Nunn Design Wire Frame Ideas and Inspiration by Becky Nunn

SKU VID-1029
Designer: Becky Nunn
Skill Level: Any Level
See some great examples of how to use Nunn Design wire frames. Various design ideas are shown in this 'dog and pony' show. This video features Beadaholique guest designer Becky Nunn of Nunn Design.
Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
hi this is becky nunn with nunn design here in the studio at beadaholique one of the items that we released in the 2016 winter collection are these wireframes and here are some projects of the ways in which you can use them on this piece here I took some seed beads and some very fine 28 gauge wire and slowly and gently wire wrapped the seed beads to create a look like that on this piece here there's a video showing how you can make this but to add a little accent to my focal I wire wrapped some beads onto the wire frame in this example simple wire wrapping just at the base and adding in a funky little gold jump ring to tie that in with some Liebherr backs here it is in a copper which is showing how you can do it in different color combinations these are super fun super fast and super easy several jump rings right onto the base in a nice do a tone with us some different types of patterned jump rings off from Nunn design and then if you're a silver girl or by here are some fun earrings same design all solid but in the silver very fun fairly fast and fairly easy projects using the 2016 winter collection wire frames this is becky nunn with nunn design here at beadaholique you

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