Beadaholique Live Class: Santa's Workshop

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In this special live class event, designers, Kat Silvia and Julie Bean, get to work like little elves to create 30 pieces of quick and easy jewelry projects that are perfect for holiday gifts. Learn basic techniques like opening a jump ring, using a pinch bail and even how to use cup chain in your designs.
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hey everyone it is Ken and Julie and we are back for another live class event so as you can tell it is December 1st and we are ready for the holidays I got my little reindeer around here he's good as little little uh kind of scarf going here of course I love the tinsel up on my sky I do love your sweater so I will try not to jingle them too much but it's the holidays and what else do you get aware bells so yeah December 1st kind of for me marks the oh shoot I gotta get the gifts yes I'm like alright so what do I gotta make so today our focus is we're doing Santa's workshop yeah we are going to be making thirty pieces of jewelry live with you here today and this is just gonna be a bunch of projects that we're gonna focus on all of these are gonna be on our Santa's workshop product collection which you can find by going to be totally calm so in case you're like oh what's that what's that it's all right there for you guys we wanted to make sure that it was nice and easy for you guys to find exactly what we're working with today so that you guys can create a lot of these fun projects yourself so yeah and like Kat said we are gonna be making them all on the air here so that might run a little bit long so normally our facebook lives are like an hour this might be a little bit longer so you know thank you so much for joining us but we are gonna make 30 different pieces of jewelry live and we're gonna be going back and forth but we're gonna do everything from magnets to bracelets to gemstone jewelry sets offski yes this is gonna be great because we're gonna touch on a lot of really simple techniques simple things that you can do and you know again these are gonna all come together very quickly so no and absolutely if you do want to look at what the individual supplies are because we're going to be telling you what they are but we might not be mentioning like exact like millimeter of the jump ring or something do check out the product collection at that's where you gonna find all of these projects already listed for you so all you have to do is click on them and you can find the specifics and you can purchase the supplies as well at if you want to make some of these for your loved ones so we had so much fun putting this clasp together we really did and so I think we should dive in because we have 30 pieces to make and last thing before we dive in officially is we always do a giveaway during these live events and the giveaway happens live so if you're tuning in now all you need to do is leave a comment and you can win the giveaway that we're gonna have so we're going to do a little unique piece of the giveaway here so this is the start of the giveaway so you're gonna get a project that Julie is actually gonna create but you're gonna be able to do it yourself buy some e6000 some beautiful shiny red cabochons and then this lovely prefinished bracelet where all you need to do is glue those cabochons in there so we're gonna show you exactly how to make this project but you're gonna get the supplies to do so yourself and then you notice the rest of my thing here is a little blank so we're gonna be filling that in just a little bit later yeah we're gonna give you this little finished pieces to get you jump-started on yours for all your Christmas gifts so you will see as the show continues what you're gonna get alright so okay so if you joined us for one of our previous classes we were talking about delicate stacking and layering Julia and it's still a great trend it's something wonderful to personalize so if you know of someone who really likes elephants or wishbones or whatever it is we have a lot of really great terms to do that so what I'm gonna do first is I'm going to be taking and making a few trios and a few sets of some different chain necklaces so what I have here is I have one of those really nice adjustable slider finished necklaces here and it has this really beautiful sort of shimmery ball chain so I'm just going to show you what I mean when I say that it is an adjustable slider it has this little sort of button in the center there near the clasp and you just press it and you can slide that chain through to adjust the size so this is a really really great gift if you don't know someone size or how they like to wear their jewelry so very simply here all I'm going to do is I'm going to take two pairs of my chain nose pliers and I have a little jump ring here I'm going to take it in my pliers there just give it a gentle little twist to open it up slip on my charm and slip it over and around that chain and now all I'm going to do is just close that up and one piece down and this is the one I want as a gift I love this piece and you know I love little wishbones it's a nice little sort of sentiment it's you you can write a nice little card make a wish for the new year something just really fun and really just nice and holiday and we know that many people do not celebrate Christmas but they do celebrate the holiday season in their own way so this is a great little gift if you're not sure how someone celebrates but I do want to point out that I have another one here and this uses a little moon charm here now these are all sterling silver pieces and we have this beautiful little chain that has these lovely little balls on it here so a nice little trio here creates a lovely little stacking set and you can see that I pulled out some other few terms here as well now like I said these ones are sterling silver and we do have gold filled chains as well but I'm going to move on to some gold-plated stuff which is a little bit more of an inexpensive option so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to create a trio and I'm going to leave this one as is because it already has a nice little interest to it and for this one what I'm going to do is I'm going to use that same technique of just simply opening a jump ring there we go give it a little twist slip it around my chain and slip on my charm as well now this is a little tear cast dagger it's just really really sweet and provides a nice little elongated style so that finishes the other chain that I have here all right and now for the last one what I'm going to do is I'm going to put this tierracast charm right on to it because what you'll notice is that this jump ring sort of provides a nice little orientation this one the loop already has it right there so what I'm going to do with this finish chain is actually I'm going to go to that last little link there and you can see that it's sort of a nice little oval jump ring so what I'm going to do is just sort of twist that open and take that off and take the jump ring right off there set it aside because you're going to want that in a second and I'm going to slip my little chain through there so that it comes and sit right down in the center and now you can see that when you wear it it has that beautiful orientation to it so now what I'm going to do is I'm just going to take that little jump ring and slip it back on to the last little link there right in that chain and close up my jump ring so this is just really easy it's great if you are just getting started with some jewelry making but want to start making some finished pieces you can use before I close that jump ring I got it put the clasp bag on alright you just slip that little ring right back on there there we go know what I was saying this is great if you want to start making some jewelry for people and impress your friends with their beautiful Christmas gifts but you don't want to go further than just a few little jump rings and some finish chain so this is a nice little trio set here and this is 16 18 and 24 inches so layered together it looks nice and beautiful and I have a couple other examples of some beautiful layered chain necklaces here so you can kind of see this is a silver plate and this is going to be that gold filled so you can sort of add and this has that little elephant charm that I was talking about so just a lot of fun there so that's sort of my first big project here so just really simple stacking and layering jewelry we have lots of options for you to choose from sterling silver gold filled gold plated and silver plated I don't get them all in there but lots of lots of fun charm options too so you can definitely personalize it for your own very nice and I think that is such a great boutique look right now you see that in the stores and it really is a chain with a charm or some type of dangle on it and so I think that's just lovely so you can really kind of see mm-hmm just how that please yeah nicely and that's just really gorgeous okay so alright so what do you got for it alright so I'm gonna do one of my almost call this like my default gift this is when I'm in a hurry or I just don't know what to give someone so I'm gonna do some glueing projects don't be afraid to glue it's simple it's easy but you get really nice results and so I'm gonna make some magnets and I'm gonna make a bracelet and some rings so I'm actually gonna make quite a few of them in just a few minutes here's my little work surface the glue I'm going to be using is a six thousand it it's a really nice bond I'm gonna be making to magnet sets and so let me start with those so here I have a variety of cabochons and cameos so you see we've got these wonderful like gem looking ones so you can use them this is Luna soft it really glows and then you have ones with little images on these the cameos like an anchor a fairy some flowers so you can really go on to for sibian maybe like I pick some cats because I know there's a lot of cat lovers out there but and then Beach as well so find ones that you think would be something that your recipient your brother your your mother your friend might really enjoy having on their fridge so to make these it's so easy we're gonna open the glue first off and you'll see that it is sealed the way to puncture that seal is through the little pokey thing on the inside of the lid you just press it and there comes the glue and so I'm gonna assembly line this I'm just going to put a dab of glue in the middle of one middle of two middle of three and it really doesn't take this that much glue just that much because when we put it the Cameo down onto it it's gonna squish it out and so now we're just going to pop these adorable little kitties in there I got two black ones and two pink ones both with the little white and cream-colored kitty so this is what it looks like and now I'm going to do that for my little seaside collection as well and this is the one I want on my fridge we love going to the beach so I would love to have this one on my fridge to hang up my son's artwork I've also noticed for meeting with a little kid I can't have glass magnets anymore or ceramics oh I love these because these are going to be able to stand up to the test of a child makes a really fun gift for someone who's in college as well ah frigerator Magnus something like that because I had a little white board that was magnetized and that those would be just really fun yeah even to I think it's this is that great gift cuz I know we often love to make jewelry but sometimes you do end up with that person who doesn't wear jewelry or maybe it's your brother or you know your dad or something and you just don't know what to really make them jewelry wise he can make a magnet set perfect alright so these are the magnets I'm using these are so strong and you see you get quite a few of them you get eight and I'm gonna be using four and four so I mean use two different sizes so definitely look at the size of we're using bezel cups that's what the little cups are called that we're setting these guys down into look at the size of the bezel cup and then choose an appropriate magnet let me just get these out of our field so really strong so I'm going to separate them out sorry I'm using our giveaway board I might have to uh spread these out quite a bit so that they do they dry separately together there's a little tip all right now to adhere the magnets I am just going to put a little bit of glue and again I'm gonna sembly line it makes it so fast and easy oh I love doing this don't be afraid to once you've got a technique down just you know make multiples like you can make 10 sets of magnets and have ten gifts done in really like a half an hour alright so I do I can put this right on here I want to make sure it's pretty centered there we go and I'm just gonna use a little bit of force there whoops and if you want a course you can reverse it you could just hold this upside down and flip this over to make sure it's centered you can kind of move the e6000 around just a little bit once you kind of if you want to kind of adjust it to get it exactly centered but honestly there's enough of a lip on these that you're going to be able to get them off of your refrigerator so you do want to make sure that you're getting a size that adds a little bit of sort of what I call the gripping size yes you can actually pull them off of your refrigerator because as you can see they are very strong magnets so they're gonna hold it nice and nice and well but you want to make sure that you can get them on for sure yeah you know it's funny Sarah Dimond our co-founder of beadaholique was with us for our last Facebook live where we did an artist spotlight of lisha aromas and she had reminded me that she has these type magnets on her fridge and they are the strongest magnet you have all of the magnets she's bought when she's traveled or anything else these magnets are just so sturdy and strong all right so there are two complete sets of magnets for each and now we're gonna make a bracelet so we're just gonna do the same process here where we take our glue and we're just going to put it down into the bezel cups and now if anyone has any questions as we are doing this please feel free to leave them in the comments section rachel is there monitoring them and reading them so she can definitely let us know so with these you just put it down in there again I like to put the glue in the center and just a little bit it's not really flat it's like a little bit of domed loop loop of glue technical term so that when I press the little cabochon onto it it does spread out from the center so it's not spreading over the edges and what I love is we have a lot of different colors and styles of these cabochons and you can see this is the project that you're actually gonna get a few winner giveaway today but you can also get this at it's a great way to kind of just make something really fast and easy and how long would you say you'd want to let some of these pieces dry Julie I would definitely let them dry for 24 hours especially the magnets because you're gonna be pulling them on and off of your fridge and they're gonna be displayed vertically so at least 24 hours whenever you're using e6000 for sure absolutely you can win to that extra day especially when giving a gift you know you don't want to give something that comes apart but I want to make sure you definitely let it kind of set and be ready for you for sure okay now we have four rings to make so this is four rings and you can make four different gifts I love it so we have these little adjustable rings so one size fits all you just pull them apart and they adjust and they're quite comfortable to wear and you see they've got this little glue on pad now you can do a smaller stone I'm using gemstone cabochon so you could do a smaller one I kind of want to go with these really big fun ones so I'm gonna put it on the tab so that just that look glue on pad flip my can of my cabochons upside down and Center and I'm gonna make the other three but I hear we have a question so alright so the question is can we talk about the right kind of glue to use and Julie you wanna take that one since your eye part well we do have a video on and on our YouTube channel talking about the right glue choose how to choose the right glue and jewelry making now for this particular project because I was gluing like a flat gemstone cabochon or you know over here I had it was going to be the metal with these little lucite pieces I wanted to use e6000 it creates a really strong bond also because I knew ring my rings we're gonna get somewhere and they might get wet when you wash your hands things like that I would definitely recommend east 6000 for these types of glue on the projects it's very sturdy it holds you can get pieces wet which is great that's also important with fridge magnets I know my little water filter sometimes spills and goes down the fridge but with other jewelry making needs you really do shoes your specific glue accordingly another clue that we like to use a lot is GS hypo cement that's really great if you're working with a fabric or a silk or anything like that so that will really sort of bond and sort of harden in a very different way it has a different viscosity than the e6000 so and then we do have another question all right so Angie is looking to make matching pieces for her and her grandmother I love the idea of matching pieces I did say I think you can make any one of these things and we actually are gonna talk a little bit about sort of some color variations so you can make something in gold for yourself and maybe grandma likes silver so you can do the same thing in silver which is great and there's a lot of different sort of varieties and like we were saying with this red bracelet that Julie just made we have greens and blues and just all kinds of other different sort of colors so you can kind of make the same thing but different and that's a wonderful thing also for a lot of our projects definitely be sure to check how like sort of the stock that you're getting with the project and we do try to list because there are a couple things and for example we'll skip ahead but just for a second this is a little teaser so I'm gonna be making this leather and noodle bead necklace now when you purchase the project from our project page you'll actually be getting the components and you'll get enough to make two full necklaces so it's actually a really great thing so definitely be sure to check that out when shopping some of our projects you can actually sometimes make more than just the one more it's a matter of buying an extra set of jump rings or an extra bracelet or something like that where it's just one extra piece and then you can make two that's that's a really great tip and then you know if she's looking for something specific I love the idea of like a premade chain necklace and a charm you guys can both have the same heart charm I know we've got some ones that say love you know you can do something where you guys both have a matching one which would be cute or we do have some like some wish bones and some stars so you know a little kind of fun stuff there you can kind of create like a little theme there's a lot of celestial type things we have some zodiac stuff as well so if you guys are into that each wear your zodiac sign it's just a lot of really fun options I think especially when sort of creating like a best friends kind of thing or something for yourself and your mom or yourself and your grandmother so yeah that's a fun stuff so yeah be sure to just check out a lot of the things and actually I have one that's my next project here that would be really lovely to create and I think this is just a really elegant piece so we're gonna start talking a little bit about Swarovski crystal and they always kind of become the shining star of the holiday season you know just with their beautiful crystals and some gorgeous pendants so for my next project I'm gonna continue that my little theme of using sort of finished chain necklaces so I have a nice little pre-made silverplate necklace here and what I'm gonna do is I'm going to add a veil to my little snowflake here so this is a pinch bail and as you can see it sort of has this loop at the top and then it kind of has this almost like shoehorn thing at the bottom with these nice little sort of pinchers in the center there and what this is going to do is this is going to provide a really nice elegant touch to sort of finish off a pendant and really let the pendant show through so these are malleable enough that I convened it apart with my fingers but because I will kind of want to show you the mechanism you can also take your pliers and sort of reverse your pliers inside there and just kind of open them just ever so slightly you only want to open it enough to get your pendant in and I'm going to be using this beautiful Swarovski crystal snowflake so I'm just gonna set him in there he's got that nice little hole at the top alright and then now I'm gonna use my fingers to just sort of Bend and pinch that pinch bail together so now you can see that I have this beautiful little pendant and you can see I've done a couple little versions here I have a nice little golden star and a lovely little heart there so we have lots of pendants to choose from but I wanted to keep my snowy theme happening so now all I need to do is unclasp my necklace here and take the smaller end and I'm just going to slide it through just sort of dipping it right through there and sliding it on to my necklace that is just how easy that is but it's just a really elegant piece because you want to make that Sourav ski crystal just shine on its own it is enough of a showstopper so that is it that is just a really nice little easy way to use a pinch bail on a beautiful Swarovski crystal I love that I mean festive I think go for it I think go for it and I think this is going to be the first finished piece that we are adding to our giveaway so you are gonna get this beautiful Swarovski crystal snowflake finished piece with the bail on it so this is a great ready to go gift for whoever is on yes you know I want that too and if you are just joining us what we are doing here is we are making 30 pieces of jewelry we are doing a Santa's workshop class here at where a cat and I are building pieces and giving you some ideas of what you can do as gifts and if you want to see the individual items do go ahead and look at the Santa's workshop product collection we've listed everything in there so you can easily find them and purchase the supplies if you choose to do so and then what Kat is doing is we are also giving a way giveaway and the way to enter the giveaway is by leaving a comment on this class post at the end we will give this away live and we're adding some finished pieces to the giveaway as we go you know I have I have a fun comment idea so if you don't know what to come and you want to say more than hi let us know what your favorite Christmas song is that is fun so yes I want to know what your favorite Christmas carol is cat was playing Christmas carols in the office this morning and I loved it I walked in and I was so happy at that time it's official I got to do it so right so what do you guys Julie what's up next okay so I'm gonna continue with the Swarovski theme I think Swarovski really is a great idea for Christmas it's sparkly it's bright as elegant you know it's really wonderful quality people really love to receive Swarovski whether it's jewelry or an ornament whatever it may be so I'm gonna make a pair of earrings so I have a couple samples right here these are all Sourav ski be charmed beads and you see they're just beautiful now these are some finished earring examples and you see that that one has this wonderful snowflake and this is this great little Christmas palette it's a little red and gold one we've used some little bicones there and then we just have a nice crystal one which would be perfect for New Year's or year round so these are all just a variation on the same idea of using a Shroff's key be charmed large hole bead as your focal for the earring so I am going to go ahead and use these ones right here because I thought I'd make one that's a little bit more year-round I do love giving Christmas themed gifts but also sometimes it's nice to give something that people can definitely enjoy throughout the year so I'm going to use those two things I'm gonna use some little four millimeter crystal golden shadow bicones again these are Swarovski you can really use whatever color you want and I'm gonna use some bead aligners so these this is what a bead aligner looks like and there's a couple different styles I've pulled and there's more on our website too but basically what it does is it converts that large hole bead into a more traditional sized hole bead which makes it easier when you're doing something like this with I'm going to be using some head pins and doing a wrapped wire loop for you guys so I'm gonna use the bead aligners the bicones and then I'm gonna take one of our beadaholique findings kits and this is an earring one so this is nice because it comes with the earring hooks and the head pins also comes with some jump rings and some eye pins so really a nice assortment I'm going to open this guy up and even these guys make great stocking stuffers I know jewelry makers can always use more supplies so if you got someone on your list this is always a welcome gift and you're right it's nice it's compact and just a fun gift idea all right let me spread that out so you can see everything that's in there all right so a couple sizes of jump rings and then we've got the head pins and the eye pins the earring hooks and then for my tools I'm going to need a cutter and I'm going to use a wire looping plier to make my wrapped wire loops and then a pair of chain nose pliers you can also use a round nose plier too so these are fun and easy to make we're going to start with a head pin so if you're new to jewelry making an eye pin has a little loop on the end and a head pin has a little flat tab at the end to stop your beads I'm going to put on one bicone one bead aligner facing downwards my large hole bead and then another bead aligner so you really want that large hole bead sandwiched in there and then another bicone so that's what we've got and now to cinch it all together we're going to create a wrapped wire loop and to do that we're going to grip the wire right where it exits the bicone squeeze and these looping pliers do half the work for you which I love rotate up top and now we're just going to wrap it around you can wrap it around a couple times one time basically what you're trying to do is make sure that this is nice and solid in there and that those bead aligners are firmly within that large hole so once you've done good wrap wrap and a half you're going to trim your wire and you're going to tuck your tail and you just do that by squeezing it with your pliers I'm going to make a second one because we are making a pair we definitely wanted to make complete pieces of jewelry during the Santa's workshop we want to show you how really quick and easily you can make some lovely gifts and I love a lot of these holidays Swarovski pieces and what's also really nice is that many of the Swarovski large hole beads come in birthstone colors so if you're making birthstone jewelry or if you know someone that you know just really likes a very specific color it's wonderful and a lot of the vikon's match and it's just really really quick and easy sort of mix and match and make it work quick project absolutely I think we're always looking to try to add that personal touch so I love it they reminded me and and our audience here of the birthstones because it is nice when you can go like hey I really put thought into this I I made it for you and you know I wanted to make something that I knew you would enjoy and be meaningful to you so as I was talking here I just opened that loop at the base of the earring hook the same way he would open a jump ring I'm going to slip on and I wrapped wire loop close it back up and repeat so you do want to pay attention the only thing to really pay attention to at this point is where your wrappings are so you want to try to make so the little um and bit that you cut is towards the back of the earring so you want the best part facing forward and then close it back up and we have a little pair of earrings so that is what these guys look like I just love those fun they remind me of like a um a crystal ball or like the New Year's ball yeah it is alright so that was my next project alright so continuing on with the theme of sort of the large hole beads I'm gonna do something a little bit more traditional that you've seen with the large hole beads but that's sort of creating one of those lovely bracelets with lots of beautiful Swarovski crystal pieces alright so I have on here this is one of those really nice large hole bead sort of bracelets here and what's really neat about this is that in order to get those beads on there all you need to do is just unscrew this little side and sort of set him aside there I'll just leave him right in the center now you can see that I've kind of planned out my design a little bit I'm gonna be using some beautiful sapphires and I have some white opal there as well and you can see that these are branded with their nice little Swarovski trademark which is just a really lovely little touch especially when you're giving a gift you can say yes these are true Sourav scheme we have some crystal and then I'm also going to be adding in some pearl as well I have my little star and then I have some other ones on the other side so I'm just gonna start stringing these guys onto my bracelet and just sliding them down so this is really really quick and what's lovely is you actually by a whole bunch of these and sort of mix-and-match let's say you know someone who really likes blue or you have someone in your life that you want to give a little star to or you can of course use those Christmas style ones and what's really lovely is that I like adding in this little pendant to give its item kind of a little focal and we have lots of options there as well so I am just stringing this on this is so easy once you've planned out your design it's just really it comes together nice and quick alright so here we go so I have my bracelet all set up there and now I'm just gonna take that little screw end and just screw it back on to my little bracelet here and then that is it that is how fast mine was but this is great especially if you are also looking to add to someone's bracelet if you know that they have some piece like this what you can do is you can go on our website and see oh I think they would really love a white pearl and a gray pearl or you know I know they love that sort of style of blue or a little star charm just to kind of add to their holiday season so a great little thing to buy them a completed set or to sort of add to something that they you know that they already have so that's what I have for my large hole beads all right well I'm back to me let's consider continuing this is our workshop this is my work yes I love it you know it would be really fun is to grab a couple friends and do this around a table some evening oh yeah like just get a whole bunch of supplies and just have a little party exactly hot chocolates yep party like my candy canes alright so we are just gonna keep going because we have so much to make so what I'm gonna make is a little rhinestone cup chain tennis bracelet so this is a good classic gift it's really nice it's very elegant and it's something I think a lot of people would like to receive and to wear so we're gonna start with some rhinestone cup chain I'm gonna use this wonderful crystal a bee but I do want to show you it's also available in more of a Kasich crystal and there are other colors as well so I have a foot of this and with a foot I'm going to be able to make the tennis bracelet and a pair of earrings and what we're going to be using are these little ends which are specifically made for the rhinestone cup chain and you will want to go ahead and match their sizes so we have different sizes of the cup chain and different sizes of the ends and it's very clear in the product description what is going to fit what so just pay attention to that we're gonna use a little magnetic gold clasp you see we use these a lot in our projects at beadaholique the stree aliy strong and I love them for bracelets especially if maybe you're giving a gift to someone whose hands are like a little bit shaky or stiff these magnetic clasps are great because you're not having to fiddle with a clasp and I'll show you that again in just a minute and we're gonna need some jump rings so again I'm gonna break out one of our findings kids because I just I've been having a lot of fun with these this holiday so here is a jump ring finding skip so I'm going to use this now if you do have some gold jump rings a 4 millimeter a 5 millimeter at home left over from another project please feel free to use those for this type project too so open this pour them out so I can get some of these smaller ones so I'm gonna end up using okay so I'm going to measure my bracelet now I'm gonna do about a six and a half inch bracelet the clasp with the little end findings and the jump rings will add about half an inch so I'm going to lay it on my ruler and what you're going to cut is this little metal bridge between two of the settings see how that's flexible right there how can slide in and out so you're going to cut that with your cutters and your rest of your chain is gonna stay intact it's really quite cool I remember being totally mystified by how that worked when I was a little bit younger and new to this I was like oh my gosh that's so cool because I thought if I cut it it all come apart yeah so I've got my length right there and now I'm gonna add these little ends and what's nice is you just drop the end link in there so it is just gonna stay in there nicely and be able for you to now put these little tabs over me as my chain nose again and I'm just gonna ever so carefully basically just pinch bend it I'm not squeezing too hard I'm just folding that little tab over on top of the end crystal there we go I go to the other side and do the same thing just set it down in there and once it's set I like to hold on to it from this angle where I'm holding my link that makes it a little bit easier to access those little tabs there we go just fold it over there we go and now we have a little loop to attach a jump ring to so that's really the main point of these guys is it takes something which seems impossible to incorporate into a jewelry design unless you use some glue which cats going to do in just a minute but it really adds the extra little element that we need to complete our design so I'm going to take two jump rings I'm gonna separate out my clasp it is magnetic so do you want to separate it out no open my jump rings now just loop it on and my clasp and close that jump ring and go to the other side and repeat and I'm going to show you after this one how to make a pair of earrings with a length of the rhinestone cup chain as well well this is a great example of that because of the link that you've chosen you can actually make two projects there are two full bracelets with the foot of cup chain absolutely alright so here we go there's the bracelet and it clasped just so easily I didn't have to do anything I think personally I love the magnetic clasp over my favorite so just so quick and easy so I think I'm not leave that on as I make my pair of earrings so I have a couple earring hooks now I could have actually grabbed the gold findings kit and then I would have gotten the jump rings and the earring hooks so that was just a suggestion but you can definitely use alavés half earring hooks at home that we've already used on other projects this is a great way of incorporating them and I do love that elongated style of the earring hook it's just very classic and very classy I did to its name like I said we had a lot of fun preparing for this very supportive of each other we are asking each other and design advice all the times for like what do you think these ones are these ones and really cool with those ones it's pretty fun to go back and forth alright so you notice I pulled some little channel charms these are Swarovski crystal channel charms and they come in a wide variety of colors but I just chose a couple to show you the different look I think I'm gonna do these little crystal a bee and have my whole piece be crystal a bee but you could add color that would be really pretty so definitely play with it or maybe if you're making a bunch of different pairs some will have color and some will be the crystal a bee can kind of mix it up a little huh so you can either for these you can measure it like if you want it to be 2 inches or you can just count your rhinestone settings so I think I'm going to measure 2 inches and cut it and then to make my my pair match I could measure it again but to be safe I like to count the settings so that they're equal so we've got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven so we're going to cut right here now the actual construction of these earrings is incredibly similar to the bracelet we are just going to put these little ends on both of our links and fold over those tabs I would love to know what people are making for the holidays if someone wants to comment and say you know what are some of the the designs that they're gonna be making for gifts like we're giving you guys ideas I'd love to hear other ideas too oh absolutely cuz there's there's still time for you know or if you want us if you want to see something maybe you can try to do for you you know there's still time absolutely we love requests yes we do it's it's helped us a lot with videos and that way it also gives us a chance to you know give you guys what you want you know if you're like oh I'd really love how to know you know to make this style or you know how do I use this item we're happy to be like oh let's do a video on that you know cuz we want to know what you guys think yeah and if it's something you found challenging let us know cuz we like challenges we do they're like puzzles or like oh how would you do that sometimes we are more jewelry engineers I love those little cup Shana's those are some nice I hate - and they're so easy to use silver as well we do you can definitely match your chain finish to your ends and then the sizing of course there we go so these are both set now so now we again have a loop on each side and so we're just going to open up the earring hook loop close it do the same for the other one and close it and now we're just gonna add again a little jump ring and I'm using four millimeter jump rings for this and I'm just gonna add these little charms and I'm jingling I have noticing that I am sorry like I know don't worry guys I won't sing I'm sure you have a better voice than I do for singing I'm definitely the turn it all the way up in the car and sing so I don't hear myself saying singer that's all right now these look great from either side there is no right or wrong side for the little channel charms so that's nice I don't have to think about that and close up that jump ring and we have a pair of earrings so now we've got the earrings and we've got the tennis bracelet oh my jump ring was not closed I was worried about that on this one all right so good lesson as to why you always want to make sure your jump rings are fully closed otherwise your little charms might come off all right there we go and that makes a lovely little set it is a pretty little set let me take off the bracelet there we go and that is again just a really nice lovely kind of year round thing it doesn't have to be Christmas or holiday themed it can just be gorgeous and sparkly exactly and you got leftover change so you could make a petite little pair of earrings actually if you wanted to cut it you only have a few links each or you just save this for another project never ever toss your leftovers of your rhinestone chain I never have that problem yes there's always a use for them always alright so Kat what are you gonna make alright so I'm gonna continue our theme of cut chain but what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create the tricia bangle and this is something that's been on our website it's been very popular and it's just a really nice little thing and again it goes back with a lot of that stacking jewelry that we've done so all this is is a little cup chain that is glued into a lovely little channel bangle so what i'm gonna do is i'm going to take some cup chain and just sort of set it inside there you can see it there's a nice little lip so when you look at it from the side it pops out a little bit there but it doesn't catch on anything which is really nice and always good to remember when you're wearing like a sweater or something like that so I have here I have a silver version and I just kind of wanted to drape this over and show you what could be a really great option is if you make the gold version that I'm gonna do here and the silver version it actually makes a really lovely set I always am a huge fan of mixing metals so you could create a lovely little set because I like this as a gift but it does seem a little anemic to me so I would want to give maybe a couple or you could do a third one as well so kind of adding in an extra gold or a silver so just a little fun extra tip to sort of really fill out some beautiful gifts so I have the cup chain that I'm going to use here which is a rhinestone cup chain but I also have this lovely chain here and I'll just kind of show you what this looks like it has a nice little white bauble to it so it's it's very snowy very wintery you can kind of see the two right next to each other so one has that crystal and one is that sort of opaque white so just a lot of fun options with the crystal cup chain there so to go ahead and get started this requires no tools which I love aside from hey and I have a little post-it note here I like to use post-it notes just to sort of protect my surface because instead of taking the glue and applying it right to the channel there I'm going to need to put it onto a work surface here and actually use my toothpick to put it into that channel so what I'm gonna do is I have my cup chain here and this is a foot this is more than what you're gonna need but I'm going to show you how to kind of measure it and I definitely recommend not cutting it until you figure out exactly how many cups it takes to get around here all right so I have it on to my toothpick and all I'm gonna do is start kind of twisting it around you can see I'm just rotating that and I'm only going to glue maybe about an inch or so at a time so what I'm gonna do now is take that cup chain and lay it right into that channel now you'll have a little bit of wiggle room and a little bit of time so go ahead and just kind of just adjust it and secure it into that channel alright and now kind of holding it with your finger I'm just going to peel it back to where my glue ended and I'm just going to keep going all the way around and kind of getting that glue in there you don't need a lot of glue for this project so don't go too crazy and you don't want to get it on the channels there and if you do you can just kind of wipe it off with your finger all right I'm just going to kind of keep laying and gluing and again you're definitely going to want to let this dry for about 24 hours before you try to wear it or gift it alright so just getting some more glue in there alright so this process is going to take me just a minute or two so while I'm doing this I'm actually going to have Julie show you guys something so we've brought out a little toolkit here and while this project doesn't require tools a lot of the things that we're doing today requires a you can get a one quick and easy tool kit and what you're gonna get in this lovely kit is all the pieces that you're going to need to make the majority of the projects there's one specialty one and I'm going to show you what it mine is a little bit later today but if you get this kit you can make a lot of the projects and it's just it's really nice and easy so if you're just getting into jewelry making or you you're watching us and you're kind of like oh you know what I want to make projects I want to make jewelry for people this year and you don't quite know where to start one of these tool kits is a great place to start you're gonna get cutters and your pliers and round nose chain nose so it's all gonna be there for you and I have to say what I really like about this one is I love the grips on these they're very soft to grip and I just think it's kind of cool that the color-coordinated I could pick your favorite color these do come in a bunch of different colors but this is a nice really good solid kit like you said you're gonna really get everything you need and your being like a bet nose which is handy as well that is really with all those jump rings people discount the bent chain nose plier but it really does help with hula if you're doing a lot of jump rings or if you are into chain mail for sure but a lot of a lot of people like that bent chain nose for alright I'm gonna continue I'm almost to my end here so good timing I like how classic that design is yeah and you know it really again it just goes with a lot of that stacking and layering so I like bangles but I love an arm full of them you know it's just my style mm-hmm alright so we are coming close to the end here so just a little bit more right now what you're gonna see is I'm gonna kind of hold this out to the side there so you can see that I'm gonna need to cut my chain and I'm gonna cut it so that I end right where I need to there all right it's just using my flush cutters they're kind of snipping in I guess I lied I said this wasn't gonna take any tools but it takes all right and just to finish it up one last little dab of glue and I'm actually going to kind of turn around cuz I'm right-handed so I want to kind of make sure that I get the glue nice and flush right in there and then I'm just gonna set my cup chain in there and what I love is that you can sort of adjust that chain so that it looks completely continuous so that there's no gap there's no crowding anywhere in that cup chain and you have a little bit of time to just go back through and that's all I'm doing with my fingers here is just kind of adjusting and seeing where that cup chain lies but that is how quick and easy that project comes together and yeah you could just get it a whole armful of these and I just love it oh pretty so yeah so quick and easy eleven hey thank you all right so I have six pieces of jewelry I'm gonna make next oh my goodness all right deep breath okay I wanted to do some jewelry sets for this class there was a - really classic looks I wanted to cover and I thought they would make great gifts so I'm gonna do a gemstone necklace bracelet earring set using gemstone chain and I'm gonna do a charm chain necklace earring bracelet set what's great about this is you get to reuse a lot of your supplies between the three different pieces you can gift them all to one person and they could wear them together or you could separate them out and each one can be three separate gifts so let's go ahead and start with the gemstone one and actually before I do that I just want to show a couple other options so I'm gonna be using this one right here as beautiful as chalcedony it is gemstone sterling silver chain and but if you look over here I pulled a couple of other options I just think are so so so pretty I love them and while we're here I'll show you a couple other charm chain chain options as well so really have fun poking or on the website at Vita Holly comm in our chain section just some really fun options out there but let's go ahead and make this set this is one I would love to wear so I have some absolutely beautiful lips pliers went falling I can borrow yours alright this is a gemstone chain you see that is all these wonderful dangles these little wrapped wire loops and they're all connected and what's nice about this chain is you can buy it by the inch so you just buy what you need and I bought enough here for the whole project of all three pieces now I'm going to be using a sterling silver magnetic clasp and some little three millimeter jump rings and that's going to be for the bracelet now for the necklace I'm going to be using a premade sterling silver chain and then I've got these wonderful sterling silver earring hooks so I'm going to match all my metals together when possible I do like to do that match sterling silver with sterling silver plated with plated I think it's just kind of a nice little jewelry making tip so let's start with the bracelet I do recommend you start with the bracelet first just because you want that to really have a great fit if your necklace is an inch shorter or your earrings are half an inch shorter or longer it's not as big of a deal as if your bracelet fits or doesn't fit before you start measuring there we do have a question I just want to address sure oh all right we are making I believe we counted 16 projects but 30 pieces of jewelry so actually what Julie is doing right now she's creating some lovely trios and I think I love your idea of like oh maybe someone would like the earrings that someone else would like the necklace it's a great way to kind of utilize a lot or utilize little materials but still make enough gifts for everybody yeah so we're making 30 pieces of jewelry today so we are half way through half way yeah like I feel like we need like a tally over yea a candy cane tally but yeah so we're we're about halfway through making our jewelry pieces so this is good this is Santa's workshop we are you know everything here is at our Santa's workshop product collection on beat all komm so if you're curious about anything that we've made so far anything that we're working with tools anything it is all right there for you guys we wanted to make it really easy for you guys to find and go oh I want that I want that I'm like that yeah make make your Christmas list alright so Julie why don't you show us our gemstone trio okay so we've got the gemstone chain and for me I know that about a six inch bracelet is right for me a lot of times if you're giving a gift though seven inches is maybe a little bit safer I feel like 7 inches for is a great bracelet sort of standard length I did too that's a nice kind of universal one okay so I'm gonna make this one 7 inches first off I want to make sure I have an intact loop on the end of my chain and I do and so then I'm gonna measure it here going to lay it out to 7 inches and then you'll see I'm going to teach you how to cut gemstone chain here too because this is important for this so you see that we've got those two loops that are really connecting the internal chain together so I'm not looking at the dangle right now I'm looking at these two interior loops and I'm gonna cut the one which to online for me it's on the right side right here so that when I cut it I'm left with an intact loop and now on this one so see we have what I guess we could call it a cut loop you have a cut loop a cut loose to get well that is maybe what you call like a clean end with an intact loop again I would just cut this off here and save all these dangles again and now we have another intact loop so you just want to make sure that you always have that nice clean loop ready to go so now I've got my magnetic clasp I'm gonna separate it out again I've got a couple jump rings and I am using 3 millimeter jump rings for this nice and delicate and I'm going to use the same jump rings for the necklace as well so again is using the same supply for multiple projects so just loop it on there along with the clasp and close it on up go to the other side and do the exact same thing all right and we have a bracelet and it is done so here is our gemstone bracelet it's our first piece and now let's go ahead and make the earrings so we still have a lot of this gemstone chain left so I'm going to make the earrings be let's see I think that would be a nice length you can really choose whatever length you want that looks to be about two inches so again I'm going to take note of where I am cutting this and save all your little extra dangles and bits such a pretty pretty chain all right so now this time because I do want mine to be equal lengths again I'm going to cut off the end one here to make sure it's all intact and nice and so if we look at this chain I'm gonna look at the interior gemstones which are wire wrapped together not all the dangle so we've got one two three four five six basic segments I guess you could call them so one two three four five six and cut it right here there we go and now for the earrings all you have to do is open the loop at the base of the earring hook slide on your loop and close it back up so there's one earring and then we're gonna do the same thing on this one just open up that loop slide on the end loop of the gemstone chain close it on up there's your second earring so you have a matched pair so now you got a bracelet and an earring now I'm just going to make sure that I've got my loops intact on my end here okay and okay there we go and now here's a great tip I think I've mentioned this in other live classes I learned this from Kat and it's my favorite thing in all the world so you take a finished chain necklace it already has the clasp and you find the midway point of it and you just cut that middle link and now you basically have the two sides and you can insert something now in the middle so you can insert like a sterling silver bar you may be a wire wrapped bar or in this case my length of gemstone chain so I'm going to add the gemstone chain to these two now open chains or that are ready to go via jump rings and I don't have to purchase or add a clasp so this is probably gonna be a little hard to see here because this is a very tiny little link I know this does fit cuz I tested it there we go that's one thing we like to do for you here at is through our projects and our videos we try to make sure we test what works together so we take the guesswork out of it and actually that gives me a great opportunity to let you guys know that we are aware that some things are out of stock at the current moment we see some of your comments right now but what we want to say to that is let us know what you're looking for it let us help you find an alternative because sometimes if you want to make a project but the jump ring is out of stock you might not know what would also fit that same loop or that same chain send us a message on Facebook or hit up our customer service at service at and we'll help you guys find the right thing because we want you to be able to make the project because very often a four millimeter jump ring will work just the same as a three millimeter Jack solutely so we want to be sure that you guys can still make a lot of these beautiful pieces and projects so we're here for any alternatives if you guys are looking for that app absolutely and I know it's a little hard doing this class right after the big holiday sale we're still having sales and I know it's just that time of year where things are going how to stock but we do realize it and send us a message get in contact with us we'll definitely help you in any way we can and a lot of stuff is arriving daily to come back and I don't know that's that's the other thing too so something might be arriving next week so don't lose hope and also we have a great feature on our website you can actually use the out-of-stock notifier so leave your email and then you'll get notified the second it comes back in stock so that's a great thing to do as well and it also lets us know that you're looking for it cuz otherwise we're like oh do people want three millimeter jump rings if no one's asking for them so but let us know so that's a great way to help indicate what we can bring in for you guys to help you make jewelry absolutely speaking surely I think this should be added to our giveaway you know what I think that is a beautiful trio and I love the color so we're gonna have lots that we're gonna have a little red a little green a little snow and this is gonna be just just gorgeous alright so another couple finished pieces there for the giveaway that tray is looking nice and full now you know what Julie alright so if you're just joining us here we always do giveaways during our live streams so we wanted to do a lovely little Christmas giveaway so what you're gonna get is you're gonna get the components to make a bracelet that Julie had made earlier today and then you're also going to get a couple of finished pieces you're gonna get a beautiful Swarovski crystal snowflake on a bale and a finished chain and then you're gonna get that lovely little gemstone trio that was just made by your designer Julie yeah yeah alright everyone going for their holiday gift making and we do have one more question before you can add to your next one here Julie oh okay so our question is how would you personalize a gift box I love sort of so I've done this little trick where I wrap the top of the box and I wrap the bottom of the box in wrapping paper and then when they open it the Box still remains sort of wrapped oh that's fine I'm not kind of like that although I do love kind of shredding and running but you can also do various sort of decals and stickers that are on the top of there we have some lovely little art metal that you can sort of impress with different things and we what else do we have we have some lovely stamping as well we have these lovely craft boxes they are a beautiful brown and they're just really beautiful I love sort of adding ribbons and stuff like that to my boxes I did too and I like to take the ribbon and add like a little initial charm oh that's nice so it's like you normally think of a charm like oh you're gonna hanging on charm bracelet you're gonna put on necklace but I like to actually just tie it in with the ribbon so let's say your friend's name is Victoria you could have a little V for Victoria on the top of the box and I've actually done that with the pinch bails so like I'm at a little star on my pinch bail here this hole is large enough that you can actually slip a little ribbon through it and sort of tie that on to your box as well so it kind of becomes a little Christmas ornament afterwards so that's always a nice little thing so in the baking kind of look keepsake from your gift so just a little added extra yeah that's fun or I've written on the craft boxes I'll take like a gold pen or a silver pen instead of having a card I'll write my card on the gift box so it's like you know Merry Christmas we love you blah blah something sparkly and that's kind of nice too yeah I like that because that's that is a great way to literally personalize you know that's all right well thank you for the question keep asking them we want to hear more I'm coming all right I'm gonna make another jewelry trio all right let's get to work I know I really want an elf hat on right now so this is charm chain I think I've really come to love charm chain and probably the last like three four months just because it's so funny you can do so much with it these are little oak leaves and they look all Lacey and filigree so I think these are fun this is a good amount of length of it and again what we're gonna do is we're gonna share our supplies that we're using for it to make all three so I've got a finished chain necklace I've actually got a chain extender I'm going to use for my bracelet and then I am going to hang some little Swarovski crystal Sun pendants from the earrings as well and I brought this bigger piece out to I'm not going to use it but I thought it could be really fun if you wanted to put it at the center of your necklace and then for my findings I'm going to use an earring kit so this is an earring kit but it's gonna work from my bracelet as well as my necklace as well as my earrings so I'm going to use just this one kit for all my findings I would not and let me kind of show you why so if you can kind of get up close here so if you look at the pinch bail it kind of flows a little freely so when I sort of tip it it can sort of go back and forth and be just fine but you'll notice that a lot of the pinch bails will have the measurement that will give you that measurement that goes across there so it'll show you the largest size of the pinch bail that you can actually get in there so if you're kind of looking at that sort of side cross-section there what you want to do is you want to make sure that it's not going to be too wide because then you do risk your pendant falling out but I would never add personally I would never add glue to it because you wouldn't want that glue to kind of sit on that beautiful crystal or that gemstone that you're working with so be sure when you're looking at your pinch bills to adjust and really read the measurements that come that is that sort of that with in the pinch right there because you want those two pieces to meet you don't want them to kind of pinch and be out because then what you're gonna do is you're gonna risk losing your stone you don't definitely don't wanna do that but I would personally not recommend glue all right it's a common question that we do get it is fails yeah and I think you know that's another thing if you are questioning what there's something will fit right us you know let us know and we'll help you say hey I want this pendant find me the pinch bail that matches it and we are here for you absolutely you want to make sure that you guys are satisfied with what you're getting and you know because we have the opportunity to test out for you so that's a really great thing yeah always feel free to reach out we really want to hear from you is really our favorite part of our job is when we do get to hear from you and we go to you know create with you so please please for sure reach out don't don't be afraid to alright again with this scent we're gonna make the bracelet first so I'm gonna do again a 7 inch bracelet I have a 2 inch chain extenders I'm going to be using so I need 5 inches of this chain and if you notice where I'm measuring it from I'm not measuring it from the end of a dangle here I'm measuring it from the end link of the center chain so that's important again when you're measuring your charm chain okay so here we go so I'm gonna cut that jump ring in the middle or that check aside it's a chain link so we've got the five inches right there and I'm going to remove the lobster clasp that is part of this chain extender and it is connected with an open jump ring so I'm just gonna open that jump ring pull out that chain extender close that jump ring back up now I'm going to use one of my jump rings from my findings kit open it up connect it to that lobster clasp which is now available and connect it to my end chain link now for the other side I'm gonna use the chain extender portion of it again I'm going to seek out a small jump ring open it up connect it to the end chain link as well as the end chain link of my charm chain close it back up and then I want to do one final touch on this bracelet you could stop right now I want to add one of my little loose Oakleaf charms to it so I'm just going to take a third jump ring open it up connect it to that charm so that here's a tip when you are purchasing charm chain also consider it for a wide variety of projects where you just want the charms you might not even want the chain full how it is will you get just tons and tons and tons of little charms really per inch well and that's why I always like to buy maybe one or two more inches more than I think I'm gonna need cuz if you are separating a lot of that chain or you're cutting those jump rings you might be losing a lot of length and also yeah there's great uses for that chain afterwards so so the end the terms so that's what it would look like on and you see on my wrist you is plenty of space because I have that little extender chain and you would just connect it to the lobster clasp so the way that this would end up being finished is you just connect that clasp anywhere along the chain that you want to get a good fit for your bracelet so there is the bracelet all done chain extenders are wonderful to me oh yeah cuz you never know someone else's wrist size sometimes it's easy to say like what ring size are you and people know they know there are six or seven but people rarely know what their wrist size is I think it's also very personal it's how you want to wear it because sometimes there are bracelets that I want to wear a little bit tighter and there are some that I want a little looser so they kind of hang down a little further I'm making the earrings right now so I'm just cutting a little length of this and so this was a two inch length I'm gonna do the same here and again save all your little charms you'll find a use for them somewhere trust me all right okay and then for this one and this is why I liked this little findings pack I'm going to connect these little son pendants but I need bigger than a 4 millimeter jump ring so I'm going to jump up to a 6 Miller millimeter jump ring that came with this pack open it link on one of these beautiful crystals and then connect it to the end link of the chain close it back up do the same on the other side close it back up and now we just need the earring hooks and I actually got to see these modeled on someone and they looked so fun it's interesting how your designs look different on people oh and I just was I loved how these looked on her okay so I just opened that loop at the base of the earring hook the same way you would open a jump ring close it back up there's one earring done I'm gonna do the same with the other one and then I just have the necklace and then I will have completed the charm chain trio as well as the gemstone chain trio there we go okay and so I've got this amount of charm chain left so I could cut it shorter I could keep it the full length whatever you like oh so don't forget you could I'm gonna cut the chains the pre-made chance in their center you couldn't cut them shorter you don't have to cut them in the center you can cut them anywhere along here that you like to make your desired length we have another question hi Molly okay that's a great question how can you make your own chain extender well you know what I actually might have Julie do that because she does have some extra jump rings and that's sort of the little trick is you just kind of continue to kind of link your jump rings and that's a great way especially if you don't have a chain extender at home and then what's nice is that if you add just a little charm or a little sort of bauble to the end it kind of finishes the end off for you nice and clean so it does look like it's purposeful not just this strand of jump rings yeah I can actually make one here so if we were going to come on back I'm gonna just finish this necklace so I just cut my pre-made chain in half added another little four millimeter jump ring to my charm chain I'm gonna close it back up I'm gonna do that on the other side and then I'm gonna pretend that this is a shorter necklace where you might want to have a chain extender and I'm going to add a chain extender to the end of it using just what I have here on the table would you again makes these packs even better I love having a variety of sizes of jump rings and findings it's just kind of nice to have everything handy okay so this necklace is done but let's pretend that it was like shorter like this and you were worried that was gonna fit somebody and you wanted to add that chain extender what you would do like Kat said we are just going to do it with jump rings so we separated out our clasp you can do it with whatever size jump ring you want I think for the scale of this one I'm gonna stick to my fours because I know that also my lobster clasp could connect onto a four nice and easily and then it's almost the same size of that jump ring on the other side if you want it to be a little easier to clasp on and bigger you can do it with the sixes as well or I can alternate fours and sixes I was just gonna say I would always stick with the smallest one but it is really smart of you julie to just double check that it does fit easily especially because a necklace you're usually fiddling behind your neck and it is a little alternate just for the fun of it I'm giving a shot I'm gonna do a four and A six so I opened my four I looped it to a closed six I closed my four I'm gonna open another four loop it to my closed 6 and also loop on another closed 6 close it on it now I'm so I've started making a little chain and now I'm gonna do another 4 and another closed 6 and a little bit to my 6 and you notice that she is only opening and closing every other jump ring because you don't need to open and close each of them so all those sixes just remain intact so it's a really great little tip and while Julie is kind of adding on some more here we do have another question all right so we are going to kind of do our little giveaway here in just a second to sort of sneak peek for you guys we are doing some of our finished pieces that we've created right here in this class Julie just before she finished this trio did this lovely gemstone trio so it's a beautiful necklace earrings and bracelets set and then we also have a lovely finished chain here with a Swarovski crystal snowflake and then we also have the supplies that we're gonna give you guys so you guys can do a little DIY yourself and you're gonna actually be able to make this lovely little bracelet that Julie made earlier today in the class so this is a really nice fun little sort of Christmassy bracelet and I just I just love how easy it is so you guys we're gonna get the lovely little red bubbles some e6000 and that finished chain bracelet for you guys to just add that to so this is gonna be our giveaway we're gonna give it away live here probably we just have a few more projects to make actually so definitely continue to stick around hopefully you'll hear your name called and we will give it away and I would say maybe 15 minutes yeah we're we're getting close to the end so stick with us guys all right all right extender Kevin chain extender is coming well so if we put this here almost two inches if we stretch it out but you could keep going as long as you want it to go I am going to add that little extra touch of that oak leaf charm on the end so I'm going to open one more four millimeter jump ring one of these loose little guys put it on the end link and then after you do this you have a choice you can go to this end and you can take off this little tab or you can leave that tab intact I'm just going to leave it intact you can save a step it's not going to affect how it functions or really looks so I'm just gonna open a jump ring link it to that little tab which was the original half of our clasp and my end jump ring of my chain extender close it back up and now what we can do is when we go to close our necklace we suddenly have a chain extender and we can put this anywhere along that length that we want you know I stand corrected I like it with the small ones of the interest that's really cool it's kind of fun so thank you Molly for that question that was really good and yeah that's also another great thing that you know if someone does come back to you go oh it doesn't fit you can say oh you know what let me fix it for you yep and that's a great quick thing that you can help adjusting you know or it's like sometimes when I'm giving a gift I'm like oh let me know if it doesn't fit or if you know sometimes I know cuz my mom she loves long earrings that sometimes they're too long so I can always just kind of adjust it by adjusting just a little part of that chain a little piece of the piece that I've created for her so yeah alright so keep commenting keep all you need to do to win that giveaway is to just comment tell us your favorite Christmas Carol I'm gonna read them later all right so I'm gonna continue on here and I'm gonna make a set myself but this is gonna be a set of bracelets so one of the major trends that we've been seeing just all year long is these adjustable slider bracelets so these are those little silicone sort of clasps and what is really nice is you can just pull them apart and you can adjust those and slip it over your wrist and they're just really fun and so I created a nice little set here that I am going to recreate for you right here alright so I have about two feet of my chain here and you'll need about two feet but the great thing is is that again these are adjustable so you'll be able to adjust for your size so I'm actually going to borrow that from Julie wrong way thank you very much all right so for my first bracelet I'm going to measure out about 11 inches of this chain now that might be longer than what you're probably thinking but don't forget you're gonna crisscross this over and it needs to be large enough to fit over your closed hand so you're gonna kind of like slip it over almost like a bangle and then you adjust it when it's on so our a so I have about 11 inches of my chain here and what you're going to need for this is just a little thin scrap of wire this is a 26 gauge wire you can also use like a thicker thread if you want so what I'm gonna do is just thread this through the last link in that chain and what I'm gonna do is kind of bend them together to create like a little needle so just sort of something to help me slide it through now these are those adjustable slider beads you can see on the center it has a lovely little silicone to it which is great so what I'm gonna do is just slide it through now the first one should go through pretty easily but now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna kind of create a loop and I'm gonna go back around in the opposite direction again just sort of threading that through there with my little wire there we go and this one's going to be a little bit tougher but you can see it just kind of sneaks on through there and now what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna kind of adjust to get a good length and you'll see how quickly that 11 inches sort of comes together there because again you are criss crossing it over so it's not like oh I need seven inches because I want a seven inch bracelet you'll see just how much you have there alright so that is part one there and what I'm going to do is I'm just going to slip this off and kind of set that aside we'll use him a little later and then I have some lovely little charm chain here and these are fun little sort of triangle dangles and you can see and I hope you can see this up close I'm going to try to lay it out for you so there are two little triangle dangles per jump ring here so what I'm going to do is I'm going to sneak off two of those guys by trimming this jump ring here so I'm just going to cut that jump ring and I'm going to cut it in two places so they'll slide off easily for me remove that jump ring and kind of set that aside so now I have two of these little charms so what I'm going to do is just take another small jump ring and this is an open jump ring just twist gently to open that up slip it on to the last little link there in my chain there we go and slip on one of those little charms and then I'm just gonna do the same on the other side and I think as you're doing the same on the other side we do have a question wonderful okay the question is will the slider beads work with leather okay so we've gotten this question a couple of times and here's here's what I'd like to say to everyone who wants to try to use these with leather yes they do work however it does tend to wear out the leather I've noticed that even if you get like a coated leather sometimes it will still sort of wear it out so while it does fit with certain styles of leather I personally wouldn't recommend it just because you're going to eventually it's because the leather is in essence of fabric it's a textile so you will wear it out and it will deteriorate and then eventually your silicone slider won't matter I will say this though the other question I've gotten is do the silicone sliders wear out so I've been wearing a bracelet around here for several weeks now since we got him in because I wanted to test this for you guys because I wanted to kind of wear it on a daily basis and to see if you know the taking it on and off for a few weeks actually wore it out turns out it doesn't I have not experienced any wear on mine personally so I can vouch for some of our silicone sliders so if you're looking at that as well like oh no but you're pulling and tugging don't pull too and tug too much but with regular wear these do really last and they do stand up so that's something definitely good to consider and you know like I said when you're giving a gift you want to give someone a gift that will stand up for more than a week so and it is such a nice look I I really love it yeah alright so this is sort of the simple one so I'm going to him aside there and now I'm going to do another one so what I'm going to do here and you can this is the one I'm gonna create so I'm gonna create a nice little focal with my charm chain here and then to side dangle so I'm going to do a little bit of measuring here and again I'm gonna go for that 11 inches so what I'm going to do is I'm going to do four on each side here of my chain and next I'm gonna do three inches of my charm chain alright now before I measure off my charm chain I'm gonna want two more of those dangles so I'm just gonna go ahead and trim those off right now just so I'm not tempted to use those in my focal all right I separate those guys because I want to create those nice little end caps alright so now I'm gonna get my little charm chain out here alright and I am going to trim mine one more time and just kind of set that aside trying to keep my work area clean in my efforts I try it and it's kind of a running joke around here but every time I clean my desk something else comes in and I have to make it messy again so that's that's my excuse right okay alright so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add this chain to create my full length of chain here and I'm just gonna add the same size jump rings here which is gonna be really nice and convenient so that again you're able to make a full set of jewelry now you don't have to give these to the same person you can give them to two different people or keep them for yourself that's always acceptable during the Christmas season mm-hmm make one get one I know I when I actually do make more jewelry for myself is just somehow feel freer yeah you know cuz I let myself by fun things it's true I don't know if anyone else feels that way alright so all I'm doing is just sort of adding that charm chain into the center there alright so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna do that same thing that we did before but we're gonna do it a little bit differently cuz obviously we're not going to be able to pull this charm chain all the way through there so what I'm gonna do is slip on my little wire needle here and slip it through my silicone slider slide that guy down and now I'm going to need to take this one off of this side and slip it on to the other side all right now criss-crossing you'll be able to see it a little bit easier on this one so I'm going to go through on this side all right and make sure that you're not catching any of your links when you kind of thread your little sort of wire needle through there all right give it a nice little tug and separate that and now I'm just gonna kind of adjust my sort of ends there there we go all right so now I'm ready to just add the finishing touches I need a couple more jump rings over here there we go and this is another little fun thing and what I love is that you can actually make this entire set in gold and there I go with my mixing of the metals again oh yeah it's nice just gorgeous so if you just imagine just mixing gold and silver you can make a lot of fun little sets you could actually make one set in gold and one in silver and wear them already no kind of mix and match in it's really fun you could actually even do the silver and then add a focal of gold that's actually what I think I would do is so pretty right so there's there's just a lot of options and again like I know I definitely have friends or like I never wear gold I only wear silver so I will make them the silver version but I would probably I would personally maybe it's a Red Hood thing I kind of like the gold I'm a gold girl I'm a golden girl all right so that is the second bracelet so you can kind of see how just really fun and easy they wear it together and just create a nice little sort of dangle focal that adds just a little bit of sort of shimmer and sparkle to a design so pretty I'm so pretty and so delicate too you know that that's what I like about it and there's a little something you know we're doing some heavier items here today and we're doing some lighter items so you really get a chance to see and pick and choose oh you know I have my friend Sally she would like something nice and delicate or you know Margie sheilo like big bright fold beautiful jewelry so there's a little something for everybody and that's kind of what this is all about absolutely it has different tastes and this is so fun to see and learn about exactly alright I'm going to do some really classic holiday earrings I'm going to do probably three sets of earrings in about one minute so I'm gonna just do some charm earrings and these are great little hostess gifts this is something I think I would love to bring over to a friend who's maybe hosting a holiday party so I'm gonna do a pair of ice skates candy canes and these little Santa's and you'll notice that these earring hooks actually already have a red little crystal on them so they come that way which is great save some work and adds just a little touch so I don't think this will take more than a minute we're just gonna take one pair of chain nose pliers open that loop like a jump ring hang on our charm close the loop one single earring done repeat just make sure your charm is facing outward and what's kind of nice is the little candy canes as well as the ice skates have a right and the left so they can face inward as you're wearing them which is nice so super quick super easy and just total holiday and here again is an instance where you could buy one pack of earring hooks which I believe this particular one has like five pairs of earring hooks in a single pack you could double check that on our website but one packet earring hooks will work for all of these there you go three pairs earrings so oh my goodness you're done and I think really cute and we have a whole host of charms I picked out a couple other holiday ones but there are many more are the lights cute so there are many more besides this so have fun go to town you know you could probably make 10 different gifts in just 15 minutes for people and just have fun with it and you know I every year I always think of teachers gifts oh right you know and I think those would make really lovely teachers gifts you know just even if you don't know their style they're a little kitschy they're a little fun but they're just delicate in really holidays so I think I think that would be kind of fun that would be fun and maybe give it to them early like on December 5th or something or six so they have time to wear it so that would be a fun one that they can wear in the classroom and that's another thing I like about a lot of the wintery jewelry that we've done you know or we talked about oh you can wear it all year round or if it's a star you know but that way it's kind of like oh it can take you through the year and like more it's just kind of a wintery theme like a snowflake or something so you can wear it well through February so without everybody you know thing why are you wearing your Santa you know speaking of jewelry I just realized I did not put any jewelry on today other than my rings because I felt like I already I put jewelry on even though I'm wearing my Christmas sweater I love it like he's got like a little gold nose thank you you know I don't care I'm gonna pull my sweater he's like scarf it's so cute sorry I'm just I'm a child sometimes but all right now all right okay so what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna create a really simple ring using the adjustable rings now the in sterling silver and gold fields this is a really nice beautiful delicate item so what I'm gonna do here and let me show you this so we have three different sizes even though these are adjustable so they go I want to say five to seven six to eight and eight to ten so what you can do is these are actually kind of adjustable so you can see that I'm sort of pulling it apart a little bit so what's really nice and lovely is it gives you that little bar there and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna trap a charm all right so I'm just gonna take a little jump ring here open it up slip it on to my little bar here so that it gets nice and caught in there and then I'm gonna choose this little Lotus charm here so I'm gonna slip that on now I'm making it a little difficult on myself I want to use a really small jump ring because I want it to be nice and delicate you could use a larger jump ring if you wanted to I'm just gonna keep it nice and tiny and small all right so that creates one little lovely piece now the great thing about this is I have a gold version here as well but I also brought out some of the other simple stacking rings so if you're wanting to give a gift you can give a nice little set of the same size here or what you can do is you can kind of mix and match so a lot of people will wear the rings on the first knuckle there or down below so you can give them a really nice lovely little set of jewelry and definitely again personalize the charm we have this cute little unicorn here as well he is sterling silver so he can go on one of your charms and again like I always say don't forget to mix your metals especially if you're going to mix and match with some of the other ones so we do have gold filled sterling silver and a rose gold filled as well so lots of fun there and it's the same little technique as seen in a little bit of a bigger version here so this is another little jewelry set I'm not going to make this one here but I just wanted to kind of pull it out for you and this is another great way to sort of personalized jewelry you can choose some lovely little crystal colors there and like I had said earlier we have a Zodiac charms so this one is the Scorpio there so you can see he's double-sided which is really just fun so you can create and mix-and-match fun little sets of jewelry so if you someone would want a bracelet we have these guys and rings we have these guys as well all right so I have one more project left to make but we are going to kind of wrap up our giveaway so if you are just joining us you still have a chance to win all you need to do is quickly leave a comment here we're gonna have Rachel we choosing the winner here in just a moment and this is our giveaway for today so you're gonna get the components to make this beautiful red bracelet that Julie made earlier today so we're gonna give you a chance to DIY some of your own jewelry and then we also have this beautiful Swarovski crystal pinch bail finished chain and then we also have this lovely trio of gemstone jewelry that Julie Julie oh well that's a mouthful that Julie created earlier in the class today it is a beautiful necklace earring and bracelet set so you will win all of this and as well over a fifty dollar value and it is just so wonderful and we want to kick your holiday season off with it with a nice little fun giveaway so just leave a comment and we will watch Kat make her last piece of jewelry and then we will have made 30 pieces of jewelry here in our Santa's workshop and definitely if you have questions about any of these items feel free to contact us but also check out that Santa's workshop product collection on it has all these projects all the supplies also instructions for the projects do so we wrote all those out as well and B you have sort of heard of this video of course yes okay so the cat's gonna make one more I don't leave your comments best of luck we'll announce the winner in just a minute alright so the last thing that we're I'm gonna talk about really quickly is stringing and I am going to be using some leather for this so I created this necklace recently this is the soulful spirit collection from tierracast and this is a great little way to kind of string on some beautiful beads so I'm gonna do a little bit of a simplified version of this but I just kind of want to see that it's the same technique that I'm gonna do on my table here but this is just what you can kind of keep embellish and keep creating with so I just kind of wanted to pull that out for you today all right so for this what we're going to do is I'm going to recreate my nice little noodle bead necklace now remember if I said earlier but you can actually create two of these with all the same components so this is a great sort of make one give one kind of thing all right so I'm going to my leather cord here and this is a one point five millimeter leather cord and I'm gonna make mine a choker length but you will have a little bit of an option to make a little bit longer so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna measure out quickly here just sixteen inches of my leather take my flush cutters and cut that off all right you set that aside all right so now I have my leather cord now very simply I'm going to take my nice noodle bead and slip it down and just sort of feed that leather through there and it kind of comes out the other side nice and easy alright and that is free to kind of roam on there so it'll slide and nice and easy on you alright so now the next part I'm going to use and this is sort of that specialized tool that I was talking about earlier this is these around four and one crimping pliers and what's great is this one actually because it is the foreign one will provide me with that other chain nose plier that I need to help me with the jump rings in this so I'm going to use this to crimp these little cord and beads here so you can see that they have a little Center in there and we're going to be sort of crimping that around the leather so what I'm going to do is just sort of feed this on to the end of my leather there making sure it doesn't poke through the other side taking my pliers and you always want to put that little triangle side going down and you're just going to set it inside there just like so and just give it a little squeeze and that pinches that leather nice and taut for you so I'm just going to repeat that on the other side here slide that little thing up a little cord end there and make sure it is nice and centered on that crimp and give it a nice little squeeze there we go and he is nice and secure as well so to finish that off I'm just going to open a jump ring slip it on and close it up and open another jump ring here slip it onto my cord end and now I'm gonna slip on we go go that way and I'm gonna slip on a lobster clasp now you'll notice on the other side I did add that jump ring you don't have to the opening on these loops is large enough I just personally like the symmetry that it creates when you create your sort of class but portion of this necklace so like I said you don't have to because you could probably fit your lobster clasp over that but I like the symmetry of it so that is it that was my sort of a second one there and so that concludes made a lot of projects a lot of fun things we had some wonderful questions from everyone and yeah this was really just a wonderful experience and we just want to say thank you everybody for sticking around so we are going to announce our giveaway winner now we have Alanna Maki so I hope I said that right so congratulations to Alanna Maki you are the winner of our beautiful giveaway today isolation alright so Alanna let us know where we can send your gift so your gonna send a message to service at and they will send your information up to us and we will make sure to get this giveaway off to you very soon that's like well congratulations and thank you again everybody for joining us we hope you gave you some ideas and reach out to us with any questions or you know I do really want to hear what you guys are making so I hope so go left comments about what they're gonna be making this year too and be sure to if you're watching this later still be commenting we're still going to be watching the speeds so that we will be able to answer questions so if you're watching this later on in the afternoon or days later we'll still be trying to answer your questions for you guys absolutely so thank you so much guys have a wonderful holiday season and happy creating yes absolutely happy

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