Overview of Austrian Crystal Buttons & Sew-on Stones

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video learn about the different shapes and styles of Austrian crystal sew-on stones and buttons. Also see some finished jewelry examples made from these pieces and learn how to make a charming pair of Christmas tree earrings using Margarita sew-on beads.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com crystals and buttons so i'm going to start over here you see we got a lot to cover this is a really nice classic one this is a faceted round button is your traditional to whole button and it's flat on the back which is really great because it will lay nicely against some fabric if you're using it as a button now if you're using it as part of a clasp this is also a great option for you're nodding projects because your cord will be able to easily fit through those holes so that's a really good option if you're doing macrame this next button I want to show you is a clover button and let me show you the whole orientation because that's always important this is a single hole button against the back here you see what that would look like again this would be a really good option to use as part of a clasp for a nodding project especially if you're doing a seasonal one like for st. Patrick's Day over here we have a rivoli button you'll notice with the rivoli button is actually pointed on both sides and I picked the crystal one to show you because I want to show you the difference between foiled and non foil crystal the clover is non foiled it is just crystal on both sides the rivoli button has a foil back so you see what it looks like here and how that actually magnifies the actual crystal here so a very different look so you'll notice in the different listings either foiled or non foiled now these two guys over here are also rivoli buttons but they are a two-hole rivoli button and a four-hole and you'll notice they have a much narrower profile than this single hole rivoli button and here's a really quick example of how you might use a button such as these our designer cat simply wire wrapped a crystal button onto a piece of filigree and made a really pretty little pair of earrings a nice classic heart button with the two holes here we have some really nice what I consider to be more of like a vintage style button we have a duffle coat button and then we also have a chess board so on button really pretty and a nice statement piece as well these guys right here are round so on stones which are great for bead embroidery the tiny size is three millimeters and then we got four millimeters as well as five millimeters and you see they've got that single center hole and they're flat on the back which makes them ideal for stitching on as an embellishment up here we have square so on stones there's a 10 millimeter 12 millimeter and then a 14 millimeter and I've taken this small 10 millimeter size and I've connected them with jump rings so really a simple technique here but a very pretty sparkly bracelet is what I was able to make another type of so on stone that would work really well with this technique are these guys up here they're chessboard ones so i have a ten millimeter and a fourteen millimeter so if you're considering a so on stone to do a technique like this either to make an earring or a bracelet look at the hole placement you really want those holes to be right on the edge like you see here in these guys that's what allows you to easily connect them with a jump ring if you take a button like this where the hole is more towards the center it just would not be as easy and when it lay as flat so just keep that in mind when you're doing your design work over here is a really unique shape this is called a space cut so on and you see it's got two triangles one on each end so you could attach it here by doing a whipstitch if you are sewing it on or you could use it as an earring or a connector link as well we've got a couple sizes of triangles with the three holes here's a project that our designer cat made she went ahead and she hung some chain links from it and jump rings and made a really pretty bold earring and finally last but not least we have the little margarita beads so we've got a six millimeter eight millimeter 10-12 and this big one here is 14 and you'll notice that some of these have more of a shiny back on them some are foiled and some are just clear so that's another thing you're going to keep in mind and I do want to show you a couple examples for use of these guys as well because they're really a very versatile bead now you can stitch them onto something use them as an embellishment you can also stack them like in this earring here we made a little angel skirt and what we see a lot of people do with them which is really fun or to make Christmas trees and you can make a pretty tall Christmas tree if you wanted to or you can make a little petite one like what I've done here I do want to show you how to actually make this one so this is a really fun little project I have a cube bead I have three different sizes of the margaritas and I have a little petite like oh I have a head pin and an earring hook and you're going to see how quick and easy this is so I'm just going to place the square at the base as the trunk and this is actually peridot a be so you set really pretty shiny side so you can either do either side you can choose which one you want to be up top but you're just going to stack these in a graduated size from the largest one at the base and the smallest one at the top I'm going to top it with this little red by code and then all you need to do is make a loop so i have a pair of wire looping pliers right here you also use round nose just crimp it down rotate your pliers up to the top and I'm going to make a wrapped wire loop so I'm just going to pull that wire around to the back and I don't need to do too many wrappings on this one it's really very petite okay I'm just going to trim off my excess wire go ahead and tighten it up with my chain nose so we're tucking that tail in and then I have a simple little earring hook right here I'm just going to twist it open lace my little loop on there and close it back up and we have a really fun very quick and easy yet sparkly pair of holiday earrings so that's a fun used for the margarita beads you can see all of the so on stones and buttons that you've seen here in a wide variety of colors at beadaholique.com you

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