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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com a half-hitch spiral mounts now you can see this technique as I've done in the McKenzie bracelet and all I've done is I've just done half hitch knots to create sort of a spiral effect and this is something that you know I usually see in friendship bracelets and that kind of stuff but I wanted to give it a little extra embellishment so I added closed jump rings and it kind of gives it a little bit of a chain like effect so I'm going to show you how to do that in this video I'm using my mini macrame board and I've already set it up I have the two millimeter waxed cotton cord in orange and then what I've done to my end is I've actually added those jump rings I just sort of added on a few to get started and then I've tied a very loose knot and to make adding on my jump rings a little bit easier I've added just a little piece of tape here to the end so they'll slide over and these are gold-plated four millimeter 20 gauge jump rings so you show you how to do this real quick so to tie a half hitch knot what you're going to do is you're going to take your cord your longer cord and you're going to basically make a number four and it's going to go across your bottom warp thread here so I make a number four and then go ahead and I'm going to loosen up that and one just a little bit and then you're just going to go around and down and through and you're just gonna pull it up and pull tight now I'm going to do a couple here without adding jump rings just to show you sort of the difference when I did the Mackenzie bracelet I started adding jump rings right away but I just sort of want to show you how it can really add a little bit to your bracelet so you see how it's spiraling a little bit and it just pull it through and make a number four pull it through and you'll notice it starts to spiral all on its own right up there so what you'll have to do is you'll need to take it out of its little notch there and just sort of rotate it so that you can kind of work towards the back just scooch it down in there okay so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how to add the jump rings so you just take one jump ring and slide it all the way down and then repeat with your knots number four pull through and pull tight and what you're going to want is you're going to want the jump ring just sort of sit in that middle loop right there so I'll repeat again slide a jump ring down make a number four and slide it up and you can see they have a little bit of movement right there I'll just do a couple more just to show you the pattern this is very simple to do it's a great easy way to sort of embellish if you have some extra jump rings lying around or if you want to kind of just give it a little a little neat effect so again it just sort of naturally spirals and you just keep working this way to get the full effect so there it is without and then it turns into a little bit of embellishment and again this is the McKenzie bracelet and you can view the full instructions at beadaholique.com you

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