How to Use the Vintaj Big Kick Machine to Etch and Emboss Metal Stampings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, learn about how to operate the Vintaj BIGkick machine by Sizzix to emboss and etch metal stamping blanks. Learn how to properly use the etching and embossing plates and hear tips on how to gain the best results every time and preserve the life of your plates. Dramatic results are just minutes away!
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Hi. This is Julie with Today I want to show you how to use this Sizzix Vintaj BIGkick embossing machine. Here's what it looks like. It's the same on both sides. It has a very nice handle. Now the one difference is that the Vintaj logo is at the front. So this is where you can load your objects into and then they're just going to come out the back of the Sizzix. When you turn the handle you're going to turn it clockwise. It's really easy to work with. So this is the main body of your Vintaj BIGKick. In with your kit you're going to receive the solo plateform which is this item right here. A nice heavy-duty plastic platform. then the solo shim and that's this piece of plastic right here and it just attaches by being anchored into these brackets right there which are on either side. So this is going to go into the machine like so. You're also going to get two cutting pads. This one here you can see there's some decoration on here. This is actually from usages. It's from when we've etched a few items already and that's going to naturally going to occur. It's totally okay. But when you do receive them they're gonna be nice and clear like this. You're going to place it right inside of the machine on top of your solo platform and solo shim. You're going to use the platform and shim together with all of your Vintaj stamping blanks you're going to be using. I a couple of example right here that we've already done. You can see that we've these great little birds. This here is done with the embossing. You can see how the nice reversed side looks as well. This might be a better example. Here's with embossing. You can see the reverse is just as beautiful as the front. We've actually taken the Vintaj relief block and we've highlighted the raised areas. We'll show you in another video how to do that and also how to use Gilders paste and even some stamping ink to really make the details pop. In this video here I want to introduce you the machine and also how to use the deco embossed and deco etched plates. Here is what you'll get when you order this. It's going to look like this. When it's an embossed plate it's gonna have two sides to it hinged. When you open it you'll see the positive and negative of the pattern. With the deco etch it's going to have foam top to it. It's not going to have another panel that flips over it. I have a couple of samples right here where you would actually be able to embossed paper as well. So without further ado let me show you how this works. First off we're going to do the embossed plate. So have an example right here. I've got metal stamping blank put out by Vintaj and I just want to capper that little bird there. So I'm going to put that blank on top of the bird. Easy as that. I'm going to flip the lid shut. Holding this in place, I'm going to show you what the back says, it says place this side down. So I want that side to be down onto your cutting pad. So I'm going to place it hinge forward facing the machine. I'm going to take my cutting pad carefully lay it on top. It doesn't have to be exactly even. You can get a little variation right there. That's totally fine. All you need to do is I like to hold down on the top of the machine to stabilize and give myself a little bit more control and then you just turn the handle clockwise. It's quite easy to work with. It doesn't require a lot of strength. It comes out the other side. Let me show you what we've got. You're going to be amazed at how easy this is and how the great the result is. Open it up. You can flex it a little bit if you want to to try to loosen that up but it does come out quite easily and there we have our image. If you really wanna make it pop you're use the Vintaj relief block. You can see how that will just come to life. So that is how you use a deco embossed plate. Now if you want to use a deco etched plate, it's is pretty much the same concept. You're going to put your main platform into the machine. put one of the etch pads into the machine as well. Take your plate. This one doesn't say this side down but you're going to want that side down. The foam facing up. You're gonna wanna take a stamping blank. Here I have a leaf design which i thought would be fun to use with the leaf pattern. I'm just going to lay that how I want it and then I'm going to take my other cutting pad. Put it directly on top of it. You will notice you will get these marks that's okay There we go. Same process. Just turned the handle. And we take it out. I've got a great pattern now on your stamping blank. If you want to see what happens the relief block is where it really comes to life. That is all there is to using the new Vintaj BIGKick Sizzix machine using the deco emboss and deco etching plates. Now you don't wanna use any of the other Sizzix products with the metal stamping blanks. Vintaj has come out with these exclusively for it but you can use the others Sizzix products in with this machine if you're wanting to emboss paper or do some of the other fun projects they have for scrapbooking. Just don't use the metal planks with any other product other than the Vintaj deco emboss and deco etch plate. I hope you have a lot of fun with this and join us in our next video as we go over how to finish these using the Vintaj relief block, Gilder Paste, ink and some other great ideas. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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