How to Make a Pair of Wire Wrapped Tooth Bead Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to make a pair of wire wrapped tooth bead earrings using Czech Glass tooth beads, Czech Glass fire polished round beads, 24 gauge gold plated wire, and beadable earring hoops. Very easy and fun project.
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Hi, this is Julie with check glass bead and then hanging both of those from a hoop earring so fun project actually very easy to do and what's nice is you're gonna get enough ingredients when you buy your supplies at beadaholique to make multiple pairs of this earring so what you're going to need supply wise is some 24 gauge gold colored wire these are breathable earring hoops and you'll see they're beatable because they have one straight end which were actually going to end up curving up at the end to finish the earring but in the meantime you could hang beads on these which is really fun I'm going to need some 12 millimeter jet czech fire polish beads and also some czech tooth beads for the tools a chain nose plier a cutter and either a round nose plier or I love wire looping pliers which have a round nose and a concave nose and they do actually half the work for you which I adore so very easy to do let's start by wrapping our toothed bead so the toothed bead gets his name because it is shaped like a tooth and it has a hole which is drilled through it this way so side drilled now we're going to cut a length of wire and we're gonna be doing a messy wrap so we don't have to be too precise on how much wire we cut so I'm going to do about 10 inches and I'm going to put the wire through that hole so now you can really see the whole orientation I'm going to slide it down a couple inches curve up the wire and I'm going to twist so right up at the top I'm twisting okay so I've got one wire now standing upright and one off to the side going to take my wire looping pliers squeeze that straight wire so now it's half bent for me already curve it around rotate the pliers upwards so now I'm holding it and finished making that loop take this wire and just wrap it around a couple times to secure it and then I'm going to trim it off and just press in that tail now I'm going to grab that loop with my chain nose and I'm going to just make sure it's facing forward and now I'm going to just use my hands to make a messy wrap now I particularly love messy wraps so sometimes a coils nice and neat on its own but I actually want to make it messy because I think for this tooth bead it actually looks really cool if it's not perfect if there are bits of the wire going here there and everywhere so some people refer to this as bird's nest wire wrapping I've heard it called that I've heard it called a bunch of different things but when you're happy with it and remember wire you can manipulate so if something sticking up away you don't like it just press it down okay so I'm going to go ahead and trim off my tail and just make sure that that is tucked in because I don't want that poking at me I'm just using my fingers 24 gauge wire is really easy to just manipulate with your hands okay so there we go got that nice that's poking out a little bit more than I would like there we go there now it's nice and flush so now we're going to go ahead and make our connector link which is this fire polished bead again we're going to take some of the wire and I'm just going to do about eight inches this time and I'm going to start by creating a wrapped wire loop at the base again I want one stem to stick up and one to wrap around now with this particular project I don't want to connect my two pieces my tooth be damned I check glass bead with a jump ring I just want it to hang on it so before I do my wrappings I'm going to take a tooth bead I just wire up and hang it onto that loop now I'm gonna grip the loop with my pliers take the end that was off to the side just make a nice little wrap trim it slide on my bead so here we go this is what we've got so far now I'm gonna create a wrapped wire loop at the top so right above the bead go ahead and press with your wire looping pliers or if you're using round nosed just go ahead and make a wrapped wire loop with your round nose pliers now you'll notice in the example I did a little bit of extra wrapping and I'm going to do that on this one too to make sure it matches and I'm just still just holding the top loop now you can do this one really messy you can neat and tidy whatever you like I love doing these tutorials but always remember there is more than one way to do something and if you know inspiration takes you in a different direction go for it have fun it's the whole point this kind you tuck in that tail okay so now we've got our beautiful earring hoop and what's nice is we can just go ahead slide on this like so now we need to finish it because right now there's no way of actually securing it behind your ear and to finish it all you need to do is take your chain nose pliers grip the tip bend it up ever so slightly it'll still comfortably go through the ear and then on the other side there is a little loop and there you go now it will stay secure on your ear and just like that we made a pair of really fun very fashionable tooth bead earrings in black and gold and like I mentioned before by purchasing your supplies at beadaholique you get multiples of all these different beads when you purchase them so you'll be able to make more than one pair of these and be able to give them as gifts or do whatever you might want to do with them so you can find all the supplies and more tutorials like these at you

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