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Hi, this is Kat with a be charmed medley beads and you can actually use this very same technique to create many designs with this and use your favorite pave bead in the center there to complete this project what we're going to be using is these bead caps here and these are actually little cores there are gonna sit inside to fill up that big hole space that is inside the speed I have a two inch 22 gauge head pin I have a kidney ear wire and I have two four millimeter bicones so let's go ahead and get started it's a very easy project so you'll need very simple tools all you'll need is a pair of flush cutters chain nose pliers I have some wire straighteners for a little tip I'm going to show you and I have my wire looping pliers or if you're more comfortable you can use round nose pliers as well so let's get started so first of all my little tip is sometimes when you get the head pins especially ones that are like 22 gauge or a little bit finer you're they might be a little bit bent so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just take my chain nose plier and I'm just gonna very gently grip the head pin right there take my wire straighteners and just straighten that out just give it a nice little once or twice over just to get it nice and straight you don't want to do that too much because eventually you'll work harden this sort of become too stiff to work with but I just kind of wanted to give myself a nice straight base to work with so all you need to do is string on one four millimeter bicone and now you're going to string one of those caps with the bottom facing down string on your pave bead and kind of let it sit inside that string on the other side of the core and one more bicone bead and I'll make sure they all sit nice and low and they all fit together you'll see the bicones kind of sit nice and easily in there and now just take your wire looping pliers grip just above that bicone there give it a little squeeze move it around cross it over and now you'll just wrap once and wrap twice there we go remove your pliers and take your little flush cutters snip in there and now all we need to do with this segment is we're just going to open up our ear wire and slip it up and over so that it sits nicely in our finished piece so that's it that is how quick and easy it is to make this pair of earrings like I said check out all of the be charmed pavé beads you can do this with matching buy cones or whatever you feel so it's a great project for a gift or for yourself I hope you enjoyed this video you can check out all of the supplies and find more videos at you

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