Vintaj Big Kick Etched and Embossed Metal Blanks: Finishing Techniques

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Designer: Julie Bean
This video explores different finishing techniques for metal stamping blanks which have been etched and embossed using the Vintaj Big Kick machine by Sizzix. From Vintaj's Relief Block to Gilder's Paste and even nail polish, learn how you can make the details really pop!
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie for and I'm going going to show you how to finish your stamping blanks which you use the Vintaj BIGkick Sizzix machine on and you deco embossed or you deco etched them. When they first come out of the machine they look like this. Something like that where it's all one color. You can see that it does have the have the raised and the depressed areas. It's nice. It really make those details pop and come to life. To do so you have a couple different choices. You can use the Vintaj relief block. This is the quickest and easiest way and it really has a great impact. You can use Gilder's Paste. That's a nice way of doing it. You can even use nail polish. And we've actually taken our StazOn jet black ink as well and applied it. So here is a deco emboss plate and from this one here we were able to get this little guy right here, this square stamping blank. On the top part we have used the Vintaj relief block and now I want to show you how easy that is to do by doing it on the back side. You can use whichever surface of the relief you want. This one here is going to be more of a finer grit. This could be a polish. This could be a heavier grit. I like the heavier grit myself. It just makes those images really come to life. Very simple to do. Works really quick and know you see that detailing of the birds head. After you've done this and you've got it to the point of where you want it you can apply some renaissance wax to the piece to help keep this finish so it doesn't go back and turn the original color. Here's a couple other ones we've done with it. See how those look. You can do it sparingly just making sure you can do it along the edges and leaving the backside dark which is nice. Makes it really pop. Here's one that we just started on. I'm going to show you again how quick and easy this is. And then if you have any scratch marks you want to get out just go ahead and use the polish side of the pad. It'll bring it to a nice high shine to get any scratches off. So that's the Vintaj relief block which is one option. Another option is going to be Gilder's Paste. We used petunia Gilder's Paste on a copper stamping blank. I'll show you how this works. I like to do it with my finger. I'm just going to rub it. After you're happy with how it is again you're going to want to seal this. With Gilder's Paste we recommend a clear acrylic matte spray finish spray sealer which you can find at most art stores. So this is how you use Gilder's Paste on there. Another option is going to be a StazOn ink. I'm going to do it on this one here. Take your blank, put it face down on the ink pad. Gently press. Pull up. See where you want to press some more. Again pull it out. You can do that as much as you want to. Then you're going to want to seal this as well. Finally you can use some nail polish. They come in a fun array of colors. If you wanted to you can just dab a little highlight wherever you want to on the blank. You can do a raised area or the depressed area. These fun colors are just available at the drugstore. So I have a little key here that I've done and this was using a deck etch plate. I'm just going to paint this on over the entire key. Now I'm going to rub it. You can see it's starting to seep into the actual lines of the etching. You'll just do that as often as you want until you get the right color and the right consistency. Thanks for joining us. I hope you had fun learning how to make your deco etched and deco embossed stamping blanks really pop. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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