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Hi, this is Kat with a square knots now I've done this technique with the Cori bracelet and it just kind of makes it look really nice and it's got like almost a chain effect to it and all of this is is just macrame and I've added closed jump rings to each knot to give it this sort of effect so I'm going to show you how to do this in this video now I've already set up my mini macrame board I have two millimeter waxed cotton cord I have also added closed jump rings to each cord end to my longer cord ends I've added a little piece of tape here just to make it easier to slide on the jump rings and I've tied a loose knot just so they don't fall off now what I'm using today these are four millimeter 20 gauge gunmetal jump rings and these are closed don't try to use open jump rings they might fall out so and I've just added a few you're gonna need several to make this sort of bracelet I'm just going to show you real quickly with the two now in a traditional square knot I'm going to do a couple here that without embellishing them just so you can have a refresher on how to do a square knot so I'm gonna put this one over and pull this cord through so I have that is the first part of the square knot sort of scooch that up and now I'm going to reverse it and go back the other way and pull this cord through so there's just your traditional square knot I'm going to do one more pulling the cord through and if you're unfamiliar with square knots we do have another video showing you a little bit more of a stepped out process on how to get this look okay so now I have a couple of square nuts so you can see what it looks like without the embellishment and this is with the embellishments now what I'm going to do is see each cord I'm gonna slide down one close jump ring and slide it all the way down and I'm going to do this for both cords and now I'm going to do one half of the square knot and now I'm going to slide down another jump ring before I complete the square knot yeah just pull that up nice and tight there and I'm just going to repeat that process slide down one jump ring on each cord make one half at the square knot and slide down another jump ring on both cords and now make the other half at the square knot and you just keep going in this fashion and I just want to show you really quick so you see the side view here the jump rings will kind of move around a little bit and if you want them to kind of all face the same way you just press them down but as long as they're in that Center notch right there you can see where that is they'll line up just right so you want to make sure that they don't fall down inside the knot there so I'll just kind of make them go down there and do the same on the other side just sort of make them face down and that's exactly what I've done in this bracelet I've just sort of made them face all the all the same way you can see some of them got flipped but I just think it gives it a nice streamline look if they're all facing the same direction so let me do one more just show you and again you just when you run out of jump rings just untie your knot and slide more over and the piece of tape there just helps to prevent any fraying from the end of the cords there so slide one down do half the square knot tighten it up slide one down complete your square knot and tighten it up and you're just going to repeat in this fashion to complete an entire bracelet and again this is the Cori bracelet and the full instructions for this are at you

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