding band is rose gold so that was sort of what I wanted for my for my wedding but yeah I am yeah my sister-in-law had green and then I went to a wedding two years ago and everything was blue and it was gorgeous because it was actually like an hombre blue so it went from like that really rich sapphire down to like a really baby aquamarine kind of blue so but it was just it was so gorgeous so everything was blue and white it's really the idea of spectrum wedding - if you say yeah which color but in fact you could do a whole whole range mm-hmm one you know it's the time of the year as well and you know there's so many factors that go into and I know sometimes venues will be very clean and white so you want to bring in a lot of color or sometimes you're doing it on a venue that has just a lot of color or a lot of nature so you want to kind of play with that as well so as you're sort of choosing your wedding colors and styles and all right well if there's no more questions this will be a short one today but feel free to keep the questions coming even after we're not live we'll still be here to answer them as we go along through the week but I'm going to go ahead and choose our giveaway winner here in just a second oh and we have our winner congratulations Angie Ryman I hope I said your last name right private message us let us know where we can send your gift and let us know what color of dostoevsky crystal bicones iphone you would like and we will include those in our giveaway so take one last look at our beautiful table here if there's anything you want a specific link to or question on be sure to check that out you can find a lot of this information on our Bridal style guide and we will be back in June and we are going to talk about a really fun topic that I'm excited about we'll be talking all about Campina Halik and everything that you can do summer camp and create and it's a lot of fun stuff to really just get you started beating so we're going to keep you learning throughout the summer that will be nice for that one too yes yes all right we'll have a wonderful weekend everyone and if you're getting married or you know someone getting married please extend our congratulations to them so have a wonderful week everyone we'll see you soon bye

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