Stretch Bracelet Essentials for DIY Jewelry

Stretch bracelets are SO popular right now. We see them literally everywhere and they are a great jewelry making technique that almost anyone can do. You can make fancy stretch bracelets using PRESTIGE crystal beads, personalized ones with letter alphabet beads, Boho-inspired ones with wood beads, or use seed beads, Czech glass beads, or thousands of other beads to create your design. 

To get started making stretch bracelets, you will first need a good stretch cord. We have created a whole section dedicated to stretch cords. After you have your stretch cord, you just need to pick out your favorite beads! You can string your beads in a pattern, you can color block them, or even put them on randomly. There is no wrong way to string your beads and that is part of the fun of it! 

The very first step is to pre-stretch your stretch cord. Here is a video showing you how:

Featured Video: Quick Tip: Pre-Stretch Stretch Cord Before Making a Bracelet

Next up, here is a great starting video which teaches you how to make a stretch bracelet that has a really secure knot! This video shows you all the basics of making a stretch cord bracelet.

Featured Video: How to Secure a Stretch Cord Bracelet

To make stretch bracelets easier, there are two tools that really help. Here is a video showing what they are and how to use them!

Featured Video: Two Tools the Make Creating Stretch Bracelets Easier!

The three above videos will definitely get you started making oodles of stretch bracelets! Keep them, give them, share them. They are a fun staple for spring and summer and really all year round! 

Here are some inspiration projects. Some of the beads might have sold out, but it gives you a good idea of the variety of stretch bracelet designs you can make. Don't forget, you can always stack them and wear more than 1 stretch bracelet at a time. 

Find inspiration with all our DIY stretch bracelet tutorials and shop our huge selection of beads and stretch cord to make your stretch bracelets!


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