Show & Tell: Designer Chain Assortments

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video learn about the chain styles that are part of Beadaholique's exclusive designer chain assortments. These chains have been handpicked by the Beadaholique design team because of their versatility, quality, and lovely appearance. In the chain assortments you will get 3 different chains, 3 feet of each.
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Hi, this is Julie with and so we have ham picked in the design team some of our very favorite chains and we've made them into an assortment that you can purchase and then use for your jewelry projects and what we wanted to do was have ones which are really versatile to use for bracelets necklaces and earrings so we made up some projects to show you how you might be able to use these for the chain assortment you get either a gold version or a silver version and there's three different styles and you get three feet of each so total of nine feet of chain so this one here is a nice Rolo chain it's one of our very favorites and it's a three point seven millimeter Rolo and here's an example of how you might be able to use it just one way there's a little charm bracelet you see that those links are nice and they're big enough to easily slip a jump ring into and use as a charm bracelet of course you'll have a lot more chain after you make a project like this to do other projects the next type of chain is a long short link chain and this measures three by five millimeters so you see that there's different size links in there it's just a really pretty delicate chain and what's nice is each link is definitely big enough to get different sizes of jump rings in so that's something you always want to think about when you're looking at chain is can I put a jump ring into one of the links and here you can on all of them and then here's a little earring that our designer Rachael did you see where that chain is coming into play so really a pretty design the final type of chain is a curb chain another really great staple so this one here is a five by six millimeter curb chain and hold that up so you can see what it looks like so this is another chain that we use all the time and here's an example of how you might be able to use it so you don't always have to use a big huge portion of chain you can use just a little she could have done even more or she could have done even less so a lot you can do with chain and then I love this detail up here is she actually used the chain as the end part the class so she's got a lobster clasp and then she used the chain instead of just a jump ring but because she has a nice length of chain the necklace is now adjustable in length so you can make it longer or shorter and she could have actually expanded that too let me show you real quick these ones up close again and these are exclusive to beadaholique and pick these because they are our favorites here in the design team which is really lovely good quality chains are very versatile for different projects so whether you're new to beading and you just want to have some chain around to be able to play with or you use a lot of chain and just want a nice assortment to incorporate into your designs these are a really great option so you do get three feet of each one and then you get three styles in each collection so you get a total of nine feet of chain which is a lot to play with which is very fun you can find these chain assortments exclusively at beadaholique you

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