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Hi, this is Kat with a certain amount for myself now go ahead and just kind of gauge how large you want it to be but keep in mind that you're going to want to leave room for your cord ends and I just want to show you real quick you can sort of use these cord ends place them on without gluing them first and just sort of see how much room that'll add on so they add on about that maybe about a quarter of an inch or so is the well on these guys so I'm just gonna go ahead and place them on and these are the tierracast maker's collection it really great and they fit perfectly on this 12 gauge braided wire and just kind of eyeball and that's how I want my clasp to sort of be and I'm going to add two jump rings there of course as well but that way you kind of get a good indication of the size that you're going to be working with so that's always good to try to do before you size it so just to go over what I have here I have two 5 millimeter 21 gauge jump rings I have a tierracast u collection charm and these are really great because they have that sort of side hole so they fit really nicely in here without having to add a jump ring but you can always use a different charm and just add a jump ring onto here for this project I'm going to need some e6000 and I have a little scrap of wire here on my piece of paper because I don't want to get that on my work surface I have two pairs of pliers here and that'll help open the jump rings I have my flush cutters to cut that wire and then you're also going to want this tool this is a bracelet bending plier and what this is going to do is help give that perfect circle as well as sort of work harden it to give you a little bit more of a stiff bangle so first off like I said I've already pre-cut mine but you can go ahead and take your coil and what I reckon is doing at least wonderful coil because you can always chip away at it and cut extra if you need to can't add wire but you can always take it away so I have my coil here so what I'm first going to do is I'm going to take my bracelet bending pliers and all I'm gonna do is sort of put it in there and I'm just gonna press down and move and press down and move and what this is doing is creating that nice perfect circle shape and like I said it's going to work harden it to make it just a little bit stiffer so that it will wear a little bit nicer now this is a 12 gauge wire like I said and it will be a little bit dainty so just be very careful with it it's you know you could crush it with your hand so this is just something to just sort of be aware of if you're going to try this project so you just want to get that all nice and bent all the way around and you can do this a couple times it's not going to hurt the wire if you find that it's not stiff enough for yourself you can always just do a little bit more and just make sure that you get those ends in there so now you notice that mine has sort of come off a little bit and you can just sort of just bend it back into place hey go alright so now what I'm gonna do is I am going to get my two ends ready so go ahead and take your e6000 and get a little bit on your table there close that up quickly I'm gonna take my little scrap of wire and get a little bit of glue on there and now I'm just going to place that into the well and just sort of get it all along the edges there to make sure that it really is going to stick get a little bit more and now just go ahead and take your wire and place it inside there and you're going to want to make sure that your holes here are facing the same way when you do it now depending on how many jump rings you want I recommend doing it this way because your jump ring will go this way and your clasp will lay flat so now I'm going to move to the other side and string on my charm and now that my charm is captured in there I'm going to go ahead and repeat on the other side go ahead and take a little bit more glue and get that down into that well there don't worry if you've spilled a little bit of glue it'll clean up for you and now just go ahead and place that second one in there and again just making sure that your ends line up and they're facing the way that you want them to so I'm going to go ahead and let this dry for a few minutes and then I'll be back to finish that clasp so now that I've let it dry I'm going to go ahead and open up these two jump rings and go ahead and slide it on to one side of the clasp and just sort of work it through there and I'm going to close this first jump ring and then on my second jump ring go ahead and open that up and I'm going to add on my lobster clasp and add on this other cord and here I'm sure it goes all the way through grab it again with my pliers and close that up and now you just open that Lobster and attach your clasp together so there you go a nice easy wire bangle and this is using again the artistic wire braided wire and it's really fun we have lots of different charms for you to sort of personalize this also keep in mind this is 20 gauge wire so if you did want to you could actually add beads to this that would help actually give it a little bit more structure so I hope you enjoyed this video and you can find all of these supplies on this full tutorial at you

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