Beadaholique Live Class: Austrian Crystal Fancy Stones and Settings

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In this special live event, designers Kat and Julie show you their tips and tricks for using Austrian crystal Fancy Stones and Settings in your jewelry designs.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

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hey everyone it is cat and Julie and we are back for another live class so we're so excited that we get to do these and this is sort of our second limb this month we wanted to definitely jump on and show you guys some great stuff we're gonna be talking all about Swarovski fancy stones and lots of fun stuff but yeah I can't believe it's almost Christmas I know I know it's what we can have I still have some shopping to do yeah that's so people might be getting some some quick orders and yeah we all get so busy I'm still actually gonna be making a quite a few gifts and probably this weekend actually it's sort of the last weekend cuz next weekend that you know it'll be at Christmas you know I know I know so yeah I think I'll be making too so it's gonna be a lot of fun for sure yeah so our last class was the Santa's workshop where we added a lot of quick and easy jewelry here at and you can see all those projects still up on the Santa's workshop product collection on our website and there you can find links to the supplies if you want to purchase them and this class is quite a shift this is really almost the opposite of quick and easy quick and easy not that these are gonna be too terribly complicated but they're gonna be a little bit more in-depth and they're really some beautiful sparkly things we're focusing on Swarovski crystal fancy stones we have quite a lot of them at and we get a lot of questions about how to use them and what do you do with them and so we really wanted to devote a class to them so we can give you some inspirational design ideas we're gonna be making a bunch of jewelry here and we're going to be talking about them as well so if you have any questions please let us know this is your your chance to ask us questions we also would love to hear where you're from please comment and different class ideas you want to see in 2018 because every comment and cheers you two in our giveaway that we're gonna be doing live up here today let me show you what you could today so today obviously Julie was saying that we're gonna be focusing on our fancy stones here so we've brought together a lovely collection of some of the things that we're actually going to be talking about today so I have some beautiful settings and some lovely fancy stones to match we have beautiful pearl or I'm sorry pear oval and we have some rib leaves and some lovely settings there as well we're gonna be giving you some beading wire because we're gonna be talking a little bit about stringing today and that's some of the projects that we're gonna be doing so we wanted to give you that and then we're also giving you one of our exclusive kits now this features the Rosemont ease and we're going to talk a little bit about how do you how you can utilize those and some designs and you'll actually get a chance to see some of that in our finished kits so we'll be showing you that a little bit later but yeah this giveaway is over fifty dollars this is a wonderful giveaway featuring Lowe Swarovski crystal fancy stone settings and some lovely being wearing our kids yeah so lots of great stuff yes so just the way you enter is leave a comments here on this live broadcast and then we will choose a winner at the end of it yes so I think we should begin first but a little overview let's try the Roman fantasy stone yeah because there's a lot of different varieties so we just kind of want to get a chance to let you see them in our hands so you can ask questions about what makes a fancy stone a fancy stone yeah absolutely now these are Swarovski crystal they are beautiful so if we look at this tray here we have an assortment of different shapes you'll see they do come in a variety of shapes and these are actually just a few of the shapes available and we have lovely settings that match them so if I take this big beautiful pair which is just gorgeous I could set it down into that setting and you see that it fits perfectly and we're going to be showing you here in just a few moments how you would fold those prongs over we have a little quick tip on how to do that with a popsicle stick it's very easy it doesn't hurt the stone at all but there is one option for a setting now these are by Swarovski and they are perfectly fitted and now there's also some Terra cast setting yeah and these ones are going to be not you're not going to need a prong setting with this but you're gonna actually use a little bit of e6000 as the glue that we recommend have a Lube right here perfect yeah so and these come in tiny tubes and much larger tubes so if you are setting a whole bunch here but I did do this little brace slit here and I just kind of want to take this opportunity to show you that and just how easy and lovely that can be and the color here is that crystal dark rainbow so it's kind of that oil slick color very very fun and these are just in those lovely tierracast settings so one of the things I want to point out about the settings and you'll kind of see this as we talk about some of the different shapes here if you kind of look at the side of this one you'll see that it has two holes and this is what Julie's gonna be doing here in just a little bit she's actually gonna be using this as a nice focal to do a strong bracelet and she's gonna do a little bit of a different technique than I'm gonna do we wanted to definitely show you guys as much as possible but what's really lovely is those nice tiny little holes there help you stabilize that stone for a beautiful strong piece and maybe this would be a good option opportunity excuse me to talk a little bit about the different stones that we see here we have a wriggly and we have a sheet on and this is a very common question we get is what is the difference between our Rivoli and Asheton now a Rivoli if you look at the side profile it's pointed on both sides so the top comes to a beautiful point and the back you see this is foiled back which means it has like a matte metallic finish on the back which really lets you see all the beautiful color as opposed to being transparent and then the sheet on cat has right there right yes let me kind of show you this in my finger as much as possible now if you've ever seen one of those sort of illustrations of a diamond this is going to kind of have that sort of side profile so you can see that it's flatter on the top there and it has that nice flat facet so when you do set that into and we do have little settings for even these sheet ons there so it's gonna have a nice little look like that as opposed to a setting like the Rivoli so it's just a different way that the stone is cut there really is that is the main difference there and when you're looking at all these fancy stones you're gonna notice they don't have any holes so as a yes which Swarovski makes a lot of lovely beads we've got one hole or two hole the fancy stones do not have a hole so you're gonna want to set them down into either a setting like a problem setting a gluon setting another option is crystal clay an epoxy clay so we have a couple examples here and you could even and we've done it in the past you use a big stone and set it down into the clay into to create a focal now epoxy clay I have a pack here that's not open is a two-part epoxy clay now it's self hardening now that's important because a lot of people are very familiar with a polymer clay which is something that you have to bake in the oven epoxy clay you don't have to bake it just air dries which isn't really ideal for setting these stones because you want to want to necessarily put them or this type of setting into the oven mm-hmm so that's another option if you don't want to use like a prong setting or gluing setting you can use epoxy clay and you can see even in the ring that I'm wearing here so this is the plum perfection ring and this I actually did completely in a video which is lovely and you guys can check that out at and also be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel you'll be able to see all of our videos there but you'll notice that the sheet ons are actually quite small so they can come in really teensy tiny little shapes or in sizes there so definitely look at these size I know sometimes when you're shopping online a lot of our photos we want to give you a nice close-up look but definitely read the descriptions to make sure that you are getting the right size that you want but this is just kind of how you can really utilize a couple of different colors to create a nice little sparkly design and that's so pretty and that is so quick and easy oh yeah and then you know it's really addicting it's really really fun I like using crystal clay definitely my first foray sort of into mixed-media was with crystal clay so I kind of became addicted yeah I love it too and and once you do it you're gonna be like oh wow it's so easy it is easy yeah hardens to a nice hard cure point and it does really just grab those crystals and they don't fall out yeah so well I think I would love to start make me something yeah let's dive right in you know I know you guys probably want to see how to actually set the stone so I'm going to show you that with the earring that I'm gonna create now this is the moonlight earring here so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to make a little strung earring and you can see that I sort of created a little teardrop and I'm definitely utilizing those two holes of my lovely little setting here and you can just kind of see side profile there again you can see that those two holes are right up against those prongs for a nice seamless look and they're nice and far apart so it actually helps to stabilize the stone alright so we told you that there was a nice little trick to use a popsicle stick and this is where that's going to come into place alright so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna set my stone right down in there and what I'm gonna do is take that popsicle stick and just sort of hold the top of my stone just so it's nice and secure and I'm just gonna kind of fold it over on that prong there so I'm just kind of gently pressing and you can see that I'm kind of using a little rolling motion just to make sure that I'm really getting that stone set in there so you can just see how easy it is just to sort of bend it over now when you're using a four prong setting like this you don't want to go around the circle because your stone could sort of pop out so what you're gonna do is you're gonna go across so let me kind of rotate here so I just did this prong and now I'm gonna do this one over here so this is gonna help sort of just squeeze that stone together and you can just go slow you don't want to go too hard too fast there we go and now I'm gonna go across the way you can see that I have my two prongs there and now I'm just gonna go across all right and I just love the look that it gives it's just a really nice finished very boutique look people will definitely think that you bought this in a lovely store alright so now I'm just gonna go around one more time and just kind of press down on those little prongs just making sure they are nice and flush with my stone because I don't want them to catch on anything and these are gonna be earring so I don't know if you've ever pulled your hair out getting it out of an earring but I sure have alright okay so now my stone is is set and ready to go so now I can begin with making my strong earring so I'm gonna be using some beading wire for this and very simple tools here I just have some flush cutters so I'm gonna cut off about a foot or so there because you can just see that I'm going to be looping my earring so that's definitely enough rame and now for this one I'm gonna start down at the center by picking up one of these eight millimeter stones here and this is the this is a swarovski round crystal in jet and i'm gonna be utilizing some of these lovely little spacer beads here just to add a little metallic element also this will help sort of tie in the fancy stone setting that i have in that little silver so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna kind of recreate this little pattern here so now I'm gonna add some six millimeter to each side and again another one of those little spacer beads sliding it down and you can read this full tutorial I know a lot of people like to see things in videos but there are a lot of people who like to read them as well so we do offer a lot of options on our website alright and you can just see that this wire is stiff enough that I'm kind of using it as a little little needle there it's just a reminder reminding you have like a two hole bead weaving tape a little bit where yeah I'm like two needles or you do the two needle the two hole mm-hmm but this is so much easier because you don't actually need a needle on it right and that's one thing you know the less kind of hassle that you can go with with some of this stuff and you know we do have there's a lot of different sizes of wire so again just sort of when you're choosing sizes just think about the the beads that you're going to use the size hole that you're gonna need and that will definitely help you dictate the size wire and the thickness of the wire now if I were making this a huge necklace I'd probably want to use something a little thicker just because it's gonna need to handle a good amount of weight all right so I have my bottom portion here ready to go now what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna kind of scoot some my beads out of the way there so you can see so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my two holes here and I'm gonna thread one all the way through and let me kind of show you the back here so it just goes right through that first hole in second there and I'm just gonna kind of slide that down a little bit and I'm gonna take my second wire and slide that up through and making sure it comes down through that hole so now I can just slide it down and it'll create that nice little teardrop shape okay so what I'm doing here is a little bit of a different variation than the earring that I actually have on my table and I want to show you another quick variation here and I'll kind of lay this down for you so you can just see how you can make if you want something that's a little bit shorter you can do less beads here I have three of those small beads and here I have two so you're really going to get to just kind of see the scale and the sort of size but it's all using that same style of fancy stone so just to kind of show you the lovely options that you can do with that all right so now I have my earring here and I'm just gonna kind of even out my wires at the top there we go and I'm gonna continue by adding another one of those four millimeter beads to each side yeah I'm gonna see if picking them up will be a little easier now that I'm getting a little further along so I have metal beads and then I'm gonna pick up another of my four millimeter and you can like I said you can just have a lot of fun sort of personalizing this design if you want something a little bit more dramatic you can always go with a larger stone that's always fun to do all right so now I'm gonna add one more four millimeter onto each side and then I'm gonna sort of bring these together because I don't want to deal with the two strands because I'm gonna bring it together with one metal bead so now I'm gonna slip that metal bead onto both of my strands there and slide that down to really create that teardrop shape now this is sort of your opportunity to kind of adjust some of those beads and just make sure that they're gonna sit really nicely and now I'm gonna take a six millimeter and slide it onto both of those as well all right so you see how it's just kind of come together nice and easy all right so now for the fun part now we're gonna finish it off and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take a crimp tube I'm gonna slide that down so that it sits just above my bead there I'm gonna take a closed jump ring you don't want to use an open jump ring for this because you want this to be nice and secure so I have a closed jump ring and now I'm just gonna take those two ends and loop them back through that crimp creating a nice little loop where I've caught my jump ring all right and what you want to do is just kind of wiggle it down again just making sure that your ends are even there and that my loops are gonna sit nicely and now this is where it gets a little tight but just go ahead and just take your pliers and just I'm not crimping that tube just yet just want to wiggle it down there there we go all right so now I'm going to take that tube and I'm gonna set it into my crimpers there and you can see that it just sits nicely into that little notch so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to pull snug and I'm gonna crimp that crimp tube and then I'm just going to rotate it degrees and crimp it down all right I'm just give it a little extra squeeze with those chain nose pliers at the end of my Sirhan's and now I'm gonna take my flush cutters and just kind of give him they're really nice and tight and trim off my wires got one and a second one there we go there we go all right so now what I'm gonna do is I am going to set that little crimp oops you know what I am not happy with that let me just fix my wire just a little bit there oh great okay so okay has asked if the earrings are happy and Kat what do you think are those earrings heavy what you can save them on the heavier side or I would actually not consider these on the heavy side because when you really see them and actually hear it let me take a second here to put this on you switch out my little earring here because that's one thing that I I'm always concerned about as well especially when you're wearing a hook so it's nice and long but like I was saying you can actually adjust the length with a lot of these so if you just kind of see we try to hold it up so you guys can kind of just see it a little bit more of the scale there and just sort of how they're different and honestly the stone and the setting are not that heavy u.s. I have a lot of air in there too you have the get negative space created by the loop so yeah is looks like a lot of beads but there's some gaps yeah and you can actually just if you kind of get like a nice shot of the profile of the stone here you can see that the stone is actually nice and high but it's not that large of a stone especially when you kind of see it next to some of the other larger stones that we have if you just want to kind of take a look at some of the pieces that we were referring to earlier so it is actually in a nice lovely scale to be a statement earring but still very dainty as well it's very wearable very wearable yeah it's gonna it's gonna be a nice evening piece but you're gonna wanna adjust it if you are concerned about that by just sort of eliminating some beads if you like but it's a very wearable piece all right so I am just finishing this up here and I'm going to show you a little trick that I do so in order to get my little crimp cover there to cover up that little bead I'm actually going to kind of do a little interesting technique I'm gonna kind of come over the top here and that way I can anchor it with my fingers and just give it a nice little gentle squeeze to make sure that that comes together nicely and then I just sort of crimp the back of it so it's nice and seamless but that way it gives me a little bit of leverage when I'm creating that and the very last little piece here is I'm just gonna open my little earring finding and this is another thing too to keep in mind that if you are concerned about it being a little heavy instead of an earring hook I recommend an earring post and we have a lot of posts that have some really lovely little backs to them so you guys can feel nice and secure when you're wearing your your earrings alright so there are sort of three different styles of earrings so we kind of go from smallest to largest there but you can just see even just by not adding that one extra bead how much smaller this particular one is than the other so just sort of a one two three kind of different little size scale so that is how to make that earring and you can find that full tutorial and that is at and you can also purchase the entire project bundle and just in case you guys haven't been to be totally calm before if you go to search our project tutorials you can actually purchase the entire project bundle for 10% off yeah I was like it's a nice little discount so if you're like I want to make that pair of earrings you can get all of this stuff and it's a one click Add to Cart and it's really really easy it is really easy and then you also have the options if you have something you already you can buy the individual components so we're trying to make it super easy yeah so let's say you already had some jump rings so you didn't need to buy the jump ring so you can buy all the other components that you want cool okay well I think I'm gonna jump into my first project yeah which is a very quick and easy project right here I must start with this I fancy stone so I am gonna do a bracelet here in just a minute but I want to get this guy drying because by the end of the broadcast here I want to show it on me I want to be wearing it so I want to give it a little extra time to dry so this is the Swarovski crystal I fancy stone now we are currently sold out of the blue one that we'll be getting more soon I have the brown and the green and I'm going to be setting the green one and you see what that back looks like it's foiled into the pendant setting and so I have a little pendant setting here it's perfectly sized with that single loop up top now I could also choose to make it into a link maybe I want to make it into a bracelet we have been doing a lot of adjustable bracelets lately that would be a perfect little link to put between two lengths of chain but for this one I'm going to be doing the pendant and the settings also are available in silver so for this particular project I am just going to set it in with a little bit of my e6000 glue so you notice there are not the prongs so you are going to be wanting to use glue for this oh and my glue is sealed it's a brand new glue there's a little point on the inside of the top of the cap so I just puncture it you'll hear like a little popping sound and just a little bit of glue on a scrap piece of paper and for this one I'm going to start by putting it into the setting itself and I'm just gonna put it down in the middle of the base and I'm gonna spread it out a little bit but I also know that when I put my stone in there it's gonna push the glue out and so I don't want it to spill over the sides so I'm just gonna do that pop it in and press it down and that I can turn it over briefly that's what it looks like and now I'm gonna let it dry now normally i would let anything with a six thousand drive for its full 24 hours i'm gonna let it dry for the rest of our show here and then attach it to a pre-made chain with a little four millimeter right so maybe this is a good time to quickly show or give away again and then I'm going to come back and make a bracelet wonderful alright so for our giveaway today so if you haven't joined us before and you're just joining us now we do a giveaway with each of our livestream classes so what we're giving you today is of course some of the lovely fancy stones and their settings so you guys can make some of the pieces that we're talking about here today we're giving you some just lovely colors some beautiful stones we're also gonna give you one of our beadaholique exclusive kits and this includes all that you need in this kit to make this lovely Rose Monte right ankle weave bracelet so just some really fun stuff so we'll be giving this away and all you need to do is just leave a comment anywhere here let us know where you're tuning in from if you're inspired by any of these if you have a favorite color of Swarovski crystal we'd love to hear that as well so any comment enter see you - way to the giveaway will be giving this away live today at the end of our class yeah so that'll be a lot of fun in the meantime I'm going to show you how to make a bracelet so if we look here I have this bracelet that I created and it's using the brown velvet pearls it's using an octagon fancy stone in a setting and is using these two whole spiked beads and so that's what it looks like on and this is the finished piece and I'm going to be showing you what components I would use I'm going to use a setting here that is perfectly matched to fit that octagon stone I'll set it with a popsicle stick I'm gonna be using some 8 millimeter Swarovski pearls and you could choose from whatever color you want we have a wide selection of them I'm also going to be using some 6 millimeter pearls these lovely - whole spike beads and I'm gonna be using some crimp beads because I am gonna be doing a stringing project with beading wire and then to add my little extra metal element that we talked about I'm going to be using some tierracast spacer beads and these are kind of nice they're almost like a doughnut shape and then finally my crimp bead cover and a clasp and I'm gonna be using an elegant elements clasp and I really like these because I lot of them have a stone already in them I have a others I'm going to pull out here for you to look at course some different finishes here so I'm going to be tapering mine down to a single loop so even though my setting and my spike beats are two whole beads I'm going to bring both my ends of my beading wire over into that single loop and crimp it but here's a couple of other options you see these are utilizing the two strands so that's another nice thing about these clasps is they have multiple little loops on them so you can really decide what you want to do but I do think they look nice with the settings for these fancy stones right so how do make this we're gonna start with some beading wire and I'm gonna take about 15 16 inches I actually like having a little bit extra just so I don't end up with too little and I'm just using my cutter to cut that know if I can grab a popsicle stick I'm gonna set my fancy stone as well so set it down in there and you see it it actually just fits beautifully I'm gonna do exactly what cat did I'm just gonna fold over the prongs and going from opposite ends to make sure that that stone does not slip there we go and so it is now set and instead of actually threading my beading wire through one hole and out the other I'm going to instead loop it around so it's gonna be one strand of beading wire per side of the bracelet so it's really easy to do you start from the outside you go in pull your beading wire and then just go to the other side sometimes it takes a little fishing but then it'll pop out the other end and then you end up with no strands across the back now the strands are not terribly visible when you do string them across but I found this technique was really handy for this particular design so think about how you want to use those holes there's a lot you can do with them and for my design here I'm going to start with a spacer bead an 8 millimeter bead spacer a six-millimeter another spacer and then I'm going to go through this roffe's key spike bead and I want to make sure it's facing up right so you'll notice it has the two holes right here go through this side hole and have it come out now I can leave it right here and I just have it on my table or if I wanted to if I was worried about my beads coming apart I would use a little bead stopper and just place it right there on to my end so those beads do not fall off and then I'm going to repeat that same pattern with my other strand so I've got a spacer bead one of my larger pearls another spacer was a smaller pearl another spacer and now I'm going to go back into that pretty-pretty spike bead and just go through the second hole and have it come out the other side and then slide it down so that is the beginning of my design and now I'm gonna put a spacer bead on each strand so I could pull off my bead stopper so where my strands exited my spike beat I'm also going to make sure that my strands are relatively even at this point so I've got one on each side and now I'm going to feed both strands together through another spacer bead okay and now together they're also gonna go through one of the larger pearls you just want to kind of push that down make sure it's laying flat and I might even trim my ends I know I have extra beading wire just to make sure that they're even my life just a little bit easier not together they're gonna go through the larger pearl okay one is three oh I can't be a little bit tricky to get both through apparel but it does work let me see go from the other end sometimes with these pearls there can be just a little bit of that extra coating kind of in there so try another like that yeah I was gonna say you can always try a different pearl but also just kind of by trying to push some of that wire through you might be their weight catching some of that too and kind of just clearing out the hole I also can recommend a needle you can put a needle through the pearl that's yeah of Cour it cuz these are still crystal pearls so you know they will crack if you try to shove a harsh tool through them they're not like regular pearls where you could actually use a pearl reamer uh-huh but if you are using regular pearls we do have a video showing you how to use the reamer to just kind of help clear out any gunk that might have gotten in that hole exactly so you'll see I added another spacer bead and now I'm gonna separate my strands again and put a little spacer bead on each end and now I want to go through another spike bead again paying attention to the orientation of the holes to the top of the bead because there's a flat back to it and then there's a nice pointed top I want to make sure that pointed top is facing forward and upright and those beads are actually really fun to do some bead weaving with yeah and if anything that's sort of that two whole feed and it gives you that beautiful dimension it's they're lovely pieces to work with and I like their scale you know yeah I was gonna say it actually is a really nice little sort of scale there we do have these same beads in one whole versions as well so you can actually utilize them in the same design for a really cool dimension that is a nice nice tip to remember that they are available in the both the 1 and the 2 holes all right so now we've got the spacer bead and we're gonna bring them back together to go through a spacer bead at the same time and we're gonna attempt to go through another pearl here and then when I get to the end I'm gonna give you a little tip on how you would make this bracelet longer without having to actually purchase anymore supplies which is always good we try to help you guys let you know how to adjust the beads and the designs as well alright so that one went through just fine okay and you notice I am tightening this as I go because I want these little spacer beads to sit properly okay now we're gonna go through another spacer okay so if you see I'm gonna line it up with what I have so far and now I'm actually for my purpose of this bracelet which measures just over 6 inches I'm gonna go ahead and start to finish it off if you wanted to make it longer all you would need to do is take more spacer beads and more pearls and you can either just string them on directly or go ahead and add up go ahead and add more of these little guys you just have to purchase another package of them but you could continue this exact pattern or just do spacer bead pearl spacer bead pearl spacer bead pearl to make it however long you would like it I'm also gonna open up my clasp right now as well and we do have a question so the question is would we ever use wire or is beading wire preferred I feel that you could use wire again you just have to be aware of the but I like using beaten wire because it is flexible but it's still nice and strong for something like this you can't crimp the wire so you have to use a different finishing technique by either wire wrapping or doing a wrapped wire loop or something like that you could I like the flexibility of it and I actually I've been putting some things on over here by the way yes I put on this is done by our designer Rachel and this is a lovely little piece and again this uses that beading wire and it is nice and flexible if you wanted to create something that had more of a bangle feel you could absolutely do that but I do like the idea that it's a little bit more flexible with the beading wire but you could definitely explore some fun some fun options using the fancy stones with some wire absolutely I think we're hearing - that would be really great you could create some interesting dimension and make it a little stiffer with the wire do so there's some fun stuff you could do with it absolutely all right I'm gonna finish my one side of my bracelet off right here and so I'm using this little elegant elements clasp and I separated it out so you see it's got this little tab that just fits right in there and the base of the tab is a little loop and then we have this side here so I'm going to feed both wires through a crimp tube right after that last spacer bead and I'm also going to fit go ahead and feed them through the loop on one side of my clasp and then both are gonna go back through my crimp tube as well and I'm going to pull it down now here's a little quick tip you don't want it to be so stiff that it won't move once you want to bend it around your wrist so we're gonna just work with it for a minute much like what cat did until she felt like she has a good amount so I'm just pulling it and they're also gonna want to allow a little extra space for your crimp cover because that does add just like a fraction of a millimeter more okay so I like that this got some movement the clasp is not too restrictive it's not too stiff and I'm going to take my crimping pliers and they've got two notches they much like a kidney-shaped notch on one side and almost like um a little moonship well they have the crescent and a little crescent and then the top which is much like an oval mm-hmm and so we're putting in the back knotch and we are gonna squeeze and you see how that really helped to mimic that shape of that crescent moon and then we're gonna fold it over by putting it in the front notch and so it really almost went like this it has a nice closure to it now we're gonna take our chain nose pliers I like cats technique I want to try that stabilizing my work I like that a lot what I tend to do is I take the crimp bead cover and I put it into the current of the chain nose pliers with the open end facing out and then I just slip it over my crimp bead and I squeeze proof if there's several ways to get it yes doesn't does and I could have definitely trimmed my wires first but I actually forgot to so you do now I can do it now I'm just gonna get right in there and trim my wires what's nice as those flush cutters do get nice nice and close and then squeeze it and then I remember the same problem you had I have little tails oh there you go they're that nice and close and that is one half of the bracelet you see here and then I would just do the exact same technique for the other half that's a nice nice little technique to kind of loop it through so that you're not having the wire go all the way through to the ends but you could you know yeah you would just have to link so why are going this way instead of looping it around so so that is this project here I like that and that's such a lovely piece all right so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to show you a completely different thing we're gonna switch topics from stringing and I'm gonna talk a little bit about what you can do with these in terms of bead embroidery I created this nice little piece here and I just wanted to focus on creating just one little focal but I have definitely seen pieces especially when I'm out shopping there's just big sort of collar pieces and it's all of these little stones and they're just all sort of nestled next to each other and I believe that they are done with a very similar technique to what I'm about to show you here so I have some naima thread here which is great for bead embroidery and what I've done is I've added a few little knots here to my end just to secure it to the back and for today I'm using a size twelve beading needle so what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you just really quickly how easy it is to secure this to Lacy's stiff stuff now I've sort of cut a little circle here because I'm going to attach that right on top there so I'm just gonna go ahead and just kind of come up through here and pull it through making sure that my knot stays on the back now what's really nice is that it has four little holes here so I can just position it right next to it and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go around from the side so I'm gonna take my needle and go up without catching my finger in it so I'm gonna secure it right to where I need it to be right there so now just judging that distance I'm gonna go and sort of place my needle right on the inside there you see where my needle is just sort of pointing down all right so that's where I need to go through and I'm just gonna pull my thread all the way through to the backside there now take your time with this because you will get caught on those little prongs alright and that is one side there so now we are attached so what I'm going to do is I'm going to use that same sort of crisscross technique there so now you have to judge a little bit of where you want your needle to come up so I'm going to kind of start poking through and I'm just going to come up right there pull it through and I'm gonna go into the center and now again just kind of going down to secure it and this is how easy it is to get that fancy stone on there so now I'm just gonna do my other two sort of really quick and if you're looking at the design that I've created here this is the deep blue deep blue jewel necklace and all that is is I just after I secured this setting I put the stone in there and then I added two rows of bead embroidery around it and then just added a beaded edge so it's very simple and just to get that nice little fringe at the end when you're adding your beaded edge all I did was I sewed in some closed jump rings and went back and just added some little chain swags alright now you want to get it as close to the setting as possible when you're sort of sewing it down onto it now you can go through and sort of repeat this process and I definitely recommend that if you are doing a larger stone if you're using a smaller one you're probably okay with just sort of once around there all right so now you can kind of see just by looking at the top there how it's all secured on the sides and then if you look on the sides you're not seeing a lot of that thread now I'm using a black thread for this because I wanted to have it show up on camera there but if you wanted to use a white or a silver or grey thread they would disappear just that much more so that is sort of how you can do something like that let me see do I have a stone here that fits that yesterday so that is how that would sort of nestled in there and then you can create that bead embroidery so you can just see on here I've used two rows of the bead embroider and a nice little beaded edge to create a lovely little pendant with a little nice little little swag to is so and if you Mayan this may be a good time to show some rose Maltese yes our basically fancy little stones are already in their settings and we have a couple sizes of them we have a 4 and a 6 millimeter and we often get questions about well how do you attach these you look at the back and they have like little X on them yeah and you can actually attach these to either bead weaving which is which is wonderful and they fit nicely in the right angle weave but if you wanted to let's say I wanted to add one over here for my design very simply you just kind of go through on one side there and you just go lay it down again you kind of find that right spot that you want your needle tool and going down and then it's secured but I just want to go up through and sort of do a little crisscross there there we go and then I can just take my needle and go right through that channel you can see just how my needle glides right through there and again just sort of taking that needle finding that spot to make it secure and that is how easy it is to use the Rosemont ease and that's actually a nice little sort of quick thing because it has those little channels to it and I love that they come in two different sizes so you can really just create something that is just gorgeous and crystals and just very very lovely and I'm I'm always thinking about that especially as I'm getting ready for New Year's you know it's the time you want to be glitzy and fancy so fancy stones I'm very appropriate for that when you haven't worked with them they seem a little bit intimidating they do yeah they're like what do I do with this it was really simple oh yeah and you're right they're very fast just crisscross that's great and these are our lovely right angle weave kits that we have and these utilize those for as Monte's that's it just gorgeous right on top there and you're going to weave one of them if you win our giveaway here in just a few minutes yes so let me just kind of remind you guys that the giveaway so this is a beautiful giveaway featurings lovely Swarovski crystals we also have one of our Rose Monte kits and you're gonna get some feeding wires so we've talked about that and then you're gonna get some stones and some beautiful settings as well and I think we're getting pretty close to announcing our winner so definitely leave your comments and tell you know where you're from what type of fan systems you like what classes you want to see in 2018 so this is a great opportunity to do that yeah and as you've seen in the giveaway we do have some channel charms so I'm just gonna kind of show you some of those beautiful examples here and they make for a beautiful dainty jewelry so we did a whole great lovely class about sort of creating some delicate jewelry some stacking jewelry the adjustable clasps work really well for these types of designs so yeah so just a lot of fun stuff there sure all right one last thing before we announce our winner all right I didn't finish my necklace like I'm gonna I'm gonna get jeweled up over here some people and I got the bracelet honest yeah I wanted to show up so I'm getting dressed over here this is a bracelet featuring the Swarovski crystal cushion stones and their settings and an elegant elements clasp really easy to do just traditionalist ringing method and going to the two loops on the clasp but I just I like this piece a lot it looks really really fancy but it was very easy to do alright let's finish up this little necklace and this was so easy to do so I'm just gonna take two pairs of pliers I have a chain nose and a bent nose and I'm just going to open a jump ring I have a four millimeter jump ring you could use a five you can use a six definitely whatever you maybe have on hand that matches the finish and we're just gonna loop it over the chain so in some instances it's good to go through a chain link but here I think I'm fine just to go over the whole chain and then link it on to that little loop up top and this is not really had time to properly dry so I'm hoping it's gonna be okay I think it will be and then I just close up that jump ring by making sure the ends line up and now I want to put this on so this is an 18 inch chain so I'll show you what an 18 inch chain looks like I think this would be pretty in a lot of different lengths even a really long one would be pretty oh yeah that was ugly and just some nice layered yeah so that is the I fancy stone and super quick and easy project I love that yeah it's really nice and you can personalize it brown eyes or blue eyes all right so I got everything I'm here and I would totally wear all this together just kidding so I have this lovely earring on so you can just see how this is the longest version here so you can just kind of see where it lays on my neck I don't have a particularly long neck but it is sort of had a nice elegant drop you know in teardrop shape and then I've put on the choker here and this is I this is probably something that will come home with me for New Year's so and then I just I have Rachel's lovely as Carletta bracelet here and then I have that ring on again just so you guys can kind of see you just again a little bit of the scale with a lot of those beautiful stones all right so thank you for joining us today you guys we are going to announce our giveaway winner for today all right and our giveaway winner of all these pretty frosty crystal fancy stones the beading wire the channel charms and the kit is Kristin burns congratulations and we will be sending this off to you go ahead and send us a message and we will or actually I'm sorry please email service at and they'll get us your information telling us where to send this beautiful giveaway to you and will ship it off to you so congratulations Christian burns well thank you everyone for joining us Happy Holidays yes and have a wonderful and safe holiday we will be back in January this is our last class for 2017 but again if you guys have any suggestions anything that you want to see for new classes any topics or styles or anything that you like to cover leave it in the comments below we'll still be reading the comments after we are done going live here so if you're watching this later be sure to comment we love reading them and thank you so much for a wonderful 2017 you guys you have all been so wonderful and we are so grateful to have you absolutely absolutely thank you bye everyone I

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