How to Make Snowflake Earrings using Austrian Crystal Edelweiss Pendants

SKU VID-0860
Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, see how to make a fun and festive set of snowflake earrings using Austrian crystal Edelweiss pendants. These pendants are wonderfully shaped like snowflakes and sparkle brilliantly in the light.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
Hi, this is Julie with i spend n't now that comes with several different sizes there's a 14 millimeter and 18 millimeter actually let me put them a be 1 up there so you see it a little bit better so 14 18 and 28 and you'll notice they also come in different colors there's the a B which is a beautiful shimmery one there's most of the frosted a B which actually has frosted tips and a frosted side there's crystal and then crystal frosted again those frosted tips and frosted sides and then a white opal all of these would make excellent snowflake candidates if you are doing some holiday inspired earrings I do want to show you how to quickly work one up into a very fast pretty pair of earrings so on this one I use the crystal a be frosted but for its pair I'm going to do the crystal a B just so you can see their difference here on camera I'm going to need a jump ring I have a sterling silver six millimeter 20 gauge jump ring I also have a sterling silver earring hook I thought I'd pick an interesting shape since this design is so simple and I'm going to just need 10 little links of this sterling silver chain for this earring so let me just count out 10 links 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and on the 11th one I'm going to cut it with a pair of flush cutters I've got two pairs of chain nose pliers and I'm going to go ahead and open up my jump ring slide on the last link of the chain I just cut and also the pendant close up that jump ring it could be a little tight in here because I didn't want to use a larger jump ring so just make sure you get it nice and closed now we're going to open the loop at the base of our earring hook the same way that we would open a jump ring and we're just going to slip on the chain and we want to make sure that the actual shiny part is facing forward so it's going to radiate all those wonderful colors so I actually did put this on backwards although the back is very pretty too so I'm just going to slip it off the hook and slip it on in the other direction so now it is facing forward close it on up so just make sure that chain is in there close it on it and again I do want to show you the difference now between the a B frosted and just the crystal a B but a pretty pair of earrings very simple very easy to make and using the Edelweiss Swarovski crystal pendant you

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