How to Wire Wrap Beads onto a Nunn Design Open Frame Pendant

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to wire wrap beads onto a Nunn Design open frame pendant. These open frame pendants are soldered completely around and have an attached ring for easy hanging. You can wire wrap all sorts of beads onto them including gemstone, wood, glass, and metal.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with frame pendant and the pendant is by Nunn design so here's a couple finished examples here we've used some gemstone chips which are really pretty three different strands of them and they've been wire wrapped onto the frame and then in this one there's some little brass beads that have been wire wrapped onto the frame as well so a very different look even though it's the exact same technique so to do this we're going to need an open frame pendant and there's actually quite a few to choose from and different finishes so there's hexagons both small and large there's rounds again small and large and then there's squares so you have a lot to choose from and I'm going to do the hexagon right here cuz I thought this would be a good one to show in a video cuz it's gonna be a little more challenging than a square or a round so what you'll need is some 24 gauge wire I just have some craft wire and then some beads I have a little coconut wood beads I'm kind of going for like a boho look when she'll be great to incorporate the wood beads tools you're going to need a pair of flush cutters and then have on hand a chain nose plier I don't know if you're going to need it always but it's good to have on hand when you're working with wire we're going to start by cutting a length of wire now the amount of wire you need is really going to be based upon how many rows you're going to create so you'll see here this was just three rows here we have 5 rows of course the 5 rows is going to require a lot more wire than the 3 so it's also going to be dependent upon what size beads you have the smaller bead we're able to do more rows the bigger beads fewer rows since I really don't know how many rows I'm going to create when I'm starting a project like this I'm gonna just make sure I cut enough wire to begin with in this case I want to do about 30 inches I've been doing this for a little bit so you know I didn't really feel like I needed to measure it out because I'm just approximating but if you feel better measure it with a ruler so take one end of your wire the tail and we are going to wrap it around the side and I'm going to go from this side to this side to create a bag and a look so I'm just going to hold one end of it and wrap it and I'm going to do three nice neat wraps I'm just feeding it through the center okay now I've got this tail and I want the tail to live on the inside I'm actually going to take my chain nose and I'm just going to push that tail so it's nice and flat and curl it to the inside pull it so by keeping that tail the way I kept it actually ended up with additional wrap I'm just gonna cut now that end off so I don't have to worry about so you see I've got one two three four I ended up with four wraps so that tail got looped around you can do three you can do five you can do however many wraps you really want I would recommend at least three though to get you a really nice solid foundation to start with so now I'm going to go ahead and string my beads I'm gonna make sure this wire comes up this side because I'm gonna stretch it across so I'm just going to take the tail of the wire and string on beads now at this point since I'm just beginning this project I don't know how many I'm going to need and these beads being wood they're a little bit irregular which is the look I wanted but it does make it difficult to say oh string fifteen beads or string twenty if you were doing my yuki delicas or something like that you would be able to know exactly how many beads you'd want to string each time so I'm gonna need some more do one more to begin with see what I end up with so I stretched that across and I like that that's just about perfect so now I'm going to sew if you see the wire it came up and around here and across so now I'm going to wrap it around and then through now you don't want your wire to kink so kind of pay attention to it as it's coming through if you need to just you put your finger between it the loop right here and that will help so it doesn't kink so now let's go around again you want to go around at least twice to make sure it's secure it's really up to you if you want to keep going around more than that for a decorative element okay so I go around one more time now you'll notice this time I'm on this side so now I'm going to string these guys across you could actually create a really interesting design if you use a contrasting color bead or every other row just one little design or tip there now I'm going to go ahead and thread some more on see you Anna I'm gonna have one too many I'll just pull it off there we go and I'm gonna wrap it around again and I'm trying to do pretty tight wraps cuz once this is done I want it to just lay nice and flat and I want to look really even no you don't have to do that you can do a messy look if you want to if you can't tell I'm trying to definitely say do what you want with these there's a lot of different possibilities I love working with wire because it's so flexible and you really can let your creativity take over okay so I've got two rows I'm going to do another one got too many there slide off now those guys and then back to that other side so I'm gonna keep doing this I'm gonna do this actually off-camera I'm gonna make a few more rows because it's the exact same technique the whole way through and then when I get to where I'm happy with it I'm gonna come back and I'll show you how to finish it off but you just keep doing rows and honestly you could stop right now if you wanted to and that could be your look or you could keep going and I'm gonna do a few more so I'll see you in a few I've done a couple more rows and now I'm gonna do my last one and show you how to finish off the water so you see what it looks like I've got three on each side it really doesn't matter the number it's really more about the aesthetic and what it looks like so I just want to do one more so I have that nice solid grid along the front sign my beads down I have one too many so this is what's going to look like and I'm just gonna wrap the wire around the edge the same way I've done my other wrappings nothing special about it except for that bead is escaping me if your beads do that just scooting back in place it's the beauty of working with wire there we go so a nice tight wrap around my wrap again and I'm gonna do then one more into the middle of it so you want to make sure you have at least two to three wraps here so stay secure now I'm gonna wrap it on the inside so now it's coming out and right here I'm gonna snip it and that's important because I don't want that loose wire out on this outside edge where it might catch on some clothing so I'm just gonna snip it and I'm done so that is what this piece looks like all I would need to do is add some chain and before I sign off here I want to show you one other little thing here's this piece that Karlin did and these look great all scooted down and in a row but don't forget you can also space them differently you can have them at a diagonal doesn't have to be neat and even really play with these there's a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can do with these you can find these open frame pendants by Nunn design as well as all the beads and chain you're going to need to finish them off with a bead a Halik you

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