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hey guys my name is Sarah eller and I am here at the Hulman headquarters of soft flex company and today we are going to be doing a live design challenge this is a concept that I started last year it's sort of like the TV show chopped here in the United States I get a box of materials from a sponsor company I have no idea what's inside the box we're gonna open it here together today's a wonderful sponsor is bida Halik and you can find them and we're gonna open it together and then we're going to attempt to make something right here on the spot with whatever it is that they set so today is very special because this particular box was sent from beadaholique is from Swarovski crystals so they teamed up together to create a very special box just for this specific video and I can't wait to open it and see what it is that they'd sent me so it's a really nice nice sized box I'm gonna grab it real fast so we can take a look at it and this is of course the name of the company we're working with today they're located in Los Angeles and I have done a design challenge with them before so those of you that watch regularly have probably seen seen some of their parts and pieces before but they are a great company to work with for many different reasons but my favorite reason is they are actually a design house as well they work constantly creating new designs and inspirational pieces for their customers showing all the different pieces and parts that they sell so they have multiple designers they're on staff regularly making things they constantly make videos both here on Facebook and if you go to their YouTube page they actually have three hundred and twenty-two thousand subscribers because they make such great videos so they are a really terrific come and I'm really excited to be able to team up with them today hey Catherine hey Karen hate Don it looks like all my friends are here and so we are gonna go ahead and flip down oh let me share one more thing before I get going too fast what this is the last week to order the treasure trove kit for November before I be next week next Wednesday if you want to bead with me make the same projects now is your chance to order this it'll still get to you on time go to WWF Lex company comm to get your beading kit it has crimps clasps seed beads check beads it has some earring findings and some white soft wax and a crystal and I will be showing you some fun projects with this next week when I get back from Knoxville I'm gonna be at jewel school on Monday and Tuesday hey B - Holly she says hi Sarah this is Julie Rachel and Kat we're so excited to see what you make all the lovely ladies they're at B - Holly I'm so glad you guys are here and thank you for sending me in the Box I can't wait to see what is inside it so last chance on the treasure troves guys if you want to order these you go to the saw flex company website they're 24.95 I'll be beating with this next week they're almost sold out so you need to get up there and do that as soon as possible and yes let's get flip the camera town and I get going so I think the theme as I understand it of this particular video is going to be holiday this is I think supposed to be a holiday package of some sort can you guys still see every if everything's still up right okay just want to make sure when I flipped down I didn't cause a any issues there Oh Don says she got hers today so many good things in it hopefully I can wait till next well you don't have to wait Don I'd love to see what you guys make on your own - you can always post pictures on the video next week and show me what you with the products or you can wait for me and make what I make - totally up to you there's so many beads in it that you really could do both I always end up with a lot of leftover beef even after I make several projects so it usually works oh thanks Stacy for letting me know it looks okay we're just working on your order Stacy for all of you that ordered in me and I'm opening the box just so you guys know it's kind of a big box so it's off screen here for all of you that ordered in the live sale I am gonna start sending pictures and payment requests later today so be prepared for that if you haven't gotten it already and we're just wrapping it all up but thanks for ordering and for everyone that came to our Holiday Open House last weekend commented that - okay opening up we've got some pretty pink tissue paper and then no for me so we're gonna grab that I'm naturally gonna toss my scarf off because for some reason I get really excited about beading and then I start getting really hot to toss that up hey Amanda I don't know what I'm making yet I'm opening a box from beadaholique and we're gonna see what's inside it and I don't know what's inside it either and then we're gonna make something together so stay tuned we'll see beautifully feed your need to bead that's so cute look at that you guys Sara we're so excited to see what you can create with this holiday inspired collection have fun and get that cat Julie Sara Rachel and the whole beetle off beadaholique team Happy Holidays yeah so like I said earlier you guys if for some reason you don't know who betta Halik is which I would find really hard to believe and you have to check them out on Facebook and then also check them out on YouTube they have tons and tons of fantastic videos and they're constantly coming out with new content and which is so we've got a couple of little presents in here see different things challenge in like three years what have I been doing I've been doing videos but I haven't gotten to do my very favorite thing which is the design challenges so let's see what we got here ladies and gents will do one box of its time how about that well let's start here whoo beautiful week's findings kids and they have an elegant elements elite component this is a disc clasp its silver plated 12 millimeter made in Germany let's just pop that out of there so we can really look at it here you can test it out so everything you see today you're gonna be able to order at and in fact I didn't point this out yet but look at this there's a coupon code 20% off your regular priced items there at betta Halik on everything that's in the holiday box so anything I open up should be on sale 20% off okay so this is um you squeeze it feel like it's in backwards so I'm gonna oh maybe it's not maybe it goes both ways huh interesting okay so you squeeze if you've never seen this kind of class before it squeezes and it slides in and then it kind of locks in place there it's got a pretty little crystal there in the center okay so what's in here this looks awesome so beadaholique has findings kits so that's helpful it looks like it's got earring hooks head pins eye pins jump rings so this is great if you're a brand new beater and you're looking for just some basic components you should check out their findings kits and that would be a really good way to get started with you know your basic findings that you're probably going to need let's see Kim said I recently opened a box from storage and found a stash of beadaholique idem including the most beautiful pearls finding pearls of that quality online is hard that's awesome Kim I love the thing about beading that's really great is it doesn't go bad like if you have to take a break because something happens in life you have a baby a parent gets sick or you know life just happens sometimes and you got to put your patties aside you can always come back to beading and it's all gonna be the same like things like you can polish up your metals again and things will have changed and there will be new things to learn but all your materials will still be useful for the most part which is pretty awesome it's not like if you're into making cakes or something you know like it'll always be there for you which is really sweet okay so I'm opening the first box let's see what we've got in here whew these are Swarovski crystal six millimeter rondelle beads and let's go ahead so Dina Holly must sell a large quantity of Swarovski crystals is going to be my guess is that right you know Holly you have a big collection of crystals if you're working with them on a project like this I would assume this is a Swarovski crystal star pendant look at how beautiful that is you guys I'm actually sending out in that November kit I'm sending out a smaller version of that you can see it in our November treasure trove kit but this is bigger this is a larger piece I should actually get my measuring tape out so we can do some measuring let's see Chris said made my first purchase with Beetle Holly two weeks ago love to the kid I bought nice okay there is this is a Swarovski Edelweiss pendant I don't hope I'm saying that right I don't I just feel like I'm supposed to say it and German or something Edelweiss look at how pretty that is you guys I love these little dainty ones too they look like little snowflakes aren't those gorgeous oh my gosh so pretty wow that's so pretty very nice off to the side - well we are gonna make so many great things today I can't wait I really like to use white with clear crystals so I'm gonna have to pull out my white softbox for sure but the golds and the silvers and the champagnes all look really great with clear crystals too so I'm opening up the second box here and it looks like we've got some more traditional Christmas colors we've got some like emerald greens and some kind of cranberry let's see what this color is called Swarovski eight millimeter round scarlet beads take some of those out very nice and same color in a six millimeter it was out to just be easier to see everything so this is this color it's called scarlet and it's just a really beautiful the lights not good again we have a cloudy day so the light isn't as good today is I like it to be but it's a really pretty sort of a cranberry sort of a spinel color if you're familiar with spinel that's a it's a really pretty bread but it's just like a tint just a little tint of pink in it it's it's really they're really gorgeous we have ooh these are pretty this is Swarovski emerald cut crystal beads and they look like they're emerald color too doesn't Swarovski just make some of the prettiest things I mean can you really imagine life as a beater without swear else carat stole my cue I can't imagine that so pretty and we've got some four millimeters in that emerald color to be pretty these look like little berries don't they and then oh geez I gotta get my trays out for this I don't even know if I have trays so why don't we use little known secret you can always flip your saw flex over and it makes a fantastic betray I do it all the time I'll flip this over and stick my little crystals in there in fact I'll probably stick all my green ones in this guy you're outta P trays and you can't figure out how to keep your stuff separate that's the way to go I'm telling you okay so so offski emerald channel charms there's oh it's beginning to look a lot like Chris yes it is okay so these guys are little charms so they look like they have a probably like a silver plated outside and then they're double sided so those are pretty awesome it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas isn't it hmm I love Christmas it is I tend to think it really is the best time of the year who is just saying this earlier today to Kristen love everything about it in fact I was telling her I wish it would be a little longer I'm always sad when it's over okay so I'm opening this last box let's see what we have in here we've got some tierracast charms oh yeah they're new they're new charms these are actually gonna be I just was using these just using these the other day so those are from tierracast and I just love these look at how sparkly those are very pretty in a metal setting and there's a whiter one and then there's two kind of drops who g-o-p no Holly you're starting to get known as the King company aren't you you're you've sent me some really cool wow really cool chain these are almost like little Christmas trees is that what these are look at this chain you guys isn't that awesome sure you could see it really well silver triangle dangle chains so yes these are triangles but tell me those don't look like Christmas trees those are awesome I love it hey Kathy thanks for joining us we're go to opening up a box from and then we're gonna make something fun that is a really cool chain is that new chain for you guys they're at for millimeter round beads so again all of these materials can be purchased at and they're offering a 20% off coupon for everything that I'm opening here with coupon code Sparkle so go get your Christmas on at beadaholique the silver plated four millimeter round beads and I just dumped those into another chocolate full that side down and last but not least we've got one more chain I love love different kinds of chains awesome okay so this one is called silver plated Moroccan chain blue pretty I could definitely see some really long beautiful long earrings yeah so let's focus like on some earrings today I think earrings are one of my favorite things for the holidays because they're kind of quick and easy but you can make them feel really special and unique so I think there's some fun options here for us to make some cool earrings so I'm gonna open up my findings kit you can also find softflex at if I haven't said that already they're a reseller of soft west products so you can find lots of our different kinds of eating wire there while you're purchasing your crystals and your chain and other items you can go ahead and buy your soft flex too okay so these guys look so much like fairies I can't get over it I'm sure that was their intention they're so cute so let's organize our stuff out here this is a head or this is an eye pin excuse me if you're new to beading it basically has a little loop and then long straight pin and it's great for making connectors you can just string your bead on and then loop on the other side to connect so we'll probably be doing some of that today this is a head pin if you're new new to beading and it has like a pin top to it and then a long straight pin and so it's great for making a dangle with the bead you can just slip your bead on and then make a wire wrapped loop at the top real quick and easy probably use some of those today so I'm just gonna organize this a little bit here so I got a few items where I can see them this is nice because it's got both head pins and eye pins and then it also has some ear wires this is an ear wire that is going to connect your earring to your ear yeah both chains are really awesome Katherine are those new chain for you guys beat of Holly klutzy the chain is officially triangled dangling sand yes a new chain but you're right they're very tree-like yeah I love it I love it so cute you guys have a really good eye for really fantastic chain I think I've noticed you've got a lot of good options on your website oh and the other thing I noticed today you guys I went on beadaholique sweb site just to kind of look around real fast before the live show they're doing a whole feature on items under $0.99 and there were a ton of cool options so you should check that out too when you go to use your coupon on some of these items they have a bunch of items that are just 99 cents or less which is really helpful if you're trying to save some cash and get some inexpensive materials to make your holiday gifts okay so to start out I'd really like to make some earrings I think I really want to use this for sure but I think I might use this in a necklace with like these guys these like snowflakes I'm seeing that as a really pretty necklace so we're gonna save that we're gonna focus on some earrings first and let me see how this chain will break apart so I'm just looking at it up close to see know where I would attach it like it has a loop up here and then it has a loop here and then it has like a little jump ring so I think what I'm gonna do is just like a really long earring that's what I'm thinking of like a shoulder dangler I like the idea of these being on the earring but do I want to break it up with a color in between do I want to do a clear crystal want to add some clear crystals I like the red the red so pretty it's just a really lovely it's a really lovely color ooh that looks kind of nice the red bead to attach that so let's try that I'm going to grab I think I'll just use some silver softflex so this is our 925 sterling extreme this is a 1 by 19 copper alloy strand all of the little wires are plated in real true sterling silver and then they are braided together in a proprietary braid and then it's coated with a clear nylon coating and that's what allows us to get that really bright silver but the the idea that we plate every single strand is what makes this particular product so special because a lot of the beading wire that's like this on the market is flash plated and what that means is they do their braiding and then they played it and so and they don't draw it down so they'll get different thicknesses of plating and it won't look like a true bright sterling silver and in fact it may have some sort of like dull sort of like steel color marking so this is just a really nice very well made beading wire it's made here in the USA but is obviously used around the world we're known worldwide so I'm just going to snip off a short piece of a short piece of wire I actually will just start on the end here that way I don't have to snip any extra wire off string my crimp tube I'm using a 2 by 2 saw flex crimp tube they're double the wall thickness of most they're really thick and really strong which is really important especially when you're making any kind of jewelry because you get just so much wear and tear you want to make sure you've got a nice strong a finding crimp to hold it all together ok so I'm gonna take my wire and go back into my crimp tube and I'm going to cinch it down but I always want to leave enough room that this can really still wiggle around so it feels nice I'm gonna straighten out my wires inside the crimp tube so that they run side by side and then I'm just gonna grab my crimping plier real fast use the magical converse today they have a little divot on either side and this crimp tube fits inside of them just perfectly I'm going to compress the first time around if I've done it correctly I should have what looks like type of like a little square and that pinched the four corners of my tube and then I'm going to turn it on its side and I'll compress again in that same little divot there and compress the four little corners in and now I'll just sort of work my way around it tightening it all down and that's gonna give me a nice secure crimp that I can even pull on but it'll look nice like a little bead so it makes a nice clean really beautiful connection I'm gonna slide my putters in I always worried when these first came out that there would be a problem with the edge of the crimp tube cinching into the nylon coating that it would end up breaking the wire but after years and years of exploring with them I just think they're really an incredible pair of crimping pliers they work so well really really fantastic so I just went in right next to that crimp tube and trimmed as close as I could get with my cutters and now I've got a nice connection to this tierracast piece that you can get from beadaholique of wire probably like three inches because I'm just gonna attach to the bottom of this chain here I don't need a ton of wire but I do want to be able to kind of play around with it to decide exactly what it is I'm gonna do so I was thinking about this red beautiful kind of cranberry colored bead above it and then attaching to the chain and letting the chain sort of dangle down what do you guys think of that do you like the cranberry or is that too stark we can also do this clear crystal that's over here and we could attach that and that's gonna be you know definitely a little more simple still sparkly because it's a Swarovski crystal but not quite so in-your-face as the red crystal we could also do a green crystal we could even try I think this might be too big because it is gonna dangle down from up here so that might be a little I think that's bordering too big let's go to one of these little green crystals and see what that looks like there's the green one oh good mean so let's see oh we're getting lots of cranberries you guys like the pop of red okay so let's do the cranberry crystal and then I'm just gonna do the same thing to attach to the chain I'm going to take a two millimeter saw flex crimp tube and I'm gonna string it onto my medium extreme wire and attach it onto the chain which just has kind of a little hole that you can attach to and then I'll string the wire back into the crimp tube and I'm just gonna kind of cinch this down towards the bead as close as I can get you do still want to leave enough room that you can get around that crimp with the crimping pliers so you don't want to get too too close and the other thing I always like to kind of pay attention to is the size of the loops here I want to get kind of a similar size on top and bottom in my loop so my connector looks professional so I've got kind of a similar size top and bottom Oh Sarah's saying that scarlet is a brand new color of beads I didn't think I had seen that before it's a really pretty color you guys cuz it's like it is like cranberry or spinel or so I mean it's just it's hard it's like hard color to even explain because it's just so pretty you're gonna have to check it out for sure and you can get 20% off on these new cranberry Jeeps by using coupon code Sparkle at okay so I'm gonna go ahead now that I've got my the way I want it I can go ahead and get my magical crimpers in here slide them in and this is a nice time just to kind of play with that loop a little too because once you crimp that's it you're done you can't do any more so I'm going to straighten my wires out as best as I can and I'll go ahead and make my first compression and when you do it correctly it looks like a little four corner ravioli and then I'll flip it on its side and compress again so that I'm compressing those four corners in and I'll just go around and around tightening it all down ooh these are so pretty I'm gonna love these I can already tell so the inventor says to go around five or six times the inventor of the magical crimpers she likes to really get the edges of that crimp really cinched into the nylon coating I'm going to slide in with my cutters and trim off my saw flex beading wire and then I have now connected the tierracast piece with the cranberry bead with a soft flex connector and now I can decide what length I want my earring to be so we've got our ear wires over here from the beadaholique findings kit that we're going to connect to so we just have to kind of decide if we want to do one two three four or five I think five might be pushing it I'm gonna suggest four or three so tell me what number you think I should do three is gonna end here this is the leg four is gonna be just a tad bit longer I used a 2x2 millimeter crimp tube Southwick scrumped you you can also get crimp tubes from betta Holly they have a huge findings collection and they sell good quality materials 3 June says you like to you guys like the magic odd number I I'm kind of an odd number girl usually - Carrie says three British history ok we're gonna go for three I'm gonna attach in the same place at the top that I did at the bottom so what that means is I'm actually going to cut open the jump ring between the the bigger pieces and the chain to free it so it looks like this I'll be attaching you know with that same loop at the top which I'll make it feel nice I think I can just attach right on to the ear wire so we'll go ahead and try to open that up I have a pair of chain nose pliers here but I so often do this I'm just gonna do it on the video here the very tip of these magical crimpers also has a flat area where I can grasp onto things like the jump ring on my ear wire to open it up and I don't have to switch over to my chain nose pliers that can be very handy ok so I want to make sure this hangs the right way so I'm kind of looking at my loop here and seeing what I need to do I'm just gonna close this back up again anytime you open an earring finding you don't do it out you do it to the side and you want to always make sure you get this wire there's like a spring or a bead or something you got to get to the little loop underneath that so it doesn't slip down yeah so we've got our first earring I love those so I'll make another one of these and take a good picture after the video so that you guys can get a better look but I'm gonna keep making some more stuff here rather than make the same thing again so that's our first little guy and I think he turned out really awesome I love it I love the pop of the beautiful new scarlet color from Swarovski crystal very cool okay so I would like to make another earring let's see or should we make this necklace that I hadn't I was thinking about how cool this would be I'm kind of like I'm curious to see what would happen if I were to weave through this chain with soft wax like soft wax extreme so I don't know what this will be like I'm just gonna cut a couple pieces of wire um just to kind of play around with it I don't think this will probably pan out into a design but just so we can see what it's like so I'm using the medium diameter again I'm just gonna cut some big long lengths and I'm just curious to see if I were to weave through this you know with softflex what that would be like okay so I'm gonna grab a bead stopper and these are great they just clip onto the wires I'm going to clip onto two pieces of wire here and just kind of let that hang and then I'm going to do sort of a ladder weave through this just to see what happens if I if this kind of stiffens out if I use the soft flex so I'm going through one way into the very first jump ring with one wire and I'm going to go through the opposite way with the other wire and then I'm just gonna pull it pull it here together and we're gonna keep going just for a little bit just kind of see what might occur so I'm going to do the same thing again I'm gonna take one wire through because if it kind of stiffens it it might be really interesting to have that different effect that you can get with soft flex that you can't just with like a a random chain here so I'm going just back and forth tighten it down again and I should know within a few jump rings here how it's gonna behave so we'll see I could use a thicker soft flex to that's really the fun of doing the fun of doing projects like this is getting to play with different types of materials and just see like how they're gonna behave or not behave and it's so it's so really cool so thank you for sending me this box beadaholique and giving me a chance to play ok so it does look like it's stiffening it a little bit I love this triangle chain you guys it's awesome it's so cool mmm interesting yeah I don't think it's doing enough that it's worth continuing I just was so curious to see how it would interact with it thanks for letting me try it guys and see what happened you never know okay so let's go back to my my original thought which was to hang this guy from here and these two guys somewhere up here and then I kinda like the idea of some of these beautiful little cranberry guys in here too what do you guys think about that a couple little cranberry guys worked in we could do that with head pins just add in a little bit of cranberry as we go here so let me wind this up I'll probably do silver up the back end of this when I'm come when it's complete so that'll be what would I actually wear on my neck okay let's move I gotta save one bead here and then make sure I don't lose my therapy we're gonna move this up here and save these pieces for later okay so I'm berries to add these little cranberry guys I'm just gonna take a head pin I'm gonna take one of the little round scarlet colored crystals and I'm going to get my round nose plier and just right above the bead the crystal I am going to bend the wire toward me so I make sort of a 90-degree angle then I'm gonna bend the wire away from me making first half of my loop at this point I adjust my plier to the side and then I come under and create the entire loop and then I'm just gonna grab a chain nose plier here if I can reach it a chain nose plier to hold on to that loop and keep it in its nice pretty shape and then I just wire wrap around with my fingers now in this case because we're connecting two jump rings I'll slide this ring inside of the jump ring before I actually wire wrap around but I think that'll be kind of hard to see I'm gonna do one like that but I wanted you to see what it's like just to make a little dangle first Stacy says Sara is there a heavy extreme silver and episode do you ever use that for around the neck portion definitely definitely in definitely yeah you can use the heavy extreme and in fact it probably is a better option than the medium I do use medium a lot just because it's what I have on hand and it's very strong and durable too but heavy is even more durable so I just trimmed off the little extra piece of wire and now I'm just gonna tuck in so now that I've done 1/3 of the chain now I'm gonna do one on the chain so you can see what that looks like but I think it'll be easier if you've never done one before to see it first without the chain okay so I'm just gonna do berries throughout this chain let's see how many links we've got here one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen thirty thirty-one through two two three three four five three six or seven thirty nine forty okay so forty links we're gonna do probably gosh it seemed like one two probably don't need them in the middle where we're gonna attach mmm these guys like to probably do eight seems appropriate okay so I'm gonna do one down here at the very end to start and I'm gonna do the same thing I did before I am going to take my little scarlet Swarovski crystal I'm gonna make my bend right above the crystal I'm gonna make my first half of the loop adjust my plier and open that up or close that up so I've got a nice loop and now I can open it just slightly just enough that I can slide my chain inside of there I'll slide the very end of my chain in there and then I can hold on to that little circle and wrap around and you can do as many wraps as you want you can be a little sloppy and make it feel very handmade or you can be a little more organized and details everybody kind of does their loops their own way I tend to be kind of a little in the middle I like my lips to be kind of straight but I also don't mind them to be just a little yeah organic you know I'm tucking in the end just so when I wear this with something because it's gonna be a long necklace when I wear this with something I don't want that to catch on my clothing that little tip of wire there on the end so I'm just gonna tuck it in and that'll make it real real quick and easy okay so that's my cranberry all finished putting on the cranberries afterwards because you guys don't need to watch me do eight of those but why don't we go ahead and figure out how we're gonna connect our little petal wife's crystals are these brand-new crystals too from Swarovski beadaholique let's see Oh beadaholique says FYI you can buy the whole mystery box of gorgeous holiday items that I'm working with which will make a great gift sounds like a great gift for yourself you guys should head on over there and I'm sure it's 20% off using the coupon code right beadaholique so that's pretty awesome okay so to connect this we have a couple different options one that I like to use a soft wax I use soft flex a lot to make connectors and it's very secure which I love so why don't we try that first and see how it does so this was 40 lengths I'm just gonna look for about the middle here um I'm not going to get too caught up in in the details here I have my soft flex extreme and medium and I am going to grab a two millimeter crimp tube again and string it onto my wire I'm going to string through the bead this is a pretty heavy-duty bead so hopefully this will work well I think it will I'm going to string back through my crimp tube oh wait I gotta attached to the don't forget the chain attached to the midpoint of my chain looks pretty oh and there goes my bead it doesn't matter what um order I do it in okay so we've got the middle of the chain oh look how nice this hangs for earrings to you guys ooh I love this chain that's so pretty Oh would make a pretty bracelet yeah I could see you just adding in the cranberries and making a really pretty bracelet or anklet for sure okay string the Chris and then I'm going to go back through my crimp tube and I'm gonna actually go around twice just to give it some added strength because this is a pretty big guy here and basically what I'm doing is making a jump ring using soft flex so I have gone through the chain and the crystal and I'm going back in a third time here into my two by two millimeter crimp tube the third pass is always the hardest it does go in but it's it is a harder connection unless you're getting just the right spot and I got my little piece sticking out here I'm gonna see if I can just grab on to it and Paul Tonko and I'm gonna pull this tight on both sides I want it to hang nicely the nice thing too about making a soft flex jump ring is you can make it whatever size you want and it's very very strong and secure one I get just the right length this is what it's gonna look like in the front when I crimp it so it's just gonna be like - sterling silver wires alright so I'm gonna go ahead and slide my pliers in here to crimp I'm using the magical crimpers again for anyone that's just joined us they have sort of like a little divot on each side and I'm gonna Center that crimp tube right in the middle of those magical crimpers and compress these are the Swarovski crystal Edelweiss pendants and they aren't from this season but we think they're so classic and great they are they look like little snowflakes so after the first pass you should have what looks like a little square ravioli and now I need to come in the other direction let's see if I can figure out how to do that in this scenario I have gotten these pliers into all sorts of interesting spaces I wish the tips were just like a little smaller I'll probably suggest that to the inventor if they could be just a little smaller I could get in just a little bit more easily to a small space but I always make it work okay so I'm tightening it all down and basically I'm pinching the edges of the crimp tube into the nylon coating up the wire so I can get a really nice strong hold to where I could actually pull on this and it's not gonna come free and then I can go ahead and trim using my cutters right up against that crimp tube right it in and trim and then I've got a really nice connection in this case I can probably even slide it right inside that crystal and you just see the wire connecting it we've got we've got basically a beautiful idolized crystal here we're gonna put cranberries along the whole bit and then I'm gonna put a couple more of these little ones in here on the sides so the last part of this and I'll do these little ones the same way that I did the big one I'll use softflex jump ring to attach them so they're nice and secure and I can make it whatever size I want to fit that crystal because it's really hard to find a jump ring this size so that's really a helpful way to connect so the very end of this what I'm going to do is just take a big long piece of soft licks extreme I wonder if one of these pieces that I had used earlier might even work probably not quite long enough and I'm just gonna measure it around my neck real fast here and I'm going to catch to each side and then this will be the back end of my really long necklace so this little jingle joy down here will hang you know just in the middle of my chest so I'm going to take my soft legs beading wire again I'm using the same medium extreme I'll take my two by two millimeter crimp tube and this time I'm just going to attach to the end of the chain on one side slide back into my crimp tube and pull it down these earrings that we made earlier are gonna match this necklace so nicely I really love these starlight crystals they're really really beautiful okay so I'm going to go ahead and crimp to attach some soft flex extreme you can also braid up the back I often do that when I do these long designs where I just want something really special in the middle but I don't need like you don't need chain up the whole back of your necklace you can save the special chain for the front and then just use some some soft some soft flex soft flex is nice too so it doesn't tarnish it'll always be that kind of bright beautiful silver color so I just attached on one side and then I'm going to do the same thing on the other side let me do a quick measurement to see make sure I'm getting it the right length but it'll feel comfortable to wear it my off-camera measurements here I think that's a pretty nice pretty nice links I'm just holding my length with my fingertips I'm gonna go ahead and trim a little bit off of there get my second two by two millimeter crimp tube and attach on the other end and I'm giving myself all sorts of homework I'm gonna add all the rest of these cranberries on here and the other little Edelweiss snowflakes and then I will post a picture of this at the end to flex company Facebook patient I'm sure beautiful equal share it as well and you guys can see what the finished product looks like I'm looking again any time you're connecting on both sides especially when it's at the front of your design you want to make sure that you're getting you're getting in kind of close here there we go and we will just straighten out those wires and crimp crimp the other direction okay and then we'll trim our water and we'll have we'll just have to add the cranberries and the snowflakes on just the way that I did before and you'll have your fun cute little holiday design all ready to go I thought that I love these little Christmas trees are at the best so cute and it has that nice jingle effect okay guys so I am gonna do one last quick earring I think we should use these guys because they're super special you could also use the star down here if you prefer the star from swarovski round rather than the kind of snowflake the star would look really pretty with gold too if you did a gold chain and then you did some gold soft wax up the back that would be so pretty I love it okay so we'll finish this guy later we're going to do some green earrings before we head on out of here and I do all my homework to finish this up to show you guys what this is going to look like so we've got our green guys here we've got some cute little dangles over here we could definitely use we have quite a few of them so let's see what it would look like if we how we want to put this all together hmm okay so um we're working in silver still let's do some more silver and they still have this great class button here that I didn't even get to use to so could definitely do like another design easily that's another really special design with the big star and the clasp there's just not enough hours in the day you guys to do all the beading that I want to do just not enough hours I'm telling you I need more hours just for beading okay so I'm gonna do a real simple design here I'm gonna cut a piece of soft flex extreme it's probably about six inches in length I'm gonna try stringing all of these on I don't know if this will work you know I never know if something's gonna work till I try it I'm gonna string I think I'm going to do three the magic you know number of odd numbers I'm going to do three and then I'm going to try stringing both of these beads through this clear crystal are both wires through the clear crystal and pull that down to see what is gonna happen here we've got our dangles we've got our two wires going through the little crystal and then I'm going to put both wires through this bigger emerald crystal and then I'll do another clear crystal on top eight I'm going to string both wires through a crimp tube emerald is my birthstone so I always love emerald color okay so I've got both wires through the crimp tube then I'm going to take just one wire and go through my ear wire here and back in again and we'll pull that kind of tight we want to leave enough room down here that these guys can really kind of dangle but we do want to pull up here to kind of tighten this loop down and get it in kind of close to that last crystal there one nice way to do this with your magicals is just gently hold on to that crimp tube and then you can kind of pull both ways to try to get it in as close as you can or you need to okay so I'm going to go ahead and compress and compress go around and around tightening it all down just one crimp at the top click and easy and cut off my excess wire with my cutters sweet and then we've got a really quick and easy earring you could also crimp here at the bottom if you wanted to if you want to make sure that this doesn't like kind of slide around it should naturally pop up the wires kind of holding it up so you don't really need it there but if you wanted to you definitely could my ring is pulling just a little wonky so I'll probably fix that a little bit here when I do my second pair there you go quick and easy little dangles with the pretty emerald color okay so I see I'm gonna close out so I can finish up all of this fun stuff that I have here please do check me out next week I'm gonna be on jewel school on J TV Monday and Tuesday morning we're also doing a pajama party Kristin and I from our hotel on Monday night so we'll be right here on the soft flex facebook page doing a live video super excited about that and it's gonna be really fun we have some projects in mind and things that we want to share with you guys and we also have our November treasure trove chests you get these at South Lex there 24.95 there's not very many left so order them now and you can feed with me next week right here at the South Lex company Facebook page and then we're doing a cyber monday special so on Monday November 20th 11 a.m. Pacific time we'll be doing a special Cyber Monday things so thank you so much to beadaholique make sure you go to their website which is use the coupon code Sparkle to get 20% off all the materials that were in the box today and then also you can buy the whole mystery box which i think is so smart if you liked everything that I used today it from the box so I would love it if you guys would check out these new scarlet Swarovski beads it's a beautiful color you're gonna love it but they have lots of other fun stuff like the triangle chain and we use the Etta wise crystals and this beautiful star crystal so check them out also check them out on YouTube like I said earlier three hundred and twenty-two thousand subscribers you know they're doing something right they fantastic videos there they do live videos on their Facebook page too and we just can't say enough good things about beadaholique and of course we always love to work with Swarovski too so big thank you to betta Halik big thank you to to Swarovski Kristen says uh-oh is Sarah going to make me do a beating in a mud mask during the PJ party that would be something else I'm really looking forward to the PJ party I think it's gonna be super fun for Kristen and I so and for all of you hopefully too so thanks guys and I'm wrapping up those live sales from from last week I'll be getting those out hopefully sometime today if I can do some beading magic to finish all this up today that would be fantastic but hang in there and we'll get to you eventually love to everybody see you later

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