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Hi, this is Julie with and today I'm going to show you how to create a bail for a piece of molded resin I've gotten a lot of request for this and I thought it would be easiest way to show you how to do this using eye pins. This is what a lot of people have so what you're going to first to do look at your mold. I have two small hearts. I put them on a piece of black paper so you can see them a little bit better figure out where I want that to stick out think I want it to stick out about there. So what I'm going to do is take my round nose pliers and bend at a ninety degree angle and I'm going to make a loop this is what we have so far I'm going to curve it so that it's centered take this part keep making a loop just want a little coil essentially you can be neater with this if the piece is actually going to show through if you're using a transparent resin you want it to be a little bit neater with your loop, if using an opaque it's not gonna show so it doesn't matter so if you can see this is not flat. It has dimension to it because you want something to stick into the resin itself so what I'm going to do is I'm going to put this like so and now what I need to do is take a piece of tape I already coated my mold with mold release spray and then I've wipe off the area here of the mold release spray where I'm going to put my tape so just tape that down make sure though that the tape is not going into the mold itself just one on the edge now what we're going to do is I have my resin and I filled it with a little bit glitter. I just thought it would be funny if I'm doing this anyways. why not have a little green glitter and drip it into my mold over the bail I've created as long as part of that bail gets covered in resin. It's embedded it's gonna hold for you I'm going to let this cure for three full days and I'll pop it out and show you what we've got we've been patient and we've waited three days for our resin to cure take off the tape pop my hearts out of the mold and to do that you just depress on the back pop it out and then as you can see we now have our bail that is embedded and it's not going anywhere you will notice though that sometimes with molds a little bit of excess resin gets all along the edges, it overflows just a little and to remove that. You can take a diamond and file and file it down now with this the hole is still intact you might want to widen it a little bit if they is resin in there if you're going to do a lot of sanding of the resin, make sure you wear a mask, if you're just doing a little like that it should be okay, if you really going to go at it file this all down. Do make sure you wear a mask so you're not breathing anything in you can see that side when you've got the resin removed just do the same on the other side now if the resin which creeped up along the eye pin is really thin you can actually just pick it off with your fingers to remove it and then as you can see we can see the actual spiral through the mold, if you're using clear resin or we just added a little green glitter if you're resin is opaque you won't see that at all. You won't have to worry about what that looks like but that does give extra strength and durability and there you have a nice clean bail put it against black you can see it a little bit better so that is all there is to embedding a bail which we used an eye pin for into resin that's been put into a mold

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