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Hi, this is Julie with frame pendant some wire a pretty 8 millimeter bead and some seed beads for this project you're going to need a nun design open frame pendant i have one right here in pear-shaped you see it's got holes on either end that were going to feed our wire through you need an earring hook an 8 millimeter bead the one i'm using is an impression Jasper faceted gemstone in aqua blue and then 2 colors of seed beads I have on my yuki Delica 11o and matt a pixie opal which is a really pretty green color greenish blue and then I have these Czech glass try cut beads size 10 oh you're also going to need some wire because we are wire wrapping I'm using artistic wire 24 gauge in a gold plate tools a ruler chain nose plier a pair of flush cutters and a wire looping plier so let me show you how you do this to begin you're going to go ahead and cut 18 inches of wire and we are now done with our ruler and we're done with our wire we're going to do this all this wire wrapping with a single piece of wire we're gonna take our bead and what's nice about these open frame pendants as they are a bit flexible so you can open or close that opening to accommodate your bead so you could do a little smaller bead or a little larger one we're going to look where the hole of the bead is I'm going to line it up with the hole of the open frame pendant I'm going to take the end of our wire and feed it through so it goes through the pendant through the bead and out the other side you want a tail of two to three inches I'm gonna pull the wires up to the top of the bead and you want them to crisscross over the bead in the center take the short end and wrap it around the longer wire I'm just gonna do two raps if you can scoot that rapping down a little bit this is what we've got you want to make sure it's approximately in the middle because this is going to be where you create your loop for your earring so go ahead and trim off the end of the short wire and then take your wire looping pliers grab it right above the wrappings and crimp and that does half your loop for you right there pull the wire down rotate your pliers up top and then continue doing some wrappings while holding on to the wire with your wire looping pliers I find this much easier to do then using round nose pliers especially for this application where we want to be able to do some wrappings here while holding it up top so I'm just wrapping it around and I'm trying to do fairly neat wraps you could do messy if you wanted after you've done five or six wraps go ahead and release your pliers and you're going to continue doing a couple more wraps and then once you've got a nice foundation here where it looks like it's intentional we're gonna take that wire and we're gonna pull it down towards the back and under that open frame pendant and through the middle and pull that pretty tight so now my beads scattered everywhere I actually don't even need this name beads but this will happen it's because my wire is hitting them which is fine okay so do a few wraps around the side of the pendant without any beads you can make these wraps close together or far apart and once you get down towards the bottom part we're starting to curve you're gonna want to add some beads so we're gonna string on gold bead you pretty see opal one three golds of course if you're doing this at home do whatever pattern you like I just want to show you the one that I did so if you do want to duplicate it you can so I'm just doing a pattern of three golds the see opal three Gold's see opal so forth okay pull those down a little bit and you're gonna want to string on approximately two inches of beads don't worry about being exact because we can always take beads away or add more okay once you've got your beads on there make sure they slide all the way down to the base and now we're gonna just wrap the wire around the pendant but with the beads wrapping as you go so it helps if you go ahead and pull them down and hold them in place here because then when you do that first wrap they're gonna end up staying where you want them and then you will have to release them to feed your wire through the middle but then go back and make sure you scoot them along down the base so that they do end up where you want them to be and then just continue wrapping now these are glass beads so my only word of caution is don't pull them so tight with the wire but they end up cracking on you and you'll know that it's starting to happen you'll actually hear a crackling sound which is not what you want to hear but this is a fairly easy project so if that does happen you can just restring what you're doing so notice how I'm trying to hold these so that they do wrap around because we come up here we want to make sure that this side is fairly even with that side in terms of how high up the seed beads are along the pendant and actually looks pretty good to me you can manipulate it a little bit I might add another turquoise and a couple more golds okay all right so I'm happy with that so now I'm just gonna go ahead well actually not to be a perfectionist but that looked like a few too many so actually let me just get rid of a few and now I'm going to do some wrappings up top without any beads all right so when we get to the top what you want to do is take your wire and I can actually tell I have more than enough wire right here so to make life a little easier on myself I'm just going to trim off a little bit so I have about four or five inches now I'm going to feed this tail through this loop that was created when we originally Criss crossed our wires on top of our eight millimeter bead and we're going to pull this through so it's tight and that wrapping is up flush against the side of our OpenFeint pendant so then we're going to pull this around to the back go to the front again and then go around the side one more time and now that is really quite secure so we're going to now trim it and then you can take your chain nose pliers and tuck that tail in and there we go we have just wire wrapped our pendant really easy to add the earring hook I'm just gonna open the base of the hook how we would open a jump ring slide your pendant on and close that loop back up and now I scoot these out of the way you have a really pretty pair of earrings that was quite easy to do and I think a lot of different options in terms of what beads you use you can do a lot of different color variations before I conclude this video I did just want to show you the different finishes and shapes that these open frame pendants are available in so in terms of the pear-shaped there is the gold-tone there is an antique silver and a bright silver so hopefully you can see the difference between the two the antique silver is just more matte and has a little bit of a darker Sheen to it these measure about 34 millimeters by 22 millimeters and then there's the round shape and there's five different finishes for this guy and they're just under one inch so there are 25 millimeters by 23 millimeters so you have the gold and then you have brass now this brass is not coded you can see it's already starting to tarnish a little bit so this you'd want to use with other brass components and you should also be wanting to have more of an antique look to it because it will patina and then we've got a really pretty warm copper again the bright silver and the antique silver and do keep in mind that you can decrease that center gap or increase it so some flexibility there - you can find all the supplies you have seen in this video as well as more wire wrapping tutorials at you

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