Show & Tell: New Colors of Czech Glass Honeycomb Beads

SKU VID-1074
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
Czech Glass Honeycomb beads have a hexagon shape and 2-holes, making them ideal for bead weaving projects. In this video view the 30 plus new colors of Honeycomb beads that have been added to the Beadaholique collection.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with beads so these are really fun beads there's a bracelet project that one of our designers cat did to show you how they work up and we do have another video for this but I did want to show you an example of use so that's what that would look like on and we've got all these wonderful new colors let me first show you the actual shape and then I'll show you the colors so this here is a honeycomb hexagon bead so hexagons of course means six sides so it's got six sides to it and it has two holes so I put some head pins through those holes you can see the whole orientation and there's six millimeters across so a really nice size to work with and a lot of different things you can do with them so adding to the existing colors that we already have on the beadaholique website we are adding quite a few more and we've got all different sorts we've got these lovely greens some are Picasso finish others have these wonderful gold flecks in them go up here nice opaque turquoise some are even matte then there's some really pretty blues a speckled one an assortment again some matte and versus shiny and opaque here's a couple irises this year is a jet blue iris and a jet purple iris so the blue of course has more blue tones the purple is definitely more purple and we've got some really warm golds and creams and I did want to give you the color names of these five because they are pretty similar but they do vary so the first one we have here is a crystal amber so we see that the back side of it is really more of like a clear crystal and the topcoat is this wonderful shiny gold next is a topaz amber so this is different because the base color of the bead is a nice yellow topaz and then the top is gold this is a topaz gold rainbow so it's got the nice topaz base with the gold top but it also has flecks of green in it the following one is a topaz Capri so this is interesting because it's got it's not really a silver I'd almost call it more of like a gunmetal or an antique silver on that nice topaz base and the final one is a magic yellow brown so this one I really want to pull up because it does have a lot of colors coming into play on it and then over here we have some really nice neutrals I would put these in the neutral category I love this particular color here especially when paired with them that's a nice base and then we've got what almost looks like a coppery rose gold and then again a nice brown with some flecks on it all the way up to these Reds and this red here has some gold flecks on the top and then here we have a really nice Picasso finish here and there real quick I did want to tell you the color names of these two because I think they are a little bit similar so if you're looking online trying to decide which one this is a crystal beige luster and this is a crystal clarity so the crystal clarity has a little bit of pink to it and then this is a more of into solid neutral so again these are honeycomb hexagon beads they do have two holes a lot of things you can do with them for bead weaving or stringing or even embroidery and they're all available along with many other colors of hexagon beads at you

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