Size Comparison of Czech Glass SuperDuo and MiniDuo Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video see a side by side size comparison between Czech Glass SuperDuo and Czech Glass MiniDuo beads. These 2-hole beads are identical in every way except for their size.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with paracin between super duo beads and mini duo's so they have the same shape they're both Czech glass beads so let me try to show you the shape in the larger size it's got a wider middle and a tapered ends and of course two holes which makes it really versatile for a lot of different bead weaving and beadwork projects so I've gone ahead and I've done up a little sample in both it's the exact same design same number of beads but you can see that the super duo one is going to be larger the mini duo is going to of course be smaller but if you take a project like this which was using super duos it's the Scorpio bracelet and it's actually a stretch bracelet you can do this exact same design in the mini duos as you would do in the super duos you would just pick smaller beads here for the edge just because your beads are smaller all around so these are a great fun bead to play with and we have a lot of different colors on the beadaholique website as well as a lot of different project ideas now before I sign off I do want to give you a quick little note about sizing so the sizing on these guys is obvious that the mini duo is smaller than the super duo but when you actually get the package it's going to list the mini duo as two millimeters by four millimeters and it's going to list a super duo as two millimeters by five millimeters well the length one is pretty obvious this guy here is a millimeter longer than the mini duo I find the fact that both are listed as a two millimeter for the other measurement a wee bit confusing because it's obvious one is smaller than the other I think it's just where they're measuring it so on the super duo where you measure to get the two millimeter is actually the distance right here where the hole is not the center the center is actually three millimeters and on the mini duo I think what the measurement is for the two millimeter is this part across in the middle and near the tapered holes is more like a millimeter so I personally find the actual sizing a wee bit confusing when you see it listed or on the packaging that's why I want to do this video so this super duo is larger than I'm going to do obviously and hopefully seeing them side by side right here and seeing some bead work side by side gives you a little bit better understanding of their difference like I mentioned before you can find mini duo's and super duos as well as projects for them on the betta Holly website you

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