Overview of Pendant Bails for Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
Pendant bails allow you to easily and beautifully hang focal pieces, beads, and pendants from necklaces and other jewelry. They come in a wide variety of types, sizes, and finishes. This overview video helps to explain the differences between the types of bails currently on the market and shows some of the styles available for sale at Beadaholique.com
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com the bail is a finding that allows you to hang a bead or a pendant there's really four different categories we have snap-on bales glue on pinch and slider bales so I'm going to go one by one and show you what each of those terms mean so these are snap-on bales like the name suggests they snap and they can either be like this one here where you see is actually hinged and will snap into place with a little ring at the bottom or a more common type you're going to see are these guys here which look like a continuous loop but you'll see they're actually separated and you can go ahead and slide these on to a pendant with a ring already attached so this here is a swarovski pave star pendant now I'm just going to slide it right on to this bail so this would take the place of a jump ring it would be a little bit of a fancier bail so then you can just string your necklace through that open loop so those are snap-on bales the next type our glue on here i have an example of a scrabble tile pendant that is using a glue on bail I have another example here which is a little cookie that was made out of crystal clay with some little shatov's add to it but the bales themselves look like this they have a flat surface and that is where you're going to place the glue I would recommend e6000 that's my personal favorite glue for gluing these glue on bails in place and you'll notice the outside which is actually the back side but that's part you're going to see usually has some type of pretty finished look or a little decorative element to it as you can see here so all different sizes of these so you could use a small one for earrings you might want to use the larger one for a pendant you might want to match your theme of your front object to the look of the glue on bail a lot of different choices and these are just really handy very easy to use to create a nice necklace the next type which is probably the most common and the one that you're going to have the most choices are snap-on bales so these usually have a little set of prongs and you're going to pull them apart insert your pendant and push them together again I have a finished example using this one here you see we have this really beautiful spike pendant and we just inserted it between those prongs push them back into place and that's going to now hold I have another couple examples here I have this lovely swarovski crystal heart I just used a little bit of a planar more sleek bail for that and this was a pinch bail as well sometimes they come hinged other times they are solid you see a lot of different choices in terms of the decorative aspect to these some are very plain some are very fancy we also have these pinch bails here work this exact same way but they are great for making earrings you can use them for a necklace as well but do keep them in mind for earrings that does show you that you don't just have to use pendant bales for necklaces you can use them for a variety of jewelry making projects on the final type i want to show you our slider bails these are really great and easy to use you could go ahead and slide them on either before or after you finish your project all depend upon really what your clasp is you want to make sure that if you're going to do it after the fact like i'm going to show you here that it will actually go over your class and then you could just hang a charm or another decorative element from that ring but if your jewelry project has a clasp that it won't slide over just go ahead and add it first and then attach your clasp so these are just a few samples of the many types of Bale's we have available again we've got the slider bails great for European large hole bracelets kumihimo braiding cork bracelets leather like bracelets a whole host of different options for those we have the pinch bails actually I forgot to show you i'm just going to show you this one real quick the little brio let there we go I have a large and a small a bunch of different choices great for easy necklaces easy earrings we have the glue on wonderful for mixed media projects and finally we're back to the snap on bales very easy to use and it just add a really nice finishing touch to your jewelry project and you might be curious as to how do you choose the proper bail for your crystal piece well a good tip is to look at the product listing for the bail is going to show you how far of a distance you have between the two prongs and then you're going to compare that information with the product listing for the actual pendant you're choosing as well and that's going to show you information such as how deep is this pendant where is the hole drilled from the top of it most often all that information is in the product listings and if you just compare the two you'll be able to decide which bail will fit which pendant these bales and many more are available on beadaholique.com you

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