Show & Tell: Swarovski Raindrop Pendants

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video learn about Swarovski raindrop pendants and then at the end of the video learn how to make a quick and easy yet lovely pair of earrings. These pendants feature gold plated and rhodium plated settings already attached.
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Hi, this is Julie with and ins so these are really unique and that they've already got the setting attached to it which makes them very easy to use for jewelry making they come in three different sizes I'm going to pull out the three sizes so here the smallest one is seventeen point five millimeters the middle one is 23 millimeters and the largest is 33 yeah in terms of colors there's blush rose which is very pretty crystal golden shadow tanzanite crystal silver Knight then you have crystal a B I want to really show you how that catches the light I think this is my favorite actually and then there's just the regular crystal without the AV coating and then you do also have rhodium plated for the setting and then you also have gold plated now really quickly I want to show you how easy it is to turn these into a wearable piece of jewelry so I have some simple little gold filled earring hooks and I've already made an earring with one of the smallest sizes of the tanzanite raindrop pendant so I'm just going to take the matching one over here and what's nice is because they have the setting you don't need to create a wrapped wire loop with wire you don't have to attach a jump ring it is really ready to go for you so I'm just gonna carefully bend that loop and I'm going to go from the earring hook side here just slide it on and bend it back so just like that I created a really pretty piece a very nice jewelry that is something that's going to be able to be worn for years to come because it does have that nice gold filled hook and a really lovely high-quality Swarovski crystal pendant with that real pretty setting you can find these raindrop pendants and a lot of other Swarovski crystals and design ideas at you

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