Product Demo: Beadsmith Corded HotFX Crystal Applicator Tool

SKU VID-1020
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
Learn how to use the Beadsmith HotFX applicator tool to apply crystals with Hotfix backings to a wide variety of surfaces. This corded tool has 2 power settings and 7 tips.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Julia beadaholique use the beadsmith hot FX hot fix applicator tool so this is a great tool for applying hot fix crystals to your sewing or jewelry making projects so this is actually really easy to use I'm going to show you how to use it in just one moment but first I'm going to tell you a little bit more about it and show you how to change out the tip because that's important to know so you'll see that this has two power settings so this is not turned on and it's not plugged in at this point because I'm gonna be changing out the tip so whenever you're changing out the tip have it unplugged but the first setting is low so you would just move it up to here if this was plugged in the little indicator light would go on so your low setting will be for embellishment tape and iron ons and then your high setting which has the two bars it's going to be for your stone setting so that's what the two settings are for now this does come with multiple tips so it to change them out just go like this you unscrew it and you put in the replacement tip so very very easy to do and you'll notice this tip here is a little darker in color and that's because I've already used it so eventually all of these tips as you use them will darken a little bit they'll get a nice natural patina to them the tips you get are these ones right here so we've got different sizes for different stones so we've got a size for an s s 6s s 10 s s 16 and an SS 20 and then we've also got these guys here which are flat so you can use these for either shaped fancy stones that don't fit into the little well right here or you can use these for your embellishment tape or iron ons so they're kind of nice to have those as well and they come in a little pouch and then you also get a little stand so I'm going to show you how to use this and then at the very end I'm going to talk to you about the differences between these two tools because I know that's going to be a question that comes up so I'm going to first plug this guy and when you turn it on you'll see the little indicator light and I'm gonna be setting stones so I'm going to go up to the second setting which is the high power and I can rest it on my little stand and I'm gonna let it warm up for about a minute okay as its warming let me show you what I've done already so I've already set these guys and I left this one here for a reason so this is obviously a boo-boo and what happened was I actually moved my wand my tool as I was setting the stone and you can see that hotfix glue actually smudged and smeared so you'll want to make sure when you apply your crystals that you keep your tool straight up and down and you don't move it or drag it across your surface with this tool you place your stones first where you want them and you'll notice each of these tips have a little slot if you have a hard time removing your tool from your stone which you really shouldn't have but in case you do you can put the tip of a tweezer into that little slot and just help help the stones stay where they should so that's just a little added thing you can do but usually you don't even need to you'll notice that this tip is getting even darker and all we're going to need to do is we take the tool we press it over the stone and we wait about five to 10 seconds I like to do a 10 just to make sure but you don't need to do any more than that and you pull it away and it's set so this one we haven't set yet let me do that one again there we go and it's done and then you can turn one and these are all stones that do have the hotfix backing can see there's a little bit of adhesive on the back so real quick as this is cooling down and since I just showed you how to use that I want to talk to you about the differences between these two tools so we do have another tutorial video showing you how to use this one this is the beadsmith cordless vacuum hotfix tool and you can see it has two tips as well now the nice thing about this tool is it has a vacuum component you can hear that right there so it allows you to pick up the stones and put them wherever you want so you don't have to place them ahead of time where you want them which is great if you're doing any type of dimensional work where it's not applying these stones to a flat surface so that's one nice advantage it also has a nice light to it and it's cordless so very easy to use the advantage to just look back on the advanced to this tool here is it has these tips right here and it has those two power settings so if you're doing something more than just putting on rhinestones perhaps you are doing embellishment tape or you're gonna be using fancy stones that are not these little round guys you're going to want these tips so that's a big advantage to this one here so two different tools they both do perform the same function but they also both have a little bit of a difference in what they can do and their capabilities so just kind of think about what you're going to be using it for and then pick the right one for your personal use and I want to show you these are now dry and they're ready to go everything is in place so you can find these two tools as well as whole assortment of hotfix rhinestones these are Swarovski crystal ones at you

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