How to Make Glitter Paint with Diamond Glaze to Use in a Bezel

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
Skill Level: Beginner
Learn how to make glitter paint using Diamond Glaze and Art Glitter in this video, and then see how to layer the paint in a bezel for a rich, sparkly effect. You'll also find out how to apply this technique to Nunn Design lapel pins to create glittering crafts!
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hi this is rachel with beadaholique I want to show you how to make glitter paint using Diamond glaze and art glitter and fill a bezel to create a pin now here's an example I have here this is a nun design lapel pin and this elongated heart shape see the back comes off it's a really nice pin piece and this is made with a mixture of diamond glaze and glitter Diamond glaze is a really cool adhesive it's watery it dries clear and it's mixable so really cool material and it makes a nice glitter paint and with the diamond glaze I use this art glitter in this Christmas red color it's a very deep rich red and I have some of my glitter paint still here in this cup that I'll just show you it's drying a little bit now but it's just really rich beautiful color and that diamond glaze will dry clear so you see that really pretty dense glittery look so here's what you'll need for this project I'm going to make a variation today so here I have a nun design lapel pin in antique gold in a moon shape and you will also need your diamond glaze you'll need a jewelry box this is just a box and at the bottom and I poked a hole in it and this is so you can rest your pin through that hole and keep it upright as you're applying the glitter paint and also along those lines you'll need a penny just to prop up the bottom of your bezel as you're working you will need a mixing Cup you'll need a paintbrush or it's terrific this is to spoon your glitter into the cup you'll need some glitter and here I have a flax color which is a pretty neutral color with flecks of pink and green very nice in this moon and you'll need a toothpick and you'll also need some paper towels just to keep the glitter off your work surface so let's begin first you want to take the back off of your pin and place your pin into the hole of your structure here and you can use a jewelry box you can shoe box anything that will allow you to keep this upright I'm also going to take my penny and slide it under the bottom of this bezel just to make sure it's nice and level so once that's set up now I'm going to take my diamond glaze and pull off the cap and just squirt enough in there to cover most of the bottom of that mixing cup doesn't have to be too much and now I'm going to open my glitter I'm going to do this over the paper towel because glitter gets everywhere I love this color it's so shimmery and celestial I'm going to take my stir stick dip it in and just pour some of that glitter into the diamond glaze and you can make this glitter paint as saturated or as thin as you want the more glitter you add the more vibrant and saturated will be but if you just want a hint of sparkle you can add less glitter and that will be fine okay that looks good I'm going to take my toothpick and stir that up I'm not going to stir it too hard because I don't want a lot of bubbles to form in my paint because then you'll get bubbles in your bubbles and that is not good I think I'm even going to make this a little bit more saturated so I'm going to go ahead and add more of this very fine glitter and stir again that's looking pretty okay so now I'm going to go ahead and with my toothpick I'm going to drift this pink into the moon bezels and I recommend using a toothpick because especially with these bezels with tight corners or interesting shapes the toothpick can really get into those little itty-bitty crevices and you can push that glitter paint around into the corner so it's a very convenient precision tool you keep adding this glitter paint into the bezel pardon my reach I'll just turn this around so you can see it better and a little bit more up in this top corner okay so that is your first coat I recommend doing this in two coats because this diamond glaze will settle a little bit as it dries it just compresses gets a gets a little bit looser some of it volume so I'm going to do my first coat and we'll leave that to dry and once that has dried and settled down a little bit I'll come back for the second coat okay now we're back and I just let this dry for about 20 minutes and I don't know if you can see in the light but the diamond glaze didn't settle as a dried and I created kind of a valley inside the bezel so that is why I recommend doing two coats because if you try to block all of your diamond glaze inside at once it will settle kind of funny and you'll get a bit of an uneven surface and it'll be a little bit lumpy so now that the first coat is done you can see where you need to add a little bit more glitter paint so I'm going to take my paint and it's still nice and durable has not dried yet so I will do a second coat of diamond glaze and glitter inside my moon bezel very carefully so it doesn't spill over the edges and this way you can be sure exactly where you're putting a second coat and hopefully have a nice even finish when it all dries okay I think that's just about gazelles maybe I went a little bit more up at the top okay I think that's good for a second coat so now I'm going to let this dry for the rest of the day just to be sure that it all seals in together and this diamond glaze is going to really feel that glitter in there you can touch the surface you can even scratch surface a little bit and you're not going to have any glitter flaking off so it's a great solid glitter paint so that is how to make a glitter paint with diamond glaze and fill a bezel to make a pin you can find all of these supplies at thanks for watching

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