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Hi, this is Kat with is a ladder knotting pattern and as you'll see I'll go ahead and take this part here it looks this way on the front side and it looks like this on the backside so you can see where it gets its name the letter so I'm going to show you how to do it from start to finish in this video and what you'll need for this project is you'll need two colors of paracord you could do this with one color but I think it really showcases the design if you do it in two so two lengths of paracord I have a clasp here as well you're also going to need a lighter a pair of scissors and if you're trying to measure for a specific size bracelet of course a ruler so I have my two lengths of paracord here I have six feet of the navy blue and six feet of the maroon color and I'm just going to go ahead and set the maroon one aside for right now I'm going to take the navy blue and I'm going what I'm going to do first is I'm going to match up the ends and make sure that I find the midpoint and that is about right here and before I do any knotting I'm going to go back to one end here and just to make it a little easier and yourself so you don't have to use pliers you're just going to slip this ring on and you're gonna slide it all the way down to that center point of your knotting so just like that so you don't have to open the jump ring you just slide it on like that now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna measure about eight inches and what I'm going to do is I'm going to make a loop with this cord and place it over my bracelet so you see I have the ring here so now that I have this loop coming over the front I'm gonna take the second loop and put this over the front as well but I'm going to make sure that it goes underneath my bracelet go ahead and pull that through so you see where I'm at so far I have this loop coming across and this one coming up and behind and now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take this end and thread it through my loop here and pull it keeping it nice and even so this is sort of the starting point of this bracelet so it just kind of adjust it and will adjust it again as we go we have to re measure now I'm going to take my maroon cord and I'm going to thread it underneath and over but before I complete my loop I'm going to add the second jump ring and now I'm going to go down and through this loop and just pull it all the way through and you're going to want to get to that point where this is in the center of the maroon cord so just find your other cord end and just match up where that Center is and this part can be tricky because you're just sort of making sure that everything stays where it needs to stay so this is where I'm at now making sure that's even so now I'm going to start to tighten this navy blue knot and you just kind of work it down but what I want to make sure is that I leave this up in a nice little loop and I'll show you kind of how it works you just kind of got a wiggle it down and it'll stay up there for you okay just pull on that navy blue cord and just kind of wiggle it together with your fingers so now I have my jump ring up here and my jump ring down here and this is going to be the length of your bracelet so I'm gonna just sort of quickly remesh it looks like I've lost a little length so I'm going to readjust and give a little bit more length to my blue cord like I said this is the trickiest part I promise after this it gets easier so just fine ruler there pull this down and just kind of adjust it make sure it sits up there nice and tight okay let's see so now from tip to tip yep that's a little bit closer to the eight inches that I want and I'm gonna be happy with that so now we're going to actually do the breeding so this is what your knot looks like when you go and you start to do the actual letter breeding so what we're going to do is you're going to take the right hand Maroun cord and place it over the two Navy cords coming down and the maroon cord on the left you're going to take it and place it behind the two Navy cords coming down so this is where you start so the right is on top and the left is on bottom now taking the right hand Navy cord you're going to take the cord end and you're going to go over and up and through the back to here and then you're going to pull it out and keeping it in this sort of pattern so it's coming around and down and up and through and you're going to repeat on the left side so over around and I'm just gonna pull it through so this is your pattern you see how it's coming around the loops so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna start to tighten number in chords first tighten a little bit of our Navy cord and tighten the maroon cord tighten the Navy cord and this is only as finicky as this is for the first few knots you'll see it'll start to develop and it'll start to lay in place so keep good tension and just gonna pull sorry my fingers are getting in the way but I'll show you how it looks and you just got to keep your loop there tight and I'm just gonna get in here and really tighten it up so what you're gonna see is you're already gonna see the ladder pattern develop okay here we go pull that tight pull it down hold this there we go okay so that is your first knot now for pull this up I'm not happy with that there we go okay so now we're gonna repeat again maroon right over the top maroon left underneath just like that and then navy up and over and down and around pull through and on this side Navy up and over down and around and pull through and start to tighten our cords tighten the maroon first then tighten the navy blue tighten and tighten it up keep going and now you can start to see our pattern start to develop a little bit now at this because it is very thick and you're gonna have about twelve feet of paracord and your little bracelet here your want to tighten this as much as possible and that way you'll have a really nice patterns start to develop for you so and then you'll just keep this all happy up here making sure that stay is a nice little loop and we'll just continue and I'll show you a few more and then I'll show you how to finish it but again right maroon up and over the top left maroon down and underneath and just scoop that up right Navy over down around and through Navy over down around and through and you start to tighten up our nuts and just tighten as you go it just kind of takes a little finagling else you'll get it just keep tightening and there we have our pattern start to develop flipped around there we go okay there we go mm-hmm all right and now you can scooch the nuts up and just keep retightening them as you go and just pull on each individual one and then I'll give it a nice little tight feel so you start to see the ladder pattern developing on this side and then on the back side you'll see the backside pattern so this will be the front of your bracelet this is what you're going to see so I'm going to continue to knot and then when we get to the end I'm going to show you how to go ahead and finish this so now I've just finished my last ladder knot and I've left about an inch or so of space down here because what I'm going to do is I'm going to make one square knot to go ahead and finish it off so we won't be using our Navy cords anymore we'll be making our square knots with the maroon cords and you're going to put the right cord over the top the left over and back down and it's going to come up through the other side here so grab that and then we're going to pull that tight and we're going to repeat on the other side so I'm going to take my left cord and go up and over right cord up and back and pull through right through that opening right there and I'm gonna tighten this up nice and tight give it a good strong pull okay just make sure all my cords are nice and tight I have my loop there so that's my square knot at the end and now I'm just going to take my pair of scissors and cut it close and I'm going to cut off all four cords now to make sure that doesn't fray and also to make sure it looks better I'm going to going to go ahead and use a lighter and just click it on please be very careful and all you're going to do is just sort of get those little ends wait until they melt just a little bit and then go ahead and press it down to give it a smooth finish and it becomes very plastic like and you're just going to do that for all four chords please be careful when you're working with a lighter this stuff is very hot and since you are melting the cord you want to be extra careful and just use the end of your lighter to kind of smooth it down then it's good to the touch moving out to the other side it's kind of use my lighter to see how I'm making it nice and smooth so it doesn't stick out and be sharp at all keep it away from the middle go ahead and burn that okay so now I've got my court ends all taken care of and the last and final step is to attach your lobster and this just hooks right on there and moving to the other side you'll just be able to hook it right on and there you have it your bracelet is now finished and just to let you know this bracelet and all of the findings all of the paracord we have several different colors that you can use and all of this is found at you

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