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Hi, this is Julie with because if we were just to snip it all the cords would unravel and you would end up losing your beadwork you want to be able to actually fit that end into a glue in cord end which is what I have here so we have another video tutorial on it shows you the tape method where you take some scotch tape you wrap it around the end and then you cut it and you fit it into the well here and then if we have another video that if you have a larger well that you need to fit it in to show you how to bulk up this braid by winding some extra cord around it but what if you have a very slim opening a very narrow well and you don't want to add too much extra space into it so sometimes the tape can add a little extra space or if you have a little looser braid and it could be a tight fit so this video here is going to show you a new method which is using glue which is going to allow you to basically keep the same diameter of your non beaded braided to Mima portion and be able to still secure these threads and then fit it into the well so what you're going to need for this first part is some crafters pick glue or another white glue that's going to dry somewhat hard so we're going to take some of this glue put it on a post a note actually I'm going to peel off this post a note as well as to others because I don't want to have any glue get on my surface here so I'm going to put one on each end because I'm going to have to let this dry once I do this so I'm just going to take my finger put some glue on it and I am going to PO that non beaded braided portion right up against the beads I am squishing it into the braid I'm actually going to go through now and really press that glue into the cords because I want to glue these cords together but I also don't want to add any additional bulk so I'm smoothing it out now I'm probably going to end up cutting about here so I'm making sure I go well past that point so that part is done I'm going to do the other side exact same way I just have glue on my finger and you definitely want to use a glue such as crafters pick that you can just wash off your fingers you're not going to want to use any type of e6000 or GS hypo cement anything like that that you wouldn't want to necessarily touch with your fingers you just want to use something that you can just wash off all right so you can see I didn't add any additional width to my braid and I'm just going to let that dry for about two to three hours and then I'm going to come back I'm going to snip it and I'm going to fit it into my clasp I've waited several hours and this is now dried and I'm ready to attach the clasp you will see that the braid actually doesn't look any different the white glue dried clear but it is now solid so I'm ready to trim it with my scissors and add the clasp now this is a glue in clasp cord end finding so I'm going to use some e6000 to glue it in place now when you're going to trim the end you want to make sure you don't trim it any longer than the length of the interior well here so you can kind of line this up and see about how much space you're going to want to leave so I'm going to trim this right here it's about a quarter of an inch if that and because I've glued the strands together I can cut my cord and you can see it does fray just a little bit but they're not unraveling and that is the key so now I'm going to take my e6000 put a little bit on a post-it note I have a I pin here just to spare one that was on my table I'm going to use that to put some glue within the well I'm going to be pretty generous I want this to really glue in there and be secure coated the interior of the well now I'm just going to take my braid gently push it in there to finish the other side of the bracelet just repeat the exact same process and then this is what you're going to end up with and in case you're curious these are Toho beads these are Mogga tamas and this is a european-style large hole bead and I'm going to type this up as a project so you'll have all the ingredients available for you on you

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