Product Demo: Beadsmith Cordless Vacuum HotFX Crystal Applicator Tool

SKU VID-1019
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
Learn how to use the Beadsmith cordless vacuum HotFX applicator tool to apply crystals to a wide variety of surfaces - and not just flat ones! The vacuum allows you to pick up and place crystals (with hotfix backings) anywhere you want.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with hotfix applicator so I know that sounds like it's a mouthful and it is but it's a really cool tool and what it does is it picks up flat back rhinestones which are hot fixed so they've got the little bit of adhesive on the back and then it is a tool to pick them up using the vacuum and then it heat sets them to your fabric or whatever you're applying them to so I want to show you how to use it before I do that I want to show you a couple features of it though where the batteries go so it does require four double A batteries and they go right back here so I'm not going to take them out but they're right in there and then there's a little guide right here to show you how you line up the batteries within the well so here is the cap is what you're going to be removing and here is the actual applicator tip and this applicator tip is for rhinestones are size SS 12 2 SS 20 so it stands for stone size the smaller the number the smaller the rhinestone but what's cool is actually give you a second little tip for the really itty bitty ones which are SS 6 - SS 12 and they do nicely mark on the tip itself which size is to be used with it I'm going to show you how to change your tip out you just pull it when it's of course in the off position and then you just push it back in place so really easy to do that always when it's cool and in the off position and you haven't been using it so now let me show you how you're going to use it you're going to move the cap and you're going to turn it on so you go from 0 to 1 by pushing it up and then you see the spot light which is really handy when you use this you can do some nice precision work you're going to wait 25 seconds for this tip to heat up I'm just going to talk to you for a minute here while we're waiting so you see that indicator light is on showing it's working and then we do have that nice spot light and what's cool because it's a vacuum feature it really allows you to apply these rhinestones anywhere not just on a flat surface as laying on your table but because you're gonna be picking them up with the vacuum feature you can apply them to something which is in the upright position which is pretty cool I think it's been about 25 seconds I'm now going to activate the vacuum I'm gonna do that by pressing right here so you can hear that so I'm now going to pick one up carry it over place it where I want it release the vacuum feature so it's not trying to suck it up just set it for five seconds and pull the tool away let me show you that one more time there we go and it's as easy as that to use this and you see that spotlight really does come in handy it's a very nice addition to this tool so now I'm just going to turn it off and I'm going to wait to put the cap on for a little bit but I'll just set this in the upright position make sure it's away from any kids or pets or anything like that where it might get knocked over and then I'll put the cap back on shortly a very easy tool to use very handy and available at you

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