How to Use the Battery Operated Beadalon Bead Reamer

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Beginner
In this video learn how to use Beadalon's battery operated bead reamer tool to expand hole sizes. You can also use wire rounder tips with this tool to round the edges of your wire projects.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with our tool so it makes a very nice buzzing sound so you know it's working so what this tool is gonna allow you to do is to expand the hole size of pearls so I have here where I've already used it on this pearl and you can compare it to the size of this hole here now if I would have kept going I could have made this hole even larger but as you can see it is a bit larger than the original size so let me teach you how to do that but first I want to show you how to put a tip in because your tips are gonna come not already attached so pinch this little metal bracket right here and pull out and here are the components that you have and the tool is going to come with two tips for you to use so you're gonna take the little rubber casing put it over the tip and slide it so the tip is resting against the base of it then slide this into the little case and make sure that's all the way down and then you're going to take this piece here and definitely not pushing the power button as you're doing this we just hold the sides of it push this into that Center well and then if you want to remove it pinch it and pull it out and then push it down in so really quite easy to do so when you're going to be using this tool and if you're going to be using it for pearls you're going to want to have them submerged in water when you try to expand their holes so a really handy tool to use is this tweezer here and it's got these little cups this is a fiber tipped tweezer and this really meant for holding beads and pearls in place so I'm going to take this pearl right here and just put it between the tips of the tweezers and so now it's going to hold it so now I'm gonna turn it around submerge it in water see if I can do this so you can see it on camera it sometimes helps to put the tip into the hole first then submerge both those in water and turn it on and you will slowly start to see that whole expand I'll do this a little bit more there we go so that whole now is getting larger and if we kept doing that it would continue to get larger so that is one use for this tool and there is another use I want to show you as well so if I take this tip out there are these other tips available these are by beadalon as well and these are wire rounder tips and what they allow you to do is to round the tip of your wire so here I've already done one so let me show you the before and after basically so here I just cut it with a cutter and here I rounded it so it's really smooth this is good if you're doing a oooh aware you're going to have an exposed piece of wire maybe you're doing an ear wire they're going to be putting through your ear this is a great application for it there's different size tips so here this one is for 20 gauge wire this is for 16 to 18 gauge and the one here is for 12 to 14 gauge so I'm going to be using 12 gauge wire so I'm going to be using this one right here so you're going to take out the tip you used for expanding your Pearl hole size going to keep this casing and you're going to slide the wire around or tip right into it and then you're going to put it into your tool you're going to take your wire with the rough edge and you're going to place it into the cup portion of the tip now the 12 gauge wire to begin with it's just an exact perfect fit but as you start rounding it it's going to sit into that cup more so you can get the really nice rounded shape and what I find helps is if you just rotate your tool ever so slightly and you can see we are starting to get a nice rounded tip that's continuing and it does have a little rough edge right here but as you continue to use your tool that will disappear so you'll just continue like that and then as you work with it you will eventually end up with this wears really nice and rounded so again this is the beadalon battery-operated bead reamer which also works with these nice wire around her tips and then real quick before I sign off I want to show you a quick tip for opening up the battery pack I had a little bit of a hard time opening it myself here is the area to open it but I just took a penny and I slipped it under here and just like that it opens and there are your batteries close it back up and you're good to go you can find this tool and a whole host of supplies to use with it at you

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