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Hi, this is Kat with and go now this particular project uses the european-style large hole beads so I have a couple here I have a couple in green and I have a couple in crystal and I have a little shamrock bead as well I have a ths charm that I'm going to be using with my stopper bead here and I also have another stopper bead without that loop for that charm and this is a four millimeter 21 gauge jump ring that I'm going to be using today and I also have my silver plated round bangle and you'll see that on one side it has a solder edge and then the other side it has a screw edge so I'm going to be using that to put my bangle together now the only tools that you're going to need is a couple pairs of pliers just to help you with that jump ring so let's go ahead and get started so like I was saying very simply you just start by taking off that little screw and setting it aside now the first thing I want to do is I really do want to attach my jump ring here to my little stopper bead so very simply just take that jump ring and place the opening in your pliers there gently twist and now I'm just going to flip on my charm and now I'm going to flip on the loop of that stopper bead and now just simply close up that jump ring so now we're all set and ready to assemble our bangle so to begin I'm just going to start with that stopper bead and just string it over and it should be tight because the idea is that it's going to stop movement there you just slide it down you can sort of adjust it as you go and now I'm going to use the green bead and a crystal then I'm going to string on my shamrock and crystal and green and now you're just going to add that other stopper bead and bring that down and I want to make sure that my knees are nice and centered so I'm just going to pull that charm stopper bead to the side and just make sure they're very nice and centered in my bangle and now very simply just screw on set a little end cap and you are all finished it's that easy and this can be applied to many different styles of the bead and adding a little dangle charm on one end is just a really cute idea so this is how to make the lucky share mark bangle I hope you enjoyed this video you can find more tutorials and more videos at

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