Ask a Jewelry Designer: Tips for Wire Wrapping Nunn Design Frames

Endless jewelry designs can be created by wire wrapping Nunn Design frames. These versatile findings are quite beautiful on their own but can be transformed simply by adding a little wire and beads. We have created lots of projects and videos which can help you learn to wire wrap these open frames.

Featured Video: Nunn Design Wire Frame Ideas and Inspiration by Becky Nunn

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Nunn Design Open Frame Earring

How to Wire Wrap Beads onto a Nunn Design Open Frame Pendant

My top 5 tips for creating jewelry by wire wrapping Nunn Design frames are:

  1. Choose the right gauge of wire. 24 gauge wire is very flexible and easy to use. It’s also great because it’s thin enough that most beads will easily slide onto it.
  2. For designs with heavier beads, try 22 gauge wire to offer the beads extra support—just note that the hole size of your beads and be aware that some beads with smaller holes may not fit on 22 gauge wire.
  3. After you have finished your wrapping with beads, create several wraps tightly together without beads at the end. This will help to anchor your wire in place and secure it.
  4. Always tuck in your wire ends. I like to squeeze my wire ends against the frame using chain nose pliers. This helps to press the wire end into the coils so that there is not a rough end pointing out. A rough end can scratch you or snag your clothing.
  5. Explore contrasting metal tones, your finding color and wire do not always need to match. If you have a gold frame, consider using silver or bronze wire. It creates a different look and will help make your wire wrapping design really pop!

Featured Wire Wrapping Projects

Retired - Siren Song Earrings
Retired - Siren Song Earrings
Retired - Tal Necklace
Retired - Tal Necklace
Retired - Cappadocia Earrings
Retired - Cappadocia Earrings
Elysia Earrings
Elysia Earrings



Do you have any questions about wire wrapping frames? Have you tried it and struggled with something? Here is the place to ask your questions! Please post them in the comments and then next Friday, May 27th at 12pm PT, Beadaholique designer Julie Bean will answer your questions live on Facebook during our Find Out Friday series.

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Ari - May 23, 2022

Do you recommend a dab of glue at the end?

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