Visual Guide to Austrian Crystal Colors

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Designer: Julie Bean
This video is a visual guide to a curated collection of the most popular Austrian crystal colors. Austrian crystal beads and pendants are some of the finest quality jewelry components available. Made in Austria, these crystals sparkle beautifully and add an elegant touch to handmade jewelry.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
Hi, this is Julie and this video is a visual guide to a curated collection of swarovski crystal colors now I say curated collection because there are more colors than what you see here and Swarovski is always coming out with new colors but I wanted to pick our designer favorites as well as some of the most popular colors to show you here in this video please note that i'm just showing four millimeter bicones but these colors come in a whole variety of different shaped beads pendants fancy stone shut-ins and more i'm going to start up here with some colors i think are really great for bridal wear and you can see that we have a bridal choker here that's been beadwoven with little by combs and swarovski pearls so i'm going to start with probably the most classic popular color and that is crystal is just clear and it's beautiful it's very fresh it's very clean now if you want to add a little bit more of a sparkle and a little bit more color to it there is crystal a B which it has an a B effect on just one side and you can see that it really does pick up some more colors and really does bounce that light even more now if you want even more intensity of color we've got crystal a B 2 X so this has that a bee coating on both sides and you can see it's shimmering yellow a little bit of pink is really going to pick up whatever color you pair it with me put these back in their piles and then I'm going to move on to white opal which is still transparent but definitely has a milky look to it and then chalk white which is completely opaque really nice solid over here I've pulled out some pinks and reds and you can see we've used some of them in this bracelet here that we've wire wrapped the first is vintage rose which is really nice antique pink is very soft followed by light rose and this is really your classic pink rose which is a little bit more of a saturated pink ruby light siam and siam now if you're doing christmas projects light I am is really the one you're going to want for that true Christmas read down here with my Purple's I have Provence lavender followed by light amethyst amethyst and purple velvet I love purple valleys are really deep saturated brilliant purple in my blue row I've got aquamarine light turquoise capri blue light sapphire sapphire and dark sapphire these would be great to create an ombre effect with in the greens I've got peridot fern green olivene and emerald all of you and I love to pair with vintage artisan copper aventage natural brass it's just a really nice color to pair with some of your aunty ki looking pieces and then of course emerald green is just a really nice classic green for my golds and browns I have crystal golden shadow this is probably one of the colors I use most often because it's just very subtle crystal metallic sunshine really does have a nice gold look to it followed by smoked topaz if you want a nice Brown now the three that you see over here I just think are really interesting that they've got a lot of different colors happening in them the first is fire opal just I love it it's just mesmerizing and then crystal lilac shadow and a burgundy blue zircon blend you've got really two colors at play there and then finally I have some grays and silver and black down here so the first is black diamond another really good classic staple it acts as a neutral in a lot of designs actually crystal silver night you can see it's got that silver coating on one side and then jet which is just your classic black and because it's Roth's key of course it sparkles beautifully you can find all of these colors as well as many more at you

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