Overview of Ring Findings for Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video learn all about the types of ring findings available to use to create unique handmade jewelry. Beadable rings, glue-on rings, and bezel rings are all discussed and many finished examples of each are shown.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and i want to show you the wide range of ring findings available at beadaholique.com there's three main types of ring findings there's the bezel ring finding the gluon ring finding and the beatable one so i want to walk you through each one and tell you a little bit more about them in the bezel category we have all different shapes we've got rectangular square oval and round even have little hearts as well and each of these are adjustable and they have a bezel setting meaning they have a setting that you can fill with something whether that's resin crystal clay collage work the glass dome but they've got these wonderful edges which are going to hold an object in place so i have a few examples of use to show you I've got this one here where we used some crystal clay and cup chain and then we just put a pretty brass stamping embedded into the crystal clay so this is what that finding looks like undecorated here we used a button that would cut off the shank here we just simply glued in some Tila beads they actually aren't stitched they're just glued in place we filled the actual bezel with e six thousand glue and just drop the beads in place here's another epoxy clay one with rhinestones similar technique as this one here a glass cabochon over some collage art work and then this one just a fun little glass dome so you can see from the examples of use there's a bunch of different styles of different things you can do with these when you're purchasing them you'll want to take a note of the depth of the bezel that's going to help to dictate what you can put in it and what's going to look best so here we have a really deep example here's a pretty shallow example and I say that this one here is a medium height so in our product listings we do list the depth of the vessel as well as the dimensions which is going to allow you to know what's going to fit inside of it these are really fun rings to put together and you can go as simplistic as you want or as complicated as you want the second type are these little guys over here and these are glue on ring findings so like the name suggests all you have to do is glue something onto them here's a finished example of this one where we took a lucite cabochon and just a little bit of e6000 glue it in place see they come in a variety of colors so these filigree ones are really quite pretty but we also have ones with plain bands and you'll see that the band width will vary as will the size of the glue on pad as well we have even little tiny ones so let me show you what these might look like in a finished example so here's a smaller glue on pad and then here's a larger one so the size of your finished piece is going to really dictate what size pad you want to use this is really lightweight and it's very small so we chose a small pad this one here is a little bit heavier a little more substantial so we used a little bit bigger pad and then this one is kind of an interesting example because this is the same size pad this is actually hidden behind the ultra suede backing so also in the gluon category are some pretty filigree ones with filigree tops and these you can just glue a pretty focal in the center of and then see the filigree on the outside and finally we have these little stretch ones it's a bigger rectangular glue on tab you can see what we've done here is we took a bezel setting set a cabochon down into it and then glued that actual setting onto the pad the third and final type is a beatable ring finding you can see here that these are glue on but they're also beatable you could beat along the edge and then there's these ones here and this is a finished example of this style in a different color of course where we just took some Swarovski crystal pearls place them on head pins made simple wire loops and then we attach those loops to the loops already on the ring you see there's a couple different styles here so you can find all of these ring findings and many many more as well as the instructions for the projects you see in these example pieces here on beadaholique.com you

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